A Silent Game of Spies

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He could not believe the sight of the castle built into the mountain. He shaded his eyes and stared. So this was RainsCourt. Spires and flags towered from mountain peaks in its pride from a treacherous height. Keldrick wasn’t sure he wanted to ascend to that height, lift or not.

He had tried not to glance at Selby ever since – those damnable nights. She had ruined his concentration. His focus had gone to shit now. Whenever she was near, he seemed to know, he could turn his head and see her there. But they rode side by side still, and Keldrick had caught her smiling from time to time.

After every night – three now, three extraordinary, incredible nights of glory, Selby told him, “We can’t do this again!” Well, Keldrick knew the dangers of being caught, yet he was powerless to keep from seeing her. And in she snuck, into his tent both of the next two nights.

Finally, Selby grew solemn on the third night and told Keldrick that they were nearing RainsCourt, and that they would be staying in the palace once they arrived. They would be caught once they were at RainsCourt. Keldrick agreed, for what else could he do? She was right.

“Stop it!” Selby whispered.

Keldrick frowned. “What am I doing?” he whispered under his breath.

“You’re riding too close!” she whispered back. But she smiled.

Damnable woman. But he immediately reined his horse apart from hers.

And then came the thundering of hooves. No! Under attack! Keldrick whirled his mount around while he drew his sword. “Get behind me!” he commanded, not looking to see if she had or not. This was going to be a difficult fight, for they’d lost a good deal of men over the last week to the Ambsells. And yet, they kept pouring through the pass.

But the banners… the banners were – Eastern. Red, blue, and gold… blue, green and silver….

Thank the gods! The troops from home had finally arrived!

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