Chasing My Mate (Sample)

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An exciting game of hide-n-seak between an Alpha and his mate until the Alpha has had enough.

Fantasy / Romance
Benita Ritz
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Chapter 1: Missing

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Third Person’s Point of View

He was said to be the first creation of the moon goddess.

The lone wolf, Arles.

The lone wolf in the sky looked down at the silver-headed Alpha as he sat by the frozen lake and stared back at him. He considered him a member of his pack even though he didn’t live with them. The lone wolf has been there ever since, even before he was born, even before all the wolves came into this realm. He has been there ever since, unacknowledged by other wolves, unacknowledged by the world. He liked to be in the sky and witness everything from there. He is not always visible even though he is always there.

If you are lucky enough then he will show himself to you once in your lifetime and if you have watchful eyes like the Silver Alpha had then you might catch him looking at you, staring at you. He is only visible in that particular moment before sunrise when the rays haven’t hit this realm yet. It was that moment only as the Silver Alpha sat and watched him while the sun was waking up with a start.

“Arles.” He called out to him. It was not hard for him to locate him in the sky as he has known him as back as he could remember. The lone wolf was an old friend of his and he liked to spend time with him, just like old friends.

“How have you been?” The Silver Alpha asked but Arles didn’t answer him as usual and continued to look down at him.

“I take that as fine.” He said and sighed. He felt like a psychopath talking alone, if someone heard him then they’d definitely think that he lost his mind or something like that which he really did.

He lost his mind, his heart, and soul for that particular she-wolf whom he couldn’t forget for a second. Her memory was haunting him.

He shook his head and took in his surroundings. Everything was covered with snow, well most of the time it was covered with snow there. Sometimes in springs, the forests got clear of the snow but it was always cold there. The sun was not visible most of the days and today it was nothing different.

“Don’t you get lonely up there?” He asked Arles who continued to leave his questions unanswered.

There was a very special reason for asking the question and it was that he was feeling lonely himself. Meeting the lone wolf was one of his attempts to sneak out of the loneliness but sadly it followed him everywhere after he left the Red Moon pack without her. He didn’t know whether he would get to see her again or not. He got to see his other half only for mere seconds and after that, she disappeared into thin air and now he was moving hell and heaven to find her, to know who she really was. All he got to see was her piercing blue eyes which he will never forget.

“It seems lonely up there.” He stated and saw the star around his eye twinkle. Suddenly, he heard the birds sing their warning song. He instantly stood up, his hands reaching inside the thick fur coat, his fingers curling around the dagger’s body to pull it out at any given time.

He looked around and his eyes caught something moving in the trees in front of him. First, he saw an outline. It seemed like an animal, tall and covered with fur, walking on its two. As it proceeded in his direction, coming clearer from the shadows of the trees, his eyes examined the figure more carefully. It seemed like a bear, if it was bear then he’d kill it because it would be a good hunt of the day.

His fingers tightened around the dagger and soon the figure came out of the trees. His fingers around the dagger loosened and he sighed at the know creature who was standing in front of him, his head bowed down in respect.

“Ave, it’s you.” He said. He looked like a yeti except his head was more like a wolf. He had paws at the place of foot and his hands had long talons. Ave was a Teka. Tekas have been there ever since and they are very compatible with Alaska’s environment. They can survive snowy storms and avalanches. They are good at hunting and most important of all they are civilized. Tekas were a part of his pack, they helped him by patrolling the borders and sometimes when the weather got too harsh, they hunted for his pack too. In return, he provided them with shelter and protection from the outer world. No one outside his pack knew about the existence of this species.

Recently the increase in oil mining in Alaska has harmed them a lot and the Silver Alpha had been doing a lot of extra work to keep the mining companies off his lands and also from exploiting the environment. Tekas could survive in snow only and global warming was also contributing a lot to the downfall of their population.

Tekas were their faithful friends, they had been like a family to him and his pack, living with them ever since. Even though they looked dangerous but they were the friendliest creatures on the planet.

“Where are others?” Andrew asked him in Lingua, a language spoken by Tekas only.

“They are out hunting. What are you doing here at this hour my lord?” He asked in Lingua, his voice deep and animalistic. Andrew sighed and thought about her again. He was there to somehow put his mind to peace but he failed miserably.

“I was just out for a walk.” Andrew answered instead.

He hasn’t told about her to anyone except his Beta. Sometimes he doubted whether she was just his imagination. Maybe he didn’t see her. Maybe she was actually his imagination but his wolf, Karl was sure that it was her. Andrew trusted his wolf otherwise but this time he couldn’t. If she was really his mate then she would have come to him instead of running away. Wasn’t she missing him? Wasn’t she hurting for being away from him?

“Oh, then I hope you have a good walk and good day.” The creature said bowing down his head.

“Same to you Ave.” Andrew said and the next moment the creature was gone. He took a look at the lone wolf once more but he was already gone, half of the stars disappeared slowly as the sun started to make its presence known to the sky and the world. He started to trace his path back to his pack.

He reached the pack border, the only place in the frozen land which had a proper civilization. He has only 309 members in his pack who live in that large, deserted and secluded frozen land. He had the biggest territory amongst all the packs and the strength of his pack was quite impressive judging by the ratio of total members to the whole territorial area. But his pack was the second strongest, the first strongest happened to be the Red Moon pack.

The main pack border was surrounded by the tall tresses, as he stepped inside the border a white petal flew by brushing his nose. Instantly his head shot upwards looking at the only flowering tree in the snowy region. Beautiful white flowers decorated them, that’s when he remembered what was going to happen today.

It was the Calantha Ceremony. It was a ceremony specially performed by wolves of his pack to thank the moon goddess for blessing them with mates. As the thought crossed Andrews mind he growled lowly. At the moment all he wanted to was to curse out loud to the moon goddess for giving him such a mate who ran away from him. But he wasn’t going to give up. He would continue to look for her even if it took him his whole life.

“Did you find anything?” Andrew asked his Beta Mikhail when he entered his office. He was looking at some papers related to problems regarding the oil mining companies. They were most of his concerns. They were posing a great threat to their existence.

“Um...” Mikhail scratched his neck looking away instead of answering his Alpha.

“Mikhail!” Andrew growled which made his beta bow his head low.

“Yes Alpha, I found something but I am not sure about it.”

“Spill it off.”

“Alpha Miles has one more territory in the south named as Walkers.”

“And?” Andrew growled agitated.

“Since you didn’t find her in Red Moon pack then chances are that she is there. You see most of his pack members constantly travel back and forth between the two territories.”

This sparked a hope inside Andrew. It had been a month since he saw her. He was missing her every moment. His wolf craved for her, he was making him mad because she wasn’t by their side. Both the man and wolf wanted that she-wolf with vibrant blue eyes and they were ready to do anything to get her. He wanted to see her, he wanted to know who she was and why did she run away from him. He won’t be at peace until he gets her.

“We’re going there.”


“In a week.” Andrew said and sighed. If he could, he would set off for the Walker territory that instant but he has work to do.

A lot of work.

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