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“What a scoundrel! Where’s the chivalry? What kind of noble does that and he’s a prince no doubt! No honour what so ever!” Anberine snapped... There was once a kingdom called Camelot, once fair and peaceful despite the secrecy of Magic until the reign of King Arthur. Which allowed both sides form a powerful alliance. Sadly as time would expect war and prejudice had blossomed into a great war causing powerful wounds to be inflicted on both sides, which in turn caused even the most innocent to be exiled for the crimes of others. Now after hundreds of years pass skirmishes and resentment still fill the air regardless, despite how open magic is now compared to when Arthur obtained the throne. Anberine who is known to some as one of the most skilled potions maker in her year stays in the castle turned academy for both magic and non magic users, watches as both sides continue to resent the other despite their fair king who has tried to keep the peace during his time on the throne. Unfortunately his son has other ideas and seeks to make her life in the academy as miserable as possible until an idea from her friends causes him to derail for a bit. Will this idea work? Or will it cause more problems than they would have to handle and risk another war?

Fantasy / Romance
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

There are many ways to be Wicked

“Make sure you drink this an hour before or you will be caught out by the teachers” a blunt voiced girl said with bland green eyes as she stared at the person that stood on the opposite end of the table. She had long waist length brown hair that stood out from her fair skin, on her cheeks was a medium amount of freckles that often got her teased for along with the fact she would always have her nose in books. Especially from a cocky teen to her disgust who was a royal with red eyes and noticeable grey eyes, even his voice grated on her nerves and they had known the other for years. Sadly back then the pair had bad blood but what also made it worse was that the male’s father was the king of the area so it gave the boy more reasons to do whatever he wanted since it would always be his word against her, who would be more believable? In the end it was all about power and status, if one had neither then they would easily be disregarded and treated as a liar.

"Why is a lonely peasant playing in the royal park?" the boy had asked coldly before snorting and turning his head causing her to look up at him with curious eyes, her hands remained on a spare bucket that she was using to add an extra sandcastle.

"But I thought that the king made this park so everyone can play in it" she had said in a meek voice while tilting her head, her shoulder length hair moved sharply to one side. Hearing this the boy narrowed his eyes.

"Hmph! Such impudence! You even look like a weak ugly rat" he said with a cruel smile, this in turn horrified the girl who had been playing with her sandcastles while trying to practice with her bucket by using her magic while no one was watching. Sadly that was until this boy showed up now resulting in trouble, the reason she was unsettled was from the fact that normally nobles or those who were naturally gifted could only practice magic and it was rare for non nobles to reveal that they had magic in public. A majority of the population had no magic in their bones which as a result caused a divide between the sides. To the dismay of the inhabitants of the country, a war had broken out resulting in significant losses from both sides. The king of that era had soon caused both sides to cease and forced a treaty between the sides in hopes of stopping the ongoing wars completely, even the prejudicial issues had occurred within his own lands. Which in turn left him upset and angry at how callous his own people could be when it comes to the gifted and non gifted, but he could only do so much given how some of his allies even deserted him to take part in the war for their benefits. So by the time he had gained the power to stop the war thanks to his faithful followers and supporters resulting in a cease fire, stopping everything completely resulting in mixed emotions from both sides. In exchange the ones responsible- those who had agreed to stopping the war be them magic users or not were forced away to another area but could never leave the barrier that had been put in place to protect themselves and others. As a result caused them to never see the true sunlight of their world again, as expected some would try to escape from the barrier due to the fact they were trapped like rats in a cage for the war they hadn’t caused but were quickly put in their place thanks to the elders of the country that was given to them from to the king as part of the agreement. Four hundred years had passed and some skirmishes would occur from time to time, but not enough to break out into another damaging war. It was then the current king had contacted the ruler of the banished ones, claiming it was time to make peace between both sides which led to an uproar in his country for allowing the Dark Dwellers to enter their land after what happened before. Eventually a selected amount of children would transfer to the school that was run by the Light Dwellers to start the integration regardless of what the Light Dwellers would think or say. At first the Dark Dwellers resented the idea but some on the other hand wanted a change, to give their children or relatives a choice to be free compared to how they endured over the years.

At times the Dark Dwellers now pale skinned due to the lack of sunlight would often be forced to wear protective clothing that had magic in them to prevent burning up and suffering the negative effects of the sun. Sickly coloured hair like blacks or greens would be one of the noticeable signs due to the lack of sunlight but even after all that, the Dark Dwellers travelled through the sunlight with their heads held high. No they would never be put down regardless of who or what they were, magic or not they wanted to be free and achieve something for themselves by seeing this as a chance to escape the pain they endured. However some chose to do it for their families or to make a difference but sadly prejudice still existed leaving it hard for some to want a job in the Light Realm.

Sadly no matter what, whether someone was Light Dwellers or not if a noble spotted a non noble child using magic scorn would be often introduced regardless. It would be a miracle in itself if the nobles were showing kindness to those lesser than them, fearful of being judged it caused the kind ones to shy away causing more resentment from both classes.

Even now the girl as she thought of the boy who had not only destroyed her sandcastle and sent sand into her eyes, bitterness had left her wanting to get even given that she had done nothing to him. To her joy her aunt had found and took her home in order to tend to her injured eyes.

"It will do you no good to retaliate, you never know who you could be insulting" her aunt had said in a tender voice while soothing the distressed girl who wanted to avoid the boy. Sadly the boy would often find her even at times she would not normally be out which resulted in her being mocked or teased, eventually some other nobles would get involved and bully her leaving her more recluse than ever.

"Weak and pathetic like a brat you are, your magic’s too good for a rat like you" he jeered even after she didn’t retaliate. ”Why don’t you fight back? Too scared to fight back you wimp?" he challenged while scowling at her as she walked away before wincing as he kicked her to the floor months later.

Looking at her hands which were slightly covered by sleeves she then stared at the pale skinned girl who smirked.

“Thanks, always such a help. I can see why others go to you for stuff” the pale skinned orange haired girl who had blue high lights in her hair told her before dropping off her ruby stoned earing as payment. Sighing the brown haired girl stared at it knowing that they wouldn’t stop going to her for spells or potions thanks to the fact she was classified as the ‘nerd’ and ‘bookworm’ given how she would always study. During out of classes she would often experiment with potions and spells to improve her knowledge in order to be a sorceress, despite the ridicules and being pushed about she ended up being made to make potions and spells for various people to the point she had came with the idea to turn it into a small business. Only, she did require a fee of something valuable that is if they were willing to part with family heirlooms or precious possessions that quickly. To her surprise most of her ‘customers’ were leaving her sad at how eager they were to get ahead by taking the easy way out but slowly stopped caring, in a way this gave her more of an excuse to practice and learn even advanced art that resulted in getting high marks in her tests. The repercussions sadly ended up her being a target for bullies and some students forcing her to ‘help’ them with homework, which in turn resulted her completing it within a timeframe but had tried to make sure she had not been caught. It made her sick and miserable that she had to be put through this as this was suppose to be the best school in the country.

"It’s just a shame parents can’t see the farce behind this grand school" the girl muttered mentally as she placed her hair behind her ear. Getting up she grabbed her bag and packed her books away, as expected the teacher had gone to the offices after classes leaving students behind to do whatever they wanted. Seeing that it was lunch she tucked her chair in and left the storeroom as no one would come in as it was abandoned even by the janitor who refused to clean the place, as a result the girl would see this as a place to hide and study in peace. That was until others would enter and make her help them. As she walked she kept her guard up in case someone would jump out and bother her given that it would happen almost every day.

“Oh look it’s the bookworm” a girl’s voice coming from her right entered tense girl’s ears, who now predicted a stream of mishaps waiting to happen.

“Ugh, the nerve of her acting like she even has any rights to be here. She’s not even a noble what was the king thinking allowing trash to enter the school” another teen girl said as they watched her grab a tray and observe the food. As brown haired girl obtained some lunch her stomach twisted in fear, she always resented the nobles who remained stuck up because their parents were higher up in the hierarchy of class. Thanking the elderly woman at the counter who handed her a cup of juice, the woman’s eyes showed some warmth which made the brown haired girl feel some hope that there is some good in the school even if it was hard to find it. Now turning to find a place she felt her stomach leap to her throat as she tripped and fell straight to the floor resulting in laughter from the ones who saw her fall. Food and juice now covered her semi shaking body, as she tried not to whimper from the pain in her chin, wrists, knees and ankle that had been injured. Her hands that held the tray released the item as the impact of the hard fall.

“Ooops, looks like you fell” said a voice as she saw a pair of black shoes that appeared in her line of vision, looking up she saw a smug red haired green eyed boy staring at her while folding his arms. Holding his right arm was a blond haired teen girl with blue eyes wearing semi short clothes thanks to the school who warned her about the dress code as it what she had before was revealing. The blue eyed girl snorted as she saw the state of the girl but didn’t bother to help as she watched.

The brown haired girl looked up at him weakly knowing that it had been him who did this.

"Of course... who else would have done it?" she muttered grudgingly as she looked back at the male.

“Might want to watch where you’re walking, then again you are clumsy rat girl” the boy said while some students laughed at the state she was in, not caring that it was upsetting her as it was something they witnessed now a days. “Hmm? Nothing to say?” the boy asked with a mocking smile as he bent down slightly to look at her, his hands were on his hips while a cold glint formed in his eyes.

“Prince Skye let’s just leave her, she’s just a nobody so why bother dealing with such a nobody?” the blue eyed girl cooed causing him to scoff in disgust before kicking some of the food that was on the floor into injured girl’s eyes, this in turn resulted in her whining loudly in pain as some of the food was hot to her dismay. Shakily she placed her hands to her face in order to help remove the gunk and pain that continued to sear her.

“Weakling” he muttered darkly as she groaned weakly while rubbing her eyes with her sleeves, thankful that the food and water was masking her tears preventing anyone from mocking her anymore.

“Anberine” a boy whose voice she made out despite the loud noises that left her thinking that wasps and locusts were in the area leaving her more uncomfortable as she was a sitting duck due to the lack of vision. Feeling someone helping her up by her arms she soon felt hands on her back, despite the help she still remained tense to the boy’s anger from seeing how scared and upset she was. “I’ve got you Anberine, don’t worry I’m here” the boy whispered soft words of comfort before flashing a cold glare at the prince who just smirked cruelly at the pair.

“A weak rat always leans an even weaker rat, you two are perfect for each other” Prince Skye had said with a mocking jeer before going to sit at his table with the girl hanging on his arm, something that got the boy who was helping her to mutter under his breath at how the prince could do anything and not care about who he was hurting ass long as he got what he wanted. Everything was a joke to him to the point he saw people even nobles as dirt under his shoes.

“Get her inside” the cook said sternly once she approached the pair after shooing a few students who were about to make more trouble for the pair, glaring at the group the boy helped Anberine to the kitchen thanks to the elderly woman who helped them inside by opening the door. Once inside did the woman help Anberine by grabbing a towel soaked water and used it to wipe the distressed girl’s eyes. The boy watched with a sad look as Anberine squeezed his hand tightly due to the pain, which had left the boy more angry at how the popular group would continue to torment her even as she tried to remain out of the public eye. But no matter what she did she was always subjected to their abuse and most of it was thanks to the prince who had a vendetta against her for whatever reason.

“S-Sorry Marcus, didn’t mean to hurt your hand” Anberine said weakly as her teeth chattered from pain, wanting nothing more than to cry until there was no more tears to shed. Wanting the pain to leave for good. Staring at her Marcus an orange haired male with brownish orange eyes stared at her with sad eyes. He wore a white shirt under his black jacket, black faded jeans and black trainers. Smiling softly in hopes of cheering her up he patted her head softly.

“It’s okay Anbery, I’m sorry I couldn’t be there sooner” he said before turning to look at the door with a frown which now was sent against the door due to the force of whoever tried to open it.

“Oh for goodness sake! Get out of my kitchen!” the elderly cook snapped as two individuals entered the kitchen. Both had sickly pale white skin but what set them apart was that the male had black hair and green eyes, the other was a girl with greenish black hair and green eyes that looked like venom. As Marcus suspected the delinquent transfers would be here to eat given that they would love to cause some trouble wherever they went, not that Marcus could blame them since they were openly hated and scorned just for being outcasts. Despite being Dark Dwellers Marcus had some appreciation for them... even if they did pester Anberine for things that were at times inappropriate. They often did talk to her and saw her as one of their own hence they were slightly more open to the pair than others. So far the king had only permitted six to enter and ever since it had been chaos, some popular nobles had tried to rattle the newly named delinquents since their first day of school after the prank they did caused the nobles to be sent out of their dorms due to a spell going wrong.

In truth it had been the nobles fault for provoking it and as a result the principle- king had informed the students to behave and not to cause fights like that again. Some had avoided the delinquent Dark Dwellers while some still made jeering remarks resulting in unfriendly replies. Four of the delinquents after seeing Anberine practicing magic had then became interested and started speaking to her while boys remained aloof as they didn’t want to get involved with Light Dwellers, that was until they saw her being bullied and got involved. As expected the king had enforced stricter rules, which as expected been bent by the nobles who had took it upon themselves to work around them. Annoyed the Dark Dwellers would often if they were in the area give ‘friendly’ warnings on the fact they weren’t afraid to skirt round the rules if they were being provoked. Months had passed and it was still a tense zone when the group entered various areas.

“Can’t I get an apple? I’m starving over here” the girl said bluntly as she munched on a green apple before pausing, seeing the state Anberine was in she almost dropped the apple in shock. “What happened to you?” she cried as her voice went up a pitch, the boy beside her who had grabbed a red apple frowned as he stared at the helpless girl’s look.

“Snobs” the boy muttered before flicking his wrist causing the dirty clothes to become clean once more just as the cook finished cleaning Anberine’s eyes. Slowly opening her eyes, she winced from the strong light and closed them again quickly before groaning.

“Easy steps, honestly what snobs! They’re so disrespectful to us but when it comes to their own...” the girl growled as she knelt down to lift Anberine’s head lightly so she could see the damage, she bit her lip at how red Anberine’s eyes were.

“It was the prince as usual” Marcus explained resulting in the male’s eyes to flash at him, the girl’s eyes however turned slit like resembling a snake thanks to her magic.

“What a pig!” the girl snapped as she took a new towel after placing her apple on a spare plate to the cook’s annoyance but said nothing as she saw her trying to help the upset girl. “Why do you allow this? Surely you have spells and potions to teach him a lesson” she huffed.

“Well Helga you should know that using spells and potions on a student is against the rules and is punishable by prison. Especially when it’s directed at the nobles” the cook said as she grabbed another tray of food. “I’m leaving some food here for you to eat young lady, eat it before I come back” she said softly and left the four to their own devices. Anberine looked at her with half open eyes, a sad small smile formed on her face before it vanished completely.

“What idiotic snobs! I can’t wait until one day they get their just deserts!” Helga muttered as she finished her apple. “Oh and Anberine I need help with my core history again” Helga added causing the trio to frown at her, seeing this she shrugged and munched on her apple not caring that she was being loud.

“There are times I wonder about you Helga” the pale boy said weakly as he sighed causing her to see red.

“Shut up Gawain! I was just saying that I needed help so don’t go judging” Helga spat as she looked away grudgingly, her long greenish black hair now flicked behind her before she waved her hand now becoming fed up with how it was blocking her view. Soon her hair now tied itself up thanks to a ribbon that flew from her pocket.

“I wouldn’t judge if you had actually hit the books like the rest of us” Gawain said with a bland eyes that caused her to git her teeth.

“And you haven’t been bothering her with potions?” Helga challenged but he remained emotionless.

“Unlike you I was comparing my notes, I had done the homework I just wanted to make sure I was doing it properly otherwise we would have to repeat the year. Something I’m sure you’d be on guard for” Gawain said as they watched her face flush from the comment.

“I-ugh-fine I’ll hit the books! Just this time I really need your help Anberine once you have time” Helga said now looking away wearily, blinking after her eyes recovered from the unwanted situation Anberine stared at them.

“It’s fine, not like it won’t benefit me anyways” Anberine replied in a monotone voice that had Helga smirking at Gawain who kept narrowing his eyes at Helga in return.

“See? Told you” Helga gloated but was silenced by his expression which in turn had her go pale. “A-Alright fine! This will be the last time” Helga said before seeing her other friends enter. A thin bluish green haired green eyed girl with a stylish blue dress and black boots entered, her skin was pale white but thanks to her hair she looked as if she was glowing slightly. Her hair was also in a decorative blue ribbon but her eyes were filled with mischief.

“Heard the nobles were pestering you” the girl winked while a pure venom green haired girl wearing a gothic black dress and boots entered the room with a pursed lip.

“Won’t be forgetting the joke this time around” the green haired girl said while eyeing the door that masked the noise of chaos. A mental smirk formed on her face at what they did, not even the snobs knew what hit them.

“What did you do?” Marcus asked bluntly as he kept his hand on Anberine’s back.

“I’d recommend you not using the public toilets for a while” another male said as he entered the room, he had bluish green hair and green eyes while his skin was pale white like the others. He wore a royal blue shirt and baggy blue trousers over his black boots.

“No fair Perceval! And I missed it” Helga whined loudly as she threw her apple but magically made it land in the bin. Her hands slammed the edges of the counter that she was leaning on causing a loud echoing thump.

“Don’t worry Helga” the bluish green haired girl giggled “the aftermath will be worth the watch” hearing this Helga stood up waved goodbye to group before running towards the door and didn’t look back, seeing this Gawain sighed and followed knowing that this wouldn’t end well.

“I’ll watch over her to make sure she doesn’t damage anything” he said while they remained silent.

“See you Gawain” the bluish green haired girl called with a soft smile.

“See you Merlia, bye” Gawain called dully to his friends as he followed after his overzealous fellow Dark Dweller.

“Class is starting in a few, do you want us to walk with you since we have the same class?” Merlia offered Anberine who bit her lip weakly.

“It’s fine... Marcus is in the same class” Anberine said knowing that it wouldn’t do her any good given how she would still be bothered in class. Seeing this the green haired girl rolled her eyes.

“It’s going to be fine, most of the woodworms will be in the bathrooms for hours. Serves them right as well, by the way that little herb does do wonders even when it’s a concentrated amount” the girl said with a wide dark smile that had them staring at her.

“Don’t make it obvious Gana” the bluish green haired male muttered with a frown etched on his face, looking at him her eyes twinkled with the same slitted eyes.

“Don’t be upset Mordred, you did help me with transmitting the smell of the potion through the air” the female replied with a twinkle in her eyes. Sighing heavily Mordred shook his head.

“Morgana you’re impossible, stop before you get caught” Mordred said as he caught the sound of the doors opening.

“I’ll pretend you said nothing” the cook said sternly as she held a large pot, her long white dress which had grease stains on various parts of it while a white apron was tied on her front, her hair was also tied into a small tight bun while some strands hovered by her face. Seeing her with the large pot Mordred helped the cook who thanked him softly as he placed it into a washing tub.

“Sorry Morgause” Morgana chimed with a sweet smile earning her a sour look from the cook, seeing Anberine eating the cook nodded sharply.

“Just make sure you be discrete, the King Uther’s going to be very angry when he finds out that you’re abusing your powers” the cook warned before resuming her washing. Mordred meanwhile helped Morgause by bringing in more dirty cutlery along side Merlia who beamed at the group.

“What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him, all he will hear is that a bad smell entered the room and everyone ran. Well... the cook didn’t run because how could she smell the flower in question?” Morgana asked with an innocent look on her face. Marcus folded his arms.

“Morgana, stop” Marcus warned earning him a long look before she relented.

“Fine, by the way class starts in ten minutes so we need to move now” Morgana said as she placed her hands in her dress pockets. Looking at Morgause Anberine thanked her before handing the empty plate to the woman who smiled in response.

“Go and enjoy what’s left of the class” the woman said before handing Anberine a flask of water, nodding her thanks Anberine followed her classmates to class.

“This is so exciting! Potions class, I wonder what we’ll make today?” Merlia asked with a peppy smile before winking at a distressed noble who was jumping from one foot to the other as the toilet was being occupied, now staring at her he froze and panicked now rushing to find the nearest toilet thanks to the minor slip of concentration. Seeing this Morgana chuckled faintly while Merlia giggled daintily while walking in step with Anberine.

“I think we have a lesson on love potions today” Anberine commented as they approached the classroom to see a tall man with blue and yellow robes, his hair was turning white but still remained black which signalled he was in his mid fifties.

“Good afternoon Mr. Jilbari” Merlia greeted causing the man to raise a brow as he stopped the chalk he had writing on the board with his magic.

“Stirring up trouble Merlia?” the man asked with a semi stern look, Merlia and Morgana giggled sweetly.

“Us?” Merlia asked looking surprised as she pointed at herself despite smiling.

“Never sir” Morgana chimed causing the man to sigh and shake his head.

“Honestly... what have I told you about personal gain?” Mr. Jilbari asked weakly while they went to their seats.

“But sir, how’s tripping and spilling food onto lower class girls right?” Morgana asked with a tilt her head causing her fluffy green hair to move to the right, frowning he looked at Anberine look down with a weak look knowing where this was heading.

“Hmm...” Mr. Jilbari grumbled for a bit before shaking his head. “Be a little less dangerous next time” startled the two girls smiled widely while the boys slapped their foreheads weakly.

“That was so fun! One even slipped and fell thanks to the toilet rolls littering the floor!” Helga chimed with glee as she entered the room with a skip in her step, Gawain looking blank faced followed inside the class behind her and took his seat beside Marcus who eyed the annoyed male. Raising a brow the teacher said nothing as slowly some students who hadn’t been affected entered the class and took their seats. Eventually only four students had entered before Mr. Jilbari started the class.

“Class we will be talking about Love Potions and how what they can do, now make sure you write notes because I’ll be doing a test on it next week as the rest of the class has decided that studies are not important” the teacher hinted at the truant students who were stuck in the toilets. Merlia opening her book began to jot down notes alongside Mordred and Morgana, Morgana as she listened at times showed a keen interest in potions and magic making so hearing this was too good to miss for various reasons.

“Now what does a Love Potion do?” Mr. Jilbari asked with a curious look as he observed his students, as expected Anberine and Merlia had placed their hands up. “Yes Merlia” Mr. Jilbari asked with neutral expression knowing that it was best to keep Anberine out of the spot light, once Merlia heard her voice she placed her hand down and beamed.

“A Love Potion contains a spell that enchants a person to love a person, as long as you have the right ingredients you can have them fall in love with just about anyone” Merlia replied as she rested a hand under her chin, staring at her the teacher groaned inwardly at her double meaning.

“Yes Merlia D’huart, that is correct however there are also powerful potions. Some would call a curse due to how strong they are” Mr. Jilbari explained startling the class who now had his attention, seeing this he tried not to twitch and instead had his chalk levitate and write notes. Levitating his book he began to flip through his notes.

“A Love Curse once the person ingests the person will only be in love with the one who created, it’s effects could last until the caster dies and is extremely strong. One must never use it for it will take away freewill like the ordinary Love Potion but will make the spelled completely under their control, they will do anything to please the caster. Even to the point of betraying those closest to them. However there are some ways to remove it but the antidote potion can only be found in few books thanks to the casters but it does exist. At the same time it can be washed away by the sacred lakes, not that I want anyone even trying this to see if the curse works” he warned the class who tensed up from his stern look.

“All potions and spells are dangerous, do not use them willy nilly whenever it’s convenient. It will only lead to problems and if the King finds out you’ve casted spells like this, then you’ll be thrown in prison or worst case thrown to the Execution’s block. Am I clear?” Mr. Jilbari warned.

“Yes sir” the group chorused in agreement. Soon the class resumed with a few note takings before it was time for them to go to their next lessons.

“That was scary” Helga whined as they left the class, mentally happy to be away from their Potion’s Teacher who gave them a stern warning about misuse of potions and spells. So far she stayed with the group since they had nothing left to do for the day. Eventually everyone arrived at Merlia’s room which consists of blue walls, on the walls and ceiling it had light green markings that glowed softly in the dark. Near the bed was a single wall shelf that had some books while some dresses that were half made were littered on the table by a sewing machine. Moving a stray sleeve from the chair Helga took a seat while Merlia resumed her sewing, Mordred meanwhile activated a statue with his magic. Soon an owl formed and began to take flight for it’s usual rounds.

“More news?” Marcus asked as he sat on a stool as Merlia began to pester him with his measurements, ignoring her he looked at Mordred who remained pensive.

“The king’s apparently speaking about bringing more of us to this school” Mordred said before the owl came in with a few parchments. Helga and Morgana took one each before Mordred grabbed the other parchments, scowling at the pair as he tried to make sense of what he was reading. The owl meanwhile perched itself on his shoulder but didn’t bother him one bit.

“Not only that but the prince is having another party again... as usual his father is looking to make it grander due to the upcoming birthday of the prince” Helga muttered before tossed it to Gawain who began to read it silently.

“A party?” Merlia asked with a curious smile.

“Nice try Dark Dwellers aren’t invited no matter what” Gawain said causing her mood to deflate.

“Then what’s the point of bringing us here? Surely we have rights to go?” Merlia asked, Anberine meanwhile was reading a book on spells due to an upcoming test that was taking place tomorrow. Not that they minded as she was listening anyways.

“Bringing us here is for publicity, the king has always tried to stay in power. The Light Dwellers- sorry some of the Light Dwellers like him” Morgana said with a sheepish smile as she saw Marcus and Anberine staring at her the moment she said the first part about Light Dwellers.

“Shame we can’t find a way to kick him out of power, he’s keeping us on a leash by having our families in the Dark Realm. Country or not it’s a prison for us that his ancestor enchanted to keep us trapped” Morgana commented bitterly.

“Well it’s going to be his mistake for underestimating us” Helga grinned before frowning and sighed heavily. “What are we going to do though? We need a plan to help free the people, it’s no coincidence that he’s letting us out when people have been vanishing. We have had no leads on their whereabouts but it’s very odd he would suddenly decide to let us out” Helga added as she took out a cracker and nibbled it.

“It’s to make it seem as if he has nothing to hide” Mordred said as he read a letter, his brows furrowed thanks to what he was reading. Eyeing Marcus and Anberine he gave his kin a nod that caught their attention.

“Dinner time is coming up in an hour right?” Merlia asked as she finished a knee high brown jacket that had four pockets in it and handed it to Marcus who thanked her politely. Seeing this she smiled widely and began to take out her sketchbook and began doodling.

“I’m hungry though” Helga said while Morgana grumbled in agreement.

“You just ate three hours ago” Gawain commented “makes me wonder how you’re not fat” he muttered earning him a rubber to the head, frowning at Helga who stuck her tongue at him she turned her head. Raising a brow Gawain stared at her before turning to look at Mordred.

“What is it?” he asked noticing a frown appear on Mordred’s face earning him worried looks.

“A letter from the king” the group tensed up, even Anberine and Marcus looked at him in surprise.

“We’re not in trouble are we?” Morgana asked with a pout as she nibbled on some crackers Merlia handed her to keep her busy.

“You would ask that wouldn’t you?” Mordred commented before shaking his head earning him a glare from Morgana “he just wants to see us about something after dinner” this piped their interest.

“Maybe it’s about the party?” Merlia asked with a curious smile as she began to grab some fabrics to begin stitching.

“I doubt it” Gawain said “whatever he wants, we’ll need to remain on guard” the Dark Dwellers nodded in agreement, before they realised it the time now signalled for them to have dinner so the group after packing up began to their usual route to the canteen area. As bright and sunny as it looked, it was it was filled with various tables and students often sat in their own circles causing groups and frictions to occur. Staring at this Anberine looked at her friends and began to sit with Marcus and Merlia who watched their friends grab their dinner thanks to what happened in lunch, to Anberine’s relief most of the popular group was still in the toilets or now in the medical room to be treated. Not that the nurse would find anything wrong which Morgana was sure to make sure happen. This in turn allowed a semi peaceful silence as they enjoyed the light talk and listening to the light buzzing of students talking about various things about their lives or what gossip would come to their ears.

Soon Anberine and Marcus were heading their way towards their dorms after bidding their friends a good luck for their meeting with the king. Despite the worry the Dark Dwellers continued to chat until it was time for them to go and see the King.

“Enter” the king’s voice boomed causing Mordred to open the door and enter with his friends, once inside they saw a simple office with books of what they could imagine were records involving students. “Take a seat” he said not looking at them, instead his back was facing them as he stood facing the window. His hair was dark brown and his eyes were sharp cold grey and often sent chills down the one’s spine. On edge the Dark Dwellers observed him as they either sat down or stood by the others.

“I’m sure you’re wondering why I called you here” the king said while holding his hands behind his back. Mordred frowned at the king not saying anything as he suspected they would hear it anyways. “You see the kingdom has been at peace for a while, however I grow tired of the separation” the king said piping their interests.

“Well your family has been the reason why we’re in this mess King Uther” Helga said casually causing the king to look at her with sharp eyes tensing her up to the point words stopped leaving her lips.

“And it’s a mistake that I plan to rectify, you see I plan to throw the balance in order for the Dark Dwellers to finally be free of that accursed prison” King Uther explained as he now faced the group. His red cloak fluttered from his sudden turn, startled the group remained speechless. “However I cannot do this alone, in order to this I will need you five to find a way to break the barrier or at least bring more of your kin here-”

“Wouldn’t that cause another war?” Gawain asked bluntly to his surprise Uther smirked.

“Exactly” the group went cold “if a war breaks out then the people will be pleading me to have a solution, discord will create them to believe anything that will bring them ease” Uther looked at the window with distain.

“For too long Dark Dwellers have lived in the shadows of the Light Dwellers, looked down and mocked for wanting to be acknowledged as the superior race. As a result the non magic and magic users were made to go to war over who was better, we lost a lot but the cost was too high” Uther explained.

“But some of us like it there, it’s safe and we don’t suffer form the harsh light as we do here” Merlia explained with a concerned look. The king frowned at her.

“So you would rather be rats in a cage than live as free people?” Uther asked bluntly causing her to waver but it was enough to get him to smile coldly. The others remained on guard due to how they didn’t like where this was going, yes they wanted to be free but if the cost was too high then why agree to such a stupid idea? The ends didn’t justify the means and it would just cause a full circle to occur. Then there was Anberine and Marcus? They would suffer too which was the last thing they wanted.

“We both want freedom and control, so why not work together and achieve what we want? As long as you remain quiet about your plan, I’ll turn a blind eye to your rebellious antics and that includes what you did to the students who have destroyed the toilets” King Uther said darkly to the now nervous group.

“Do we have an agreement?” Uther asked as he approached his desk that had a few files on it, glancing at the other the Dark Dwellers eventually nodded. They didn’t like it but they would get through this.

“So what can we do?” Merlia asked with a low whine as they woke up around nine and met up with their friends, as it was the weekends it meant no classes to their relief. “I want so badly to double cross that king, to think he just wants us to break a barrier but how?” Laying on her bed she watched Anberine reading a book again causing her to raise a brow at how her friend would study even now but said nothing.

“But what can we do? He’ll catch us out” Helga commented feeling still shaken up from their ordeal last night.

“What if we find someone who can help us?” Morgana asked with a curious look.

“Not even the cook’s going to help if we ask so nice try” Mordred said bluntly as he sipped his milk with distain, Morgana hearing this felt her shoulders drop rapidly and huffed with a small pout.

“Then what can we do? We’re running out of options” Helga asked as she looked at everyone for advice. Gawain stared at her blankly before going back to eating his bread and milk at the table.

“Let’s not think about it for now, the more we push things the more you will end up creating a bad idea” Anberine commented as she looked up at her friends who looked extremely stressed. Seeing this she wanted to give them a relaxation tea to steady their nerves.

“She’s right, let’s not push it” Mordred agreed while Gawain nodded in agreement, Merlia sighed before nodding herself.

“Okay, we’ll talk about it tomorrow” Helga agreed before sipping her drink.

Anberine stared at her pot in shock while her hand, which had been close to the once intact pot remained frozen as the pot itself was now reduced to pieces from a ball went right into it and smashed the pot before she could stop it from happening. Turning to look at the one responsible she saw Skye smirking at her.

“Sorry, didn’t see you there” Skye called as his friend went to grab the ball, eyeing the friend distastefully as he didn’t apologise for the mishap. Not wasting time she grabbed her bag containing her now packed books and left the mess they left behind.

“That was a little mean, she was just practicing potion making” a boy with mousy black hair and brown eyes commented, he was two feet shorter than Skye but still had a disapproving look on his face given how deliberate the shot had been. Not that Skye cared.

“Who cares, she shouldn’t even be outside to begin with. She should be in the basement where all the other riff raff live, who knows maybe she’ll find another rat to spend her life with” Skye said with a causal shrug and began to resume playing baseball with his classmates. Hearing this however Anberine sighed heavily as she hid behind the wall and shook her head, this time her hair was now starlight white while her eyes were willow brown coloured thanks to her magic practicing. Not that she cared what they thought about her appearance as they only gave her the cold shoulder or found ways to upset her. Her hair continued to shimmer from the light as she went to the storeroom and began to close the door, a sad sigh slowly left her lips once more before she resumed her studies after spying her spare pot on a shelf on the wall to her left. Very soon she began her test of making a potion to remove blemishes according to what she was reading thanks to a book she borrowed from the library, knowing that of this worked it would result in some students pestering her for it. On the other hand it was good for the small business she was doing so in the end it was a win-win situation for her. Taking down the notes carefully she was about to slip in a small amount of a blue liquid that was inside a thin vial no bigger than a small tube before the door slammed open revealing Helga.

“I’m glad I found you Anberine! I have a project for you” she cheered while a stunned Anberine who had been close to dropping more than one drop of the vial’s contents into the pot. Not trusting her voice she stared at her friend in surprise.

“Um... what?” Anberine asked looking speechless at the sudden entrance, seeing this would have made Helga laugh had she not remembered why she needed her friend.

“Come on! The others are waiting for you” Helga cried as she dragged her friend out the room.

“But what about my stuff?” Anberine cried in shock from the sudden pull as she still had the vial in her hand. Flashing a worried look at her bag and books she had a sense at that moment people could steal once they realise who it belonged to.

“Forget that, we need you now” hearing this however left Anberine uneasy the moment she heard ‘we’ since that could mean anything and the worst part was that anything meant one thing-bad.

Once they arrived at Merlia’s room they saw her looking very peppy as she had a large board full of ideas right near her side. Something that greeted Anberine’s eyes once she took in everyone’s looks the moment they noticed her arrive.

“Nice look Anberine!” Merlia gushed as she rushed over to compliment her now shy friend who wanted to hide and change her appearance from the comment.

“Merlia stay on topic” Mordred said while watching her slowly realise why Anberine was in her room.

“Ah! Thanks Mordred” Merlia cleared her throat before smiling “we have just gained a good idea on how to free our kin while betraying King Uther at the same time” Anberine stared at Merlia with a blank look as she waited for them to speak.

“We’ve decided to use a love potion” Morgana said causing Anberine’s left brow to raise up in surprise since this was an odd idea to have.

“Who’s the target?” Marcus asked as he entered the room with Gawain who went to sit beside the window for air.

“We’re going to target the prince and get him to fall in love with one of us girls. This way we can use him to overthrow King Uther, isn’t it great?” Morgana chirped only to hear a smash. The room went silent as they turned to look at the mess by Anberine’s feet. Her eyes now went wide in shock.

“And... why are you calling me?” Anberine asked slowly now dreading the answer. Oblivious or pretending to not be bothered by Anberine’s reaction Morgana giggled gleefully.

“We need you to make a Love Curse-!” As soon as Anberine heard this her face went pale.

“Good bye!” Anberine yelled sharply as she turned on her heel and left shocking Merlia enough to blink in surprise but didn’t move from her spot. Helga tilted her head while Morgana’s mouth dropped in shock.

“But why not? Come on please!” Morgana pleaded as she ran after a now disturbed Anberine.

“I am not making that stupid potion make it yourself! Unlike you I value my life and I will not make it if I get caught out, it’s a bad idea!” Anberine said sharply, not knowing that the others now followed behind the pair.

“Please it’s just one potion” Helga pleaded as they followed her to the storeroom.

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