A Silent Game of Spies

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According to this communication from Rickstan – the country of Tortoreen was responsible for putting him in the traitor cell of the dungeon, that was, him as Rilstrom. King Almeric, Lord Drury, and this Lord Scollard, whomever that was. An assassin associating with Lord Drury, but Reaghann would bet the two were one and the same. Certainly, Lord Drury knew how to slip through society by means of more than one identity, thought Reaghann.

But what disturbed him far more was this collusion with the Queen of Ormon to attack Reaghann’s coastline. Bad enough to have assisted the displaced Stordish prince via resupplying his navy and troops before sending them to attack the Eastern Alliance. But now, expecting not only to expand to the Singing River but attack Hardewold with Ormon’s aid?

No, Hardewold would not be sending Clemongard naval assistance, Reaghann thought darkly, not when Tortoreen would be attacking him in the near future as Ormon’s proxy.

He needed to double the Southern Shield’s fortification as well as the naval stratagems. In fact, may the Eastern Shield forgive him, but this was proof that Reaghann needed to stay right where he was, rather than fight up in the north of Delsynth. Oh, he would send the troops he’d been planning on marching with, but he simply wouldn’t be present. Like all Hardewold kings before him, he would see that the Southern Shield was impenetrable by the entire Western half of the Land, and he would risk the Eastern Shield’s wrath to do it, for it meant obstructing invasion of Hardewold both by land and by sea….

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