A Silent Game of Spies

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It was hard, hard to find time to slip away here in RainsCourt. There were so many visiting foreign dignitaries – Generals, Colonels, and just her War Council, all wanting her attention. But finally – she’d found a little bit of time to herself.

Taking Durain along was not just a given on this errand, it was a must. She held the wall sconce up so that she could see better.

Never did she expect to visit this area of RainsCourt Palace, but it was necessary.

The prisoner had been isolated from all other prisoners. There were so few prisoners in the dungeon here anyway, but ’twas necessary to isolate him. His head had been shaven, and the guards had been warned that he was utterly mad. All, or nearly all, of the prisoners here in RainsCourt Dungeon were Ormish or Ambsell, so were they not by definition, then, mad, thought Selby snidely to herself.

Finally, they arrived at his cell. Durain held up his wall sconce and Selby held up hers. The combined light shining in to the stone cell revealed her prisoner – Sturgund Merigund, Crown Prince of Ambsellon.


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