A Silent Game of Spies

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Now that he had taken the combined one hundred ships from Hull Port and Berring Point, he had something to work with. The Berring Point Harbor Master had been loathe to surrender the harbor, even with the might of Varley’s men, until Varley told him, at sword point, to take his grievance up Queen Myrischka of Ormon. The Harbor Master had told him that he had not received word from King Romand to release the ships yet. It was like a game of Ice for Varley. He had improvised and said he was on his way next to see King Romand. Only after saying that did the Harbor Master release the ships. Fool.

Varley would be paying King Romand a visit in due time. After all of Corstarorden’s ships were his. He still had three more stops to make, according to the map: South Port, MastView, and SaltySide, where at least fifty ships sat at each port waiting for him to take over, in the name of the Ormon bitch, who he was pretending to collect for. She would have quite a surprise when she found out he’d stolen her ships out from under her. He would eventually set up his own seat in Roarden North, for he’d visited the great city on more than one occasion and found it to his liking. But first, he would take over S’hendalow after Corstarorden.

That, mused Varley, proved to be possibly problematic. The new King A’dair had built new ships, yes, but would he capitulate to Varley’s demands? Varley thought probably not. Those new ships would need to be taken rather than insisted upon.

Well, by then, he would have enough of a Naval presence that he could do so, he decided with a raised eyebrow.

Half of A’dair’s troops would be focused by that time on Pavilion City anyway, as well as the cries of the farmers and merchants who would have no way to sell their wares as they usually did. No one was traveling the long distance to Pavilion City anymore because of the troops on the road, his among them. The rest of his troops would meet him at South Port. He wondered what King Romand thought of that.

Varley found that the sea life suited him; the cry of the gulls, the wind in his face, the waves crashing, and certainly the so-called cabin-boys. Who knew they were actually girls disguised as boys, and only for the enjoyment of the Captain? Ha. This Captain would be glad to see him go, Varley warranted, but he cared not.

What he did care about was finally owning the Coastals. But he must be patient. A trait he must cultivate, for he had precious little of it. He must spend his time warmongering, as his late father called it, wisely….

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