A Silent Game of Spies

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The east Corstarorden border and the Free Lands had been the perfect lay-low location for Varley. He had recruited men as they impressed him – men, he scoffed. Neither bandits but not quite mercenaries either. However, they took his coin and populated his ranks. He now had thirty-five thousand men, which made up for the ten thousand he’d sent the Ice Bitch in the North.

Ah – rumors swirled about her. Varley heard them all, mainly from the ignorant in his ranks, who hailed from any of the Coastals, to as far away as Clemongard. Their diversity gave him a wide range of information. Most of it agreed with each other in the end. Ambsellon was marching upon Clemongard, which any fool with the capacity for thought knew by know, and that the Ice Bitch had killed her husband that she might start the war.

What they didn’t know was that she was docking in Clemongard, and so Varley chose to keep his men out of Clemongard. He knew now that Clemongard was the sixth Ally of the Eastern Alliance, and it was just bad business to fight in Clemongard with Eastern and Northern soldiers there. Who knew what arrangements might have been made in regard to him and Storden? Kill on sight? Dead or alive? Capture and deliver? No, he believed it best to stay out of Clemongard. Especially if the Ice Bitch were there, for she was not known for her patience. She covered up her back trail and Varley was quite certainly a back trail, knowing all that he did of their arrangements.

So he would be staying south of the fray. Which meant… Storden. And the Coastals. King Irving had no idea how to rule. And the people would accept Varley’s claim to the throne, should he choose to make one. With over thirty-thousand men, Varley believed he stood a chance at taking back the throne from his uncle.

If he wanted it. He was more interested in Corstarorden of late….

But he had to bide his time. Riders were watching for Myrischka to land in Clemongard. Once Clemongard was fully occupied, by both Ormon, Ambsellon, and the Eastern Alliance, then Varley would make his move, for no one would be able to stop him. He would take what he wanted from Storden, and move into the Coastals, one by one….

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