A Silent Game of Spies

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Life was peace. Peace was life. Unless there was war. If there was war, then war was life and life was war. This was what he was trained to do. Delsynth Stafford Spears knew nothing else.

And right now, life was peace. Volnyxx was part of a small Spears unit bought to serve Lord Tranick. It wasn’t Volnyxx’s place to offer opinions, and thus he was silent each day. Spears never offered their opinions on anything; their sole purpose was to fight.

But, though his tongue was silent around his employer, and he offered no opinion aloud, Volnyxx’s mind was alive with convictions. Just because he stared straight ahead and acted as though he were brainless did not mean he heard or knew nothing. All of his Spear comrades saw and heard all, but acted entirely deaf and, to an extent, blind. They only stared straight ahead and heard nothing, saw nothing. Though it was the greatest kept secret among themselves, the best joke. The things they saw and heard….

Volnyxx’s current employer disgusted him. An ugly, pudgy man who, when alone, farted and would wave his hand behind his ass to dispel the odor. This job often tested the limits of Volnyxx’s abilities to keep his face emotionless.

The worst had been several months ago, soon after Volnyxx and his unit had been hired. Lord Tranick hosted a masquerade, which had started out normally. But soon after the minstrels began to play, the guests began dancing and removing their clothing. Soon, every guest in the room was dancing without a stitch on their bodies, neither Lord nor Lady. And many of them needed to be covered up, so as not to offend the gods if for no other reasons. He remembered a few of the other Spears catching his eye – remaining expressionless, of course – but catching each other’s eyes, as if to say “Bloody hell!”

But right now, Volnyxx and Capperton were watching over Lord Tranick and his guest, Lord Pralter. Capperton was on the far side of the study, so was unable to hear what Volnyxx was listening to.

And Volnyxx was not pleased.

“… I brought this first to you, Pralter. I actually am considering it,” Tranick said as he leaned against a small table. “I mean to say – think of it. All she wants is the key to Ghiverny. They’ve never gotten through by means of invasion and if we give them all the supply routes, the times, the roads, the troops…. She’ll take over Ghiverny and then get rid of the whole lot of the Delsynth bloodline for me, which puts me on the Delsynth throne. And Delsynth and Ormon – will be allies,” explained Lord Tranick.

“Hmmm. Hmmm. I think… that it just might work. I like it, Tranick. You do hear, what they’re saying about her up there, don’t you?” Pralter said to Tranick.

“Which rumor is that?”

“The main one, really, that she killed her husband as he lay in bed. That she was the one who killed him, slashed him up and gutted him like a holiday pig, I’ve heard. But they don’t say a thing before her, she’s taken the whole country under her thumb now.”

Lord Tranick chuckled. “Well, I don’t care. I’m not married to the bitch.”

Pralter chuckled as well. “And what do you propose to do with this, then?”

“Well, Ambsellon will take over Ghiverny, and I’ll have a throne. There will be a lot of time to decide who’s on what side of the tourney when it comes. I wanted to give you the chance though, to jump in first. It is only a proposal, she just sent it a few days ago, but….”

Suddenly, Lord Tranick turned and looked at Volnyxx. He marched up to him.

Volnyxx appeared surprised. “My lord? Are you well? Is anything wrong?” He moved his spear frontmost and center.

“How much of what we were talking about just now did you hear?” asked Lord Tranick suspiciously.

Volnyxx shook his head and stared at him. “I’m sorry, my lord? Did you – do you need assistance?”

Tranick looked up at Volnyxx with narrowed eyes for a moment. Then he just shook his head and walked away.

“They really are brutes. Big, dumb brutes. That’s what my coin bought.” He snorted.

Pralter reminded him, “Ah, perhaps, but come a battle, you’ll be happy for them. Now, where were we?”

Treason. They were speaking of treason, that’s where they were. Against the Eastern Alliance and Delsynth.

Volnyxx stepped quietly next to Capperton. Once at his side, he jerked his neck in the direction of the study door.

Capperton frowned. “Sir?” he whispered.

“Take a break.”

Capperton arched an eyebrow but said nothing as he left.

Volnyxx moved against the wall silently, until he was standing behind the two bastards.

Within seconds, he’d stabbed their guts, twisted their necks, and stabbed downward into their lungs.

Before they made too much of a mess, he flung both of them from the balcony.

“Not in my country, you won’t.”

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