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King of Versailles

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Life Changing Choices

His golden amber eyes burned into her venomous green hues. The frame of his body quite masculine, adding to his appeal. She could tell by his posture that he held himself of high standard and regard. His midnight dark hair gently grazing his forehead as the wind started to pick up. Danger radiating off of him as if it was second nature. The complexation of his pale skin complimenting his facial features. A face that could make you weak to your knees or haunt you for the rest of your life. He appeared to be the embodiment of coldness. His golden helmet and armor adding to his tough façade.

Silence started to take over as she changed her posture into a defensive one. Royalty was nothing to mess with, especially not the King. Royal vampires were blessed with gifts given by the night which makes them even more powerful and dangerous. She realized standing there in silence was only giving him more time to sniff out her weaknesses.

“What do you want, King?” her last word dripping with venom as her gaze never faltered from his.

He scoffed, “You must have a death wish speaking to your King in that tone of voice.”

It was her turn to scoff as she smiled sarcastically at him, “You’re not my King. A King earns the respect of his people and does not go around slaughtering innocent humans out of spite. You’re a disgrace.”

His eyes flickered to a brighter gold, but it was quickly masked by a devilish smile that dripped with danger.

“I would love to have a word with the person who taught you those wonderful manners” he spoke in a sarcastic tone.

“Can you quit with the talking and fight me if you intend to kill me” she was beginning to grow restless with all the tension in the air.

“Now who said I was going to kill you? Even though you did just slaughter a tiny piece of my royal army” he smirked, taking a couple of steps closer, a little too close for her liking.

“Don’t take any more steps closer to me or I will defend myself” her feet instinctively taking one step back.

“Do I make you uncomfortable, Celeste?” her name flowing seductively out of his mouth.

She rolled her eyes as she took a step closer, going back to the original spot she was previously in.

“I just don’t trust you and definitely don’t respect you” she looked at him coldly.

“Normally women just fall into my arms and do as I please, but you’re relentless against my charms” he spoke, taking another step closer until his chest was now touching hers.

He was way to close to her, giving him more opportunity to rip her heart out and kill her.

“I wasn’t raised to be a whore and fall into any man's arms when they give me the slightest attention. I’m a warrior” she mentally slapped herself, revealing that she was a warrior.

“I knew something was different about you, but a warrior? Warriors haven’t been made in years. They are practically extinct” he spoke in an astonished tone of voice but it was overruled by his cocky tone.

“That is none of your concern and I suggest you let me carry on with my immortal life” she knew it was risky threatening the King, but she needed to get out of there before he learned more about her.

“How about this? I will give you two options. One, you can leave with me to the castle of Versailles and become my royal protector and of course my warrior or option two. You can leave and I will slaughter that family you just freed” he smirked as he awaited her answer.

She knew she couldn’t let that innocent family die because she wanted to continue on with her immortal life. All she could picture was the little girl shaking in fear and holding her father's hand. Her only option was to become the King’s protector. A King she despises and doesn’t respect. She knew if she tried to fight him she would end up dead because of how powerful he is. Her weakness in humans being her downfall. She hissed out in anger as her eyes started to glow their venomous green, but she knew she needed to calm down before she did something reckless.

“Why do you want me as your protector? I am not royalty and you know I despise you” she spoke in an emotionless tone, trying to cover up her anger.

“No reason specifically, but who wouldn’t want an experienced warrior who is as gorgeous as you to accompany me all the time. I’m surprised another royal hasn’t tried to claim you as their protector” she thought to herself on how many have tried and she denied, but they were not as powerful as him.

She sighed and ran a hand through her honey-brown hair, “You royals all want something that does not belong to you and don’t understand.”

“That’s the fun in my game of chess. You never know what chess piece you are going to move next.”

She furrowed her eyebrows in confusion, “I am not yours or a chess piece in your game. I will agree to be your protector, but don’t think I will not hesitate to kill you and end your life if you try to cross me or treat me like your whores or servants” she spat out, not believing what she was getting herself into.

“Then your little humans will not be hunted and killed. We will commence the ritual as soon as we get to the castle as of now-” he grabbed my hand in his larger one, pulling me to follow him.

Tingles shooting up her arm causing an uneasy feeling to set at the bottom of her stomach.

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