Changing Worlds

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Mistral goes from being a pampered Princess to a working girl. She always wanted to be treated like a normal girl, but can she cope with the change? After the evacuation, Mistral and her cousin Luna live and work on one of the domed communities on Earth. They help to educate the young people about their new planet, the pit falls and dangers. Luna decides to return to Earth and Mistral is left to work with another Zepherine, Paulo, whilst visiting one of the sites they uncover an illegal store of unauthorized and have to discover is responsible for supplying it. Whilst on the verge of finding the culprit Mistral is kidnapped. Her Royal Guards who have been deployed to different areas with some remaining with the salvage team on Zepher, come together to rescue her. They track her down to home of the son of the underworld boss who was recently killed. Is he involved in the supply of toxic and addictive food that is making the subjects of Zepher so ill?. It feels like history repeating itself. Can Lord Zarrock be behind it, is it possible that he has escaped from his prison in the outer galaxies, or could it be his son Oswald who disappeared during the evacuation? Will the Guards be able to rescue the Princess?

Fantasy / Adventure
Denny Ro
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The once beautiful planet of Zepher was now ravaged and desolate. The fields and orchards that should have been brimming over with fresh, healthy vegetables and fruit were now barren and deliberately devoid of any life. The salvage teams had worked hard meticulously clearing every inch of ground. They could not afford to leave any plant to grow in the contaminated earth. Any fresh growth was strictly monitored in the designated areas of the newly erected domes. It was hoped that initially they could grow enough food in the domes to feed those people who remained to trying and save their world. They didn’t want to keep having to teleport supplies in from Earth. The plan was to eventually neutralize the contaminated areas and once they were sure of its safety, regenerate the growth of fresh, healthy, edible vegetables and fruit. This had to be achieved to enable the reinstatement of the Nation of Zepherines. It would be done with one village at a time when the lands around the village could safely support enough people. This would have to be done solely on a vegan diet, as it was going to be a long time before animals could be reintroduced. Unfortunately so deeply affected were the lands that these plans were taking a lot longer to action than anyone could have imagined. So many people had already suffered due to the contaminated produce no risks would be taken, no corners cut. No matter how desperate people were to return to their beloved world the High Council would not sanction any transfers until they were completely convinced that each area was safe and free of any threat to the people.

It was difficult to believe that all this damage, loss and heartache had been caused by the actions of one power crazed individual, Lord Zarrock. He believed that the throne rightly belonged to his family, and every male member of the family had for centuries felt it his duty to try and reclaim it. Many different methods had been used, the latest had been the resurrection of a prophecy which said that when the two eldest siblings of the Houses of Zarrock and Vorrenge were united in marriage the power would be returned to the throne. Lord Zarrock had tried to persuade the King and Queen to agree to match between his eldest son Oswald and their only daughter Mistral. However as Mistral was against this and the King and Queen refused, Zarrock had tried to sway the opinions of the Nation by flooding the world with mind controlling vegetables that were grown through the use of magic.

Through his bungling misuse of magic he had infected plants, the earth they grew in and the water that washed over them, which in turn spread the problem making it very difficult to contain. The result was devastation, mayhem and even some deaths. Animals that ate the plants or drank the water either died through lack of nourishment or had to be slaughtered as they became infected. The very old or very young were often not strong enough to sustain themselves, during a period of uncertainty. It hadn’t initially been obvious as to why people were getting ill. It had been a terrible time, but fortunately a witch in the village near the palace had discovered the truth quite by accident.

With the discovery of the cause of the mysterious illness spreading through the world, action plans were quickly formulated. Sterile domes were set up in the few areas that were not affected, and working parties were now living there and doing all they could to salvage the precious planet. King Darrick and Queen Morren along with members of the High Counsel remained, but the rest of the population had been evacuated to Earth through a Relocation Programme organised by Lauranda Zarrock, Lord Zarrock’s sister who had lived on Earth for many years after running away from a bullying father.

When young Lauranda eloped to marry against her father’s wishes, she lived in exile with her vampire husband until she became pregnant. Knowing her father would never tolerate the hybrid child she was carrying, ran away and took refuge on Earth. When her daughter, Luna, started showing signs that would make her stand out as different from any other child on Earth, she sent her back to Zepher for her own protection. On Zepher witches, werewolves, fairies, goblins and the like, as well as vampires live along side each other.

Morren who was Lauranda’s oldest friend long before she became Queen, did all she could to help, by taking the child in. Luna started life in the nursery, where she became firm friends with Mistral. This friendship never altered even though it was decided that Luna would draw least attention as a foundling, and was integrated into life in the palace as a member of the household staff. Her progression from scullery maid to Princess’ companion, was watched over and guided by Mr Russell, the butler and body guard to the king.

Due to the need to contact Lauranda for her help and the subsequent age of Luna, Morren and Darrick decided it was time she was told of her parentage. It came as a great shock to both her and her father who had no knowledge that the young girl he had taken under his wing years earlier was in fact his own daughter. When Lauranda ran away she did so thinking she was also protecting her husband knowing that if her father ever found out whom she had married he would have had him killed.

Mistral and Luna now found themselves among those heading for a new life on earth. Luna leaving the man she had relied on all her life and who she had only just found out to be her father, to share her life with a mother she never knew and never expected to ever meet. Mistral whose whole life so are had been training her towards one day ruling a Nation now found herself homeless. There had never been a day in her life when she had someone there to wait on her or protect her... How would she fit in as a member of the Relocation Team? Both girls had a lot to think about during their journey to Earth.

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