A Silent Game of Spies

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Ah. That was Sturgund.

“Father? You called for me?”

“I did, my son, I did. Here.” Hewart waited until Sturgund slid into a seat before Hewart.

“Tell me what you make of this.”

Sturgund looked mildly annoyed. “This isn’t another tariff proposition, is it, Father? I’ve seen more of those than I ever care to.”

Hewart told him, “Just read it.” He waited in silence while his son read the words but enjoyed the different facial expression he suddenly took on.

Sturgund sat back in his chair, open-mouthed. “Is this for real? I mean, this is reliable?”

Hewart nodded. “By two different accounts, in fact.”

Sturgund considered the long-term implications for a moment in silence, a serious look on his face.

Then he suddenly grinned and held the parchment up. “You haven’t got another one of these stashed around anywhere that I should know about, have you Father?”

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