A Silent Game of Spies

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“Perhaps you will come to visit us in Storden next. We, of course, would love to host you.”

From behind Mirelle, Kimbur sniffed just slightly. That was an indication that Varley was overplaying himself and being, as Pappy would put it, a jackass. Oy, she thought, this bastard just will not give up….

Aloud, Mirelle smiled with tolerance and told Varley, “What a kind invitation. You’re so thoughtful, Your Highness.”

“Varley! I heard you were returning to Storden. We here in the East will miss seeing you at Court.” One of her brothers – Mirelle hated that she could not tell the difference yet – stepped up and encircled her under a casual arm.

Varley’s face started to sour, for he rarely got a moment alone with Mirelle now. She had never left the company of others, nor had Kimbur left her side during this War Council while the boys were unavailable to chaperone her. The man unnerved her. If Tank had been present, she would have asked him to throw Varley out on his ass…. However, Varley was a Crown Prince and so had to be babied and treated with all the etiquette that any visiting Crown Prince was accorded.

Mirelle was disgusted. Crown Prince this, Crown Prince that. Ronan never spoke that way. Nor Dougall, Crown Princes both. Hm. She’d like to stuff that crown up his princely ass.

“Well, Your Highness –” Varley started.

“Please, it’s Keldrick, Varley.”

Mirelle knew the twins did this merely to aggravate Varley, for he was so stiff on titles and condescension. Plus, it put him at a disadvantage, for he was unable to determine which twin he was talking to, and so he was made to look foolish.

“Right,” Varley replied from gritted teeth.

Mirelle linked her arm into Keldrick’s. “Varley just invited us to visit Storden. I was telling him how kind it was to invite us. When was the last time you two visited Storden, Keldrick?”

“I’ve never been.” He turned to Varley. “Perhaps we will take you up on that invite. When do you leave, mate?”

Mirelle saw Varley’s eyes had turned cold. “Not for another two or three days.”

“Well, then, I’m sure we’ll see you about before you go. A good evening to you,” Keldrick called as he escorted Mirelle away.

“Thank you, Brother, again,” she whispered as soon as she knew Varley was out of earshot.

“You’re quite welcome, again. Why would you possibly want to visit Storden?” He scoffed.

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