King of Versailles

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Beast meets Monster. Their pasts filled with violence and blood causing them to forsake all ties to anyone. Their immortal lives intertwining into one, filled with fire and pure passion. Celeste Valentni was a monster designed and made for war and destruction. Her very own species hunting her down because of how dangerous she was to their kind. A thirst for blood no vampire could even fathom or compete with. But what happens when she encounters the one on top of the vampirical hierarchy that no vampire ever wants to encounter, the King of Versailles. He was known to be ruthless, cold, manipulative, and very seductive. Killing anything he deemed weak or useless. Both of them drawn to each others cold and emotionless monsters that lived within. Will they both be the one to melt each others ice cold hearts or will they be each others downfall that brings down the Kingdom of Versailles?

Fantasy / Romance
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The warm sun glistened against the crimson blood that dripped down from the corner of her plump rose lips. Wind softly tussling her honey brown hair until it finally rested right above her bosom. Her silky soft porcelain skin complimenting her as it emphasized the appearance of the intruder's blood. The hues of her eyes glowing a bright harlequin green as she looked down to the intruder that attempted to enter her village. A primal look replacing her once calm green eyes.

“Now answer me this and I’ll make your death quick and painless, that is if I like your answer” a smirk playing at her lips as the palm of her hand squeezed tightly against the soldier's neck.

” I was sent here by the King to find an easy route for his army to infiltrate your village, exterminating those humans that you appear to have a weak spot for."

“That bastard you call King is pathetic and will never take my village as another pawn in his twisted game of fun” the sound of laughter rolling off the intruders tongue as he looked up to her weakly.

“You’re a disgrace to our species. I am just a distraction as the King’s army is taking over your village as we speak."

She decided to listen in on the village that was a couple of miles away and what she heard angered her more. Screams and sounds of people crying in misery and pain, making her teeth clench against one another as her fangs began to elongate. She couldn’t believe that she was so easily fooled by this intruder who was seen as an expendable pawn. She could of sworn it was just him, but the King's army appeared to have found a way to mask their scent, drawing her away from the village. Her nose scrunching up in disgust as she leaned down and whispered into the intruders ear.

“You and your King have made a big mistake.”

Her hands never moving from the soldier's neck as she severed his head, throwing it somewhere in the forest for the animals to eat. She quickly used her powers and sped away to the small village. Screams of agony emitting everywhere she turned. The air filled with the rustic smell of blood. She looked around and found many of the villagers ripped apart and lifeless with their eyes opened. Her hands clenching in anger as she listened in for any sign of life left.

The only sound she could hear was from her feet crunching against the dead leaves and sticks that laid on the ground, but she quickly stopped as she heard the sound of three small faint heartbeats. She quickly sped over to find the source of where the three heartbeats were emitting from. Her eyes widening as she predicted the events that were about to take place. The soldier's were all rustling around in their armor as they paced back and forth. Stainless steel swords that have killed dozens of humans at each of their hips. All of them wearing the same golden helmet with the royal insignia on it. The insignia was a crescent that represented the night, the source of power for all supernatural creations.

The King’s army had lined the family up, pushing them on to their knees. Hopelessness filling their eyes as they awaited their deaths. Their frail bodies shaking in fear at the dangerous creatures that stood before them. Something in that moment making Celeste snap, recklessly speeding over there to protect them, anger fuming from her body.

“Oh, what do we have here boys? A female vampire living in a village of humans. How adorable," the soldier laughed humorlessly.

“You’re all bastards! Picking on fragile feeble humans and for what? Entertainment? I say that is what true stupidity looks like” she spat out, her chin held high as her eyes met the face of the soldier who spoke to her in such a disrespectful manner.

“You whore! Who do you think you're talking to? I'm a soldier of royalty, I shall kill you right where you stand” he growled out as he stepped forward to attack her, but was halted to the spot by the palm of her hand that was now inside his chest.

“No dear. I shall kill you right where you stand” she smirked as her hand ripped out the knights already lifeless heart, letting it drop to the ground as her hand dripped sweet crimson blood.

She quickly turned to the humans that were still on their knees, “Run as far away as your legs can take you! Go now!” she yelled out, turning to the rest of the soldiers.

“Now who’s next?” she smirked as she licked her bottom lip for the vengeance she was about to inflict on the King’s royal army.

Her eyes glanced to either side of the army as she used her heightened speed to sever the soldier's heads and rip out their hearts. Dark crimson blood coating her body from head to toe as the knights lay lifeless on the ground with holes in their chests and their heads thrown in all different directions. Her eyes evidently showing the primal animal inside of her.

She inhaled quite sharply, soaking in the smell of blood before turning to leave the village forever. Nothing was left for her here. Everyone was dead. It was time for her to move on to the next chapter of her immortal life, but was halted to the spot once she heard the sound of clapping. Her eyebrows furrowing in confusion. She could of sworn everyone was dead. Her gaze looking around to find the source of where the clapping was coming from. Who her eyes were met with left her frozen in complete shock.

“Hello Celeste Valentini, it’s an honor to finally meet you” he spoke in a daring tone that sent goosebumps running down her spine.

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