Unicorn Rider

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Quelastia is the last of her kind as is her unicorn Babylont, they share a bond that is unique and strong, nothing can break them apart. If he dies so does she. She is admired for her skill in combat. The only one of their kind. They are employed by the King of the city Dragon Fury, he wants Quelastia to teach everything she knows about mounted combat to his own men. Their only problem being they don't have enough horses, The Kings advisor does all she can to bring these extra horses in for the troopes. But unfortunately word has reached around about the famous unicorn rider, and it attracts some unwanted attention. These beings are interested in her unicorn, unaware of the implications of this. Unicorn tears, horn, and pelt sell for a lot on the black market in the belly of the underworld in Valhalva and they will do all they can to get their hands on Babylont. But Dragon Fury is well guardered,they would have to wait until they're both at their most vulnerable.

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Chapter 1

The land of Valhalva was sprinkled with white powder, it seemed to glitter and twinkle as the sun caught it. The trees leaves were coated with frost, and fell every now and then, they landed on that white without a sound. The once lively river had come to a stand still as a sheet of ice now covered it, the elves of the forest could be found skating around its lake or up and down the river itself.

The dragons had migrated to a warmer climate, so the villagers livestock were safe except for the bite of the cold. The small city of Dragons Fury was located in the middle of no where, two great stone dragons guarded the wooden gates, the town was guarded with great high stone walls, many houses and business’ lined the paths. A great keep stood in the middle with fires burning in almost every room. Its rooves made of the finest tile. The fountain with a rearing dragon was frozen over, the water held in place waiting for its time to fall.

The cold villagers wandered the streets, huddled over keeping their coats shut and maintaining their heat, the wind whipped up around the square almost making an elderly woman slip on the ice. Far from the town and any town a figure was galloping across the frozen ground, their steed white as the ground, its mane and tail long and fluttered in the breeze, its silver armour glinted as they galloped across the land catching the low sun. It’s rider was covered from head to toe in silver armour, not a single feature could be seen, except for a long shimmering white lock poking out from the helm.

Deep within the walls of the keep their ruler Boralious was pacing up and down. He was a great burly man, he liked his food. A great beard drenched in wine covered his chin, his hair shoulder length and greasy. His clothes were well tailored and consisted of purple and gold, a gold chain kept his spotted cloak on. “Why isn’t he here yet?” He asked looking at his advisor who was an elderly gentleman, he wore all black, his hair greying, he looked almost like a stalk, he had a rather unsettling large nose something any stranger would gawp at in his presence.

“Perhaps she’s lost, or maybe she’s held up by the creatures of the forest.” He replied lifting his head high acknowledging the fact that their guest could be a peasant.

“That is quite true, I just hope they don’t get caught in the blizzard that’s on its way, we need their help,” Boralious said.

“I’m sure they will get here on time.” The advisor said pouring another chalice of wine.

The silver figure nudged their steed on till they good see the great spire of the cathedral in a the city of Dragon Fury. “Rider approaching,” one of the guards called from the guard tower, the gates opened with a thunderous roar, and the rider began to ride to the keep, everyone staring at them and their steed, they were the most unusual pair in Valhalva. They galloped under the spiralling path till they reached the top and Boralious emerged with his advisor in toe.

They both looked the rider up and down. “I must say you’re not what I expected.” He said.

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