A Silent Game of Spies

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He was frustrated. An entire army sat out there, wasting its resources, and still no word.

It had been over a week now. Over a week since the Ambsell troops had one morning simply withdrawn, retreated to the Rockdale Pass, with no warning.

It was said that King Hewart and his three sons had died in the night and so the troops were awaiting word on what to do. Surely they should know to continue attacking in their lord’s absence, even whilst they searched for the next king to take the throne.

’Twas also whispered that the four were murdered in the night, but how could that be, said more logical minds, when they were surrounded by their own troops? Killed, murdered, indeed, regicide by someone in the midst of what was an undoubtedly heavy guard?

More like it had been poison, and poison was a woman’s weapon. Or else they were too ashamed of the fact that a bloody assassin had been in their midst.

Well, Keldrick wished they would hurry on with it, find a new king. Half the War Council had voted for Selby to treat with them while they were crippled thus, and half of them voted against it. Selby herself cast the deciding vote, and an ambassador was sent to the Ambsell camp to treat but immediately was sent back in denial.

So over a week later, the Clemongard and Eastern Armies sat, wasting their resources and Keldrick his patience.

Meanwhile, the Ormish presence grew in the RiverLands and the South of Clemongard….

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