A Silent Game of Spies

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Je’hanna had settled into her role as Queen more easily than A’dair had anticipated. Of course, she had a veritable host of ladies-in-waiting at her side wherever she ventured, which assisted her. To his knowledge, she had made no faux pas of any serious degree.

He didn’t pay close attention to her daily schedule, though, either. A’dair visited her mostly each night so that he might beget her with an heir. Now that war was upon them, the need for an heir was ever more vital.

And war was indeed, upon them, for A’dair had received a notice from the Queen of Ormon, demanding of him his Naval services as their partnership of old required. As to when and where he should send his Naval forces, he would receive word soon, but he was expected to be ready.

A’dair nearly threw the letter into the fire, but it had been Je’hanna who had stayed his hand. She warned him against such an action, and so, with great distaste, he looked at the letter daily upon the desk in his study. Nearly every ship he had would be going to this fool’s errand.

He admitted that had been a clever move on the part of his new wife. A’dair liked that about her; she was smart. He hadn’t courted either wife, this one he’d hardly searched for longer than two weeks before he’d begun betrothal proceedings. His advisors, those left, of course, were scandalized, but A’dair had not been concerned at all. War had been on the horizon, and he had had an oath to fulfill.

This wife was shrewd; she understood politics. Yet she had a sweet face, and kind brown eyes. Je’hanna was modest, and though she wore fashionable clothing, she didn’t wear the plunging necklines that were stylish. She did not gossip amongst her ladies from what he had seen and she was well-liked by the servants. She had so far been a good Queen and A’dair was impressed. She would need to be a strong Queen, once the war started, however, for undoubtedly, he would be called away from the Palace and she would need to run Coral Palace on her own….

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