A Silent Game of Spies

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“On their way, Your Majesty.” He bowed deeply.


She forgot most of their names – they weren’t relevant, after all, they simply bore news. But this was the best news she’d heard in some time. Her ships had been launched. Ahead of all schedule.

Or at least ahead of what the rest of the Land believed.

Myrischka was no fool. She knew she had a few spies within her ranks. A few, but not many. And she preferred that. Let the Land live in fear of her and let them wonder what she was doing next.

She had let them believe that in two more months, she would launch those ships, when today was her actual send-off. A smile curled her lips.

Two hundred should take care of the little Queen nicely for now, with her next one hundred sailing in to finish her. Combined with the twenty thousand troops she’d send by land, that should assuage Ambsellon and give the Clemongard Queen something to juggle, for she knew most of her troops were sitting on the Stordish border ready to strike against Varley.

She scoffed. Varley had served his purpose. Sent five thousand near useless troops to the northeast EverWinters. Utterly useless, or so her Colonel there reported. In return for those troops, Myrischka had the little runt’s father killed for him. Any man who didn’t have the balls to kill a man himself, particularly his own father, was not only useless, but a coward. And he expected to rule. Myrischka shook her head minutely. She would take his country as well, for his country had no experience in war, no more than he. Her other two warships would be sailing far away from the fighting and would stop at Storden to, among other things, resupply.

Myrischka had heard disturbing reports of the runt. Any man who felt he needed to demonstrate his sexual prowess by harming women during the act to prove his masculinity was no man at all. Why, any man who did such to her – but there was no man who would do such to her. Quite the coward, Varley.

Well, let the Royal Runt think he had the upper hand for now. Until she arrived at the Green Gates, no warmongering had yet to be accomplished, and she had but a four day’s ride hence.

Ambsellon was already moving into Clemongard. He had even sent his three hundred ships off. For Hewart refused to take orders from a woman. He and his clan were even more intolerant of women ruling anything but the head of a man’s dick than Munsolrysche was.

So Myrischka had some small number of troops to send to the EverWinters, and some small amount to harass the Eastern Alliance, some twenty thousand to send off behind Ambsellon, so Hewart would think it was all his idea, that she was just the eager, wagging tail of his dog….

And then, once Hewart was fully occupied warring with Clemongard, Myrischka would set up a blockade with her last one hundred ships in Hewart’s harbor, to block him from returning home, and the rest of her troops into Ambsellon. It was time to expand, starting with the land immediately west of her.

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