A Silent Game of Spies

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Queen Selby was as good as her word. A group of twenty men had escorted him to the Romeny border, to the Brace Fort, and then turned back. He had attempted to get them to come with him into the East, as Ambassadors of sorts, but they had refused, citing their orders.

They were welcome, as was he, at the Brace Fort, for as long as they liked, being that they had escorted a Crown Prince of Ghiverny and a War Time Ambassador. The men took rest and stayed but a day, then turned and left for Clemongard, for, their Captain said, their country needed every able-bodied man to fight.

They had made good time – a one week’s crossing was excellent given the amount of men and time it took to care for the horses. The Lord of the Brace Fort gave them food for their journey and then saw them off.

Ronan stayed an extra day so that he could write reports of what he had seen on the road, though he did not believe that any of them would reach the Eastern Shield soon now that he was in the field fighting. It seemed surreal, that the Eastern countries were at war fighting, especially Ghiverny.

So he rode for the EverWinters, to fight beside Father. And the closer he rode, the more restless he became. The border town of Rozier was larger than he expected and Romeny went on forever. His training took over and that was all that kept him sane right now.

He was nearly on the Romeny-Delsynth border, but as he rode for the EverWinters, he was to watch for an entire separate army of Ormons, according to the instructions left for him at the Brace Fort sent by none other than Rhutgard himself. If he saw a large army, then scout them and ride around them that he might send word of their number and actions….

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