The Huntress and the beast

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The beast has to find his Huntress to break the curse, make her fall in love with him. Or he would walk the earth for all eternity without freedom. The Huntress is the beast's only way to be free. 'Tale as old as time, true as it could be...' Everyone have heard the tale where the beauty falls in love with the beast, breaks the curse and lives happily ever after. But what if it is a Huntress who has to break the curse and fall in love with the beast. After all 'Love doesn't have to be perfect. It just needs to be true. After all, it's not until you lose someone that you can truly appreciate them.' She was never afraid of his darkness or the demon who danced in his eyes. He thought no one could love him if he reveals what lurks inside. He always knew he was different, how could anybody understand? But she was never afraid of his darkness or the beast within the man. Because she would rather have a beast who treats her like a princess, than a prince who doesn't.

Fantasy / Romance
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For centuries witches are said to be living in the human world. Some hiding their identities, living in the shadows and some just the way they were, using their abilities without any fear. The one with greater power created their own kingdom away from the eyes of human and made Bacoli their new home. They are considered superior among all the species on Earth, housing great powers, having the capability to use the different elements of nature. Some of them were rare enough to have the ability to control spirits.

Witches usually use their power in the improvement of themselves and people around them. At times they are considered equal to goddesses for their abilities and are offered prayers by people.

They mainly gave blessing for child bearing, yielding of good crops during the harvest, good health and safety of their worshipers. They were never considered a threat. But that didn't mean they were not harmful. Giving blessings and doing good to all was what they mainly did, but when an evil deed was done or something unpredictable would occur, that's when they became deadly. They used their powers which could bring suffering deadlier than death that was the ring everyone feared. 'A Curse'.

There were five witches born who were considered as the greatest of all. Each with the blessing of one power, fire, water, earth, air and spirit. While some of their bloodline prospered other withered away. A time came when spirit users were too less and at the verge of extension.

A solution was found by the witches that could save the spirit users. It was the union of witches and human and thus a new era started. But with that a prophecy came into view.

'The union of a witch and a human will be the result of the birth if the greatest offspring. It will be a boy that would bring great prosperity to the land and the people, he will be the reason of pease in the land and he will rule justly over his kingdom and people.'

Mostly people never understood why the prophecy was so important but the truth was a witch could never give birth to a boy, it was always a girl.

Time went on and people started to forget about it. Queen Selena of Bacoli gave birth to two daughters, Rohnald and Rhea. Both grew up excelling in ever field of art, literature, science and war. Both had great future ahead of them and equal part in the crown. But Rohnald was greedy and didn't want to share the crown.

Days went by and turned into years. And on their eighteenth birthday Rhea fell in love with a young Duke and married him eventually giving an opening for Rohnald as the only successor of the crown. Queen Selena however knew the evil intention of Rohnald and knew that prophecy was going to take place very soon.

After few years Rhea gave birth to a daughter Mary. She was a witch too but her powers were dormant. She was unable to use it. Taking advantage of this Lord Arad Ivanov married her. He was a duke with a rich history of power. His domain was one of the largest and richest, equal to that of the king.

Mary gave birth to two daughters Sonya and Alexandria. But the miracle happened after that. The third time it was twins and a boy and a girl were born. Everyone rejoiced, thinking the great time had arrived and the boy was the one who will fulfill the prophecy.

From there on the training of Alex Ivanov started. He was kind and knowledgeable. Under the care of his parents, Rhea and Selena he grew up knowing his duties as a great king.

On one hand when everyone were rejoicing Rohnald was not happy. Her dream of having the throne was taken away from her the movement Alex was born.

Out of anger she always tried to crush Alex but non were of any use. Until the time of Alex's sixteenth birthday, the time when the news of the mysterious death of Lord Arad Ivanov started like a wildfire.

No one knew the reason for it. No one saw the murderer. No one heard the cry of help or agony. The only thing known was the dagger that was pierced through the heart of the lord and the shocked expression he had on his death.

No one except Rhea and Rohnald knew the truth and that's when Rohnald played her trick of cursing the young lord. A curse that will make him beg for death for eternity but he would never get it. Until he finds love and love finds him.

He had to find a Huntress to love him and set him free from his suffering.

Hi guys, so I am reuploading 'The Huntress and the Beast' and I hope you all will still give this a chance. If you have read the older version then you would know that there were many things missing there. I just wanted to fill them up and so I am rewriting it. I will upload every week. And there will be some changes in the story.

I wrote this Prologue mainly because I wanted to make the action of Rohnald clear. In the previous version she just gave the curse without and proper reason so I modified it a bit. Please give it a try.

Don't forget to follow me. I would be really happy if I could get 200 followers. Please follow me. I'm not asking for much and it encourages me a lot. Thank you again and see you next time.
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