Earth's Past: The Green Witch

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Earth’s past is filled with magic and wonder only we can imagine. There is a wardrobe in Dan’s house which his parents never allow him to go near to. Dan finally finds out the shocking truth of the wardrobe during his birthday but he is still not allowed to go near it. An incident led Dan and his sister, Charlotte, to travel back to Earth’s Past. A few centuries after the dinosaurs’ extinction and they found out something even more shocking. Fairy Tales are Earth’s Past. Travel with Dan and Charlotte as they travel through the magical lands in Earth’s past trying to find a way back home. With an evil witch on the loose, can they ever go back home? Earth’s past is filled with magic and wonder only we can imagine.

Fantasy / Adventure
Zoe Tang
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Chapter 1: The Excape

Deep down the Green Kingdom lies a prison, home to murderers, thieves and outlaws.

The only light source available is situated in the centre of the prison. There hung a single light bulb, which frequently flickered in the miserable place. A guard stood still at the centre of the prison so he could watch every single cell, making sure that no one escapes.

After a few hours, the guard walked lazily out of the prison, content that he had finally completed his duty for the day and could now have a wonderful night’s sleep. However, as he was almost getting out of the prison, someone kicked his back with so much force that he immediately toppled over and hit his head on the cold, hard prison floor, knocking him out of consciousness. Behind the unconscious guard stood a short and plum hooded figure. He removed his hood and smirked at the guard, glad that he had accomplished something he had planned half a century ago.

He rushed to the end corner of the prison and opened the gate of cell 35 using the key he had taken from the unconscious guard’s pocket.

“Is that you Humpty Dumpty?” said a quiet voice at the corner of the cell. “I waited for so long, boss. I’m so glad that you have finally come.”

Humpty Dumpty peered into the cell and saw his old friend, the infamous, Big Bad Wolf seated at the darkest corner of the cell.

“I do apologise for that,” Humpty Dumpty replied, ”It took me quite some time to figure out how to get in here.”

“We should get out of here as quick as possible, boss, before another guard spots us,” the Big Bad Wolf said hesitantly.

Both Humpty Dumpty and the Big Bad Wolf quickly, but quietly, ran out of the prison towards the Green Kingdom. Everything was according to their plan. However, what they did not notice was that there was another guard who had just arrived at the prison, ready to do his duty. The guard heard someone talking in the prison and he walked to the side of the prison to get a better view of who was inside. He was shocked to see Humpty Dumpty and the Big Bad Wolf out of their cell. To avoid casualties, he immediately jumped on his horse and travelled up a slope that led to the castle of the Green Kingdom.

When he had arrived at the door of the castle, he jumped off his horse and ran towards the great hall of the palace. He burst through the doors of where the King and Queen always had their essential meetings. He bowed, doffed his cap and said, “Your Majesties, I apologise for this disturbance, but I have bad news!”

The guard looked up and saw the King and Queen sitting magnificently on their glittering thrones with at least a dozen guards standing behind them. The guard was always impressed by how the King and Queen always look so presentable. The King stood and opened his mouth. He was about to say something when the great hall suddenly became pitch dark. The guard could hear murmurs of shock across the hall.

“What is happening?” shouted a voice, most probably the King’s. After a few minutes of silence, a bright green light illuminated the room for a second and the guard heard a lady screaming. The guard could feel his heart pounding upon his chest as he cautiously walked forward. When he felt the wall on his right side, he reached out his hands and took several steps forward until he felt something like a torch. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a matchstick. Matchsticks are always handy at times like this.

The guard used the matchstick to light up the torch and the great hall was filled with light once more. Although it was only a small flame, it could light up the entire hall. The King blinked, trying to adjust to the sudden brightness of the hall. When the King looked to his left to see if the Queen was all right, his eyes widened and he cried, ”The Queen! SHE’S GONE!”

The guard looked at the King and said politely, “Your majesty, Humpty Dumpty and the Big Bad Wolf escaped from their cell just now. I suspect that they are the ones who kidnapped the Queen!”

“No,” replied the King, “They do not have magic powerful enough to magically off the lights and it is incredibly hard to kidnap the Queen for she knows how to control magic herself. Only very dark magic can do that.”

All the guards standing behind the King shifted uncomfortably as everyone in the great hall knew who had done it.

The King shook his head and continued, “The Green Witch. The one who had killed hundreds of people two centuries ago. She’s the one who kidnapped the Queen.”

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