A Silent Game of Spies

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He had remained camped west of Durcomb’s Last Stand. People tended to overlook it due to its nature – Durcomb, who had changed sides in the Ten Legions Battle, was forever after known as a turncoat and his last stand, at the 4 Kings Fortress, was what brought the castle down to near rubble. Varley thought camping near Durcomb’s Last Stand was quite apropos, given who was going to war against whom, and how his father had turned upon him, and how he would enjoy watching Queen Myrischka turn Storden to rubble. Yes, Varley quite preferred his location.

However, he had become impatient with it. He knew from reports that Myrischka’s Navy had landed in Clemongard and also that she herself had likely landed in Northern Clemongard and set up camp, possibly even at Hewett’s side, though Varley thought that unlikely.

Varley’s men were also impatient. They had waited long enough. They wanted action, and they wanted blood. Soon enough, thought Varley. Soon enough. They would skirt the Stordish/Clemon border and take what was theirs. And then, he would turn south.

And take the Northern Countries’ reserves. He knew the Ice Bitch was underestimating him and that made his plan all the more easier to carry out.

This time next week, the ground would be wet with blood.

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