A Silent Game of Spies

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King Irving. Who would have supposed he’d had it in him! The entire Corsta-Storden border, lined with troops. Troops whose orders were shoot to kill on sight if they saw Varley. He fumed as they rode. Irving had recruited mercenaries and given them raises in pay to work for him instead of Varley. And all of Storden was closed.

No matter. He still had twenty thousand troops and he led them through Corstarorden south of the Storden border. Corstarorden troops would not bother them, he knew, for they were too busy mobilizing for Her Royal Majesty, the Ice Cunt. If Varley saw her now, he would gladly slit her throat. She would get a nasty surprise in the end, though, for they had seen with their own eyes at least twice their number of Eastern Alliance troops marching for Clemongard, and with siege weapons. Let her and King Hewett fight their way out of that, for she had almost certainly set foot in the Land of the Falcons by now. While they were occupied with their cloaks flapped up over their heads like fools, boxed in by Clemongardians to the North and Easterners to the South, Varley’s troops would take the Coastals. First, he would reacquire for himself a Navy, then take over Corstarorden with his own troops. Varley decided he would set up his own camp at Roarden North. So much city to be had….

They had finally blooded themselves at Middleborough nigh on a week ago, then drunk every drop of mead and ale the town had. Middleborough women left much to be desired, but were far better than the farmers’ daughters they’d just left behind at Millsberg. If any of those women walked normally again, he would be surprised. Varley grinned. He was born for this.

According to the map, an estate lay on the coast, where he could finally sup and repose in the luxury a prince of his station warranted before he and his troops turned southward to gather the ships they needed. Just south of the estate was a fort, Hull Port, where, according to his information, twenty-five ships were stationed. That was a start. Those ships would be summarily seized and then become Varley’s. Any issue taken with it could be taken up with the Ice Bitch.

And from Hull Port, he would move south, taking every port and ship….

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