A Silent Game of Spies

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“Right, then, here to pick up message, a parchment.” Helmm rubbed his calloused hands together. This was taking up his break time, it was. Apprentices never did half so well work as a master.

The scribe eyed him. “Name, please?”

“Well, it’s for my wife, Kay’lay, but she’s bedbound with our next babe. Know how it is? So if I could pick it up, I’d be much obliged, sir, got to get back to work,” Helm smiled at the scribe. Smiles would always get a customer, he told his apprentices, every time.

“As you say. I’m thinking then, that you can read, sir?” asked the scribe.

“Read? Oh, yes. Have to in my line o’ work.”

“Well enough then, sign here,” and the scribe pushed forth the official receipt document.

Helmm wrote his name and when he collected the pigeon parchment, he handed the scribe back his business card: Roos Town Cobbler – Fine Cobbling by Helmm.

The scribe cleared his throat and nodded as he took Helmm’s card.

Now who would be sendin’ Kay’lay a bird? Helmm walked along back to the store, thinking of all the people Kay’lay knew. He unrolled the tiny parchment and, squinting, read:


Soldiers been comin thru regular. They say theres lots of ships bein built and soon they’ll be floatin – but they mean not in a good way. They been stayin at our house lots of times now and they talk like maybe theres war comin. Watch and listen, see if you hear the same where you are. Send this same message to all your kin too, just be quiet about it. Be safe – love to all – Marthur and the fam

Helmm’s eyes grew wide. War! Fine time for war! He did not doubt his brother-in-law, they’d tried times over to get him and his fam to move here to Roos, in a proper town, but that stubborn man, wanted to make his living off the land, like their pop had. Well, now look, they had soldiers marching through up there.

Well, Helmm had nothing against farming, nothing at all, but up there, on the border so close to the Free Lands, too far away if bandits came through. But Marthur said it was close to Pavilion City come harvest time, and they got better coin there than just regular Market Place. And what could Helmm say to that.

But this… soldiers, soldiers comin’ through. And war. War. Soldiers would come through the city and demand he resole their boots, that’s what would happen. And they’d burn the town, and, and…. Damn.

Well, for sure Helmm would look and listen, he didn’t want anyone to be taken by surprise, and he’d send birds to all his kin… but as for Kay’lay. She didn’t need to know about this. It’d upset her, and with her with child, no. This he’d keep to himself, at least for now.

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