Living in the dark

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A hybrid once lived with her family in a realm known to all. That is until her 16th birthday when it happened. Now, 5 years later, people tend to call her names like "freak" "mutt" "monster"......her life was a living hell. Then it all starts to change when she meets new people. Will she make new friends? And what happens when the town and school's popular kid turns out to be her mate? She doesn't want him, but he wants her. Will she learn to love and accept the new people around her.........or will she feel like she's living in the dark? And how about when she meets her long-lost twin he good or evil? What if her roommate betrayed them when they needed him the most? Will they forgave him?

Fantasy / Mystery
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Chapter 1

~Lily’s point of view~

The alarm rang showing 05:30 am. I slammed the button, almost breaking the alarm. “Shit” I said. I got from my bed and headed towards my bathroom to take a quick shower and brushed my teeth. Got dressed in black sweatpants, white Jordans, my favorite green hoodie and wore my contact lenses. The reason why i wear contact lenses is to hide a part of myself from “others”, normally my eye color is neon green. I walked out of my room and headed downstairs to the kitchen to find our roommate, Vincent cooking breakfast.

Vincent also has to wear contact lenses cause his eyes are purple.

“Morning Vinny”

“Morning Lil-Bear, how would you like your eggs?”


He continued cooking breakfast, while i was drinking my orange juice.

“Where’s Jeremy?” he asked.

“Right here”.

We turned around and saw Jeremy walking down the stairs. “Morning guys”

“Here ya go”

said Vincent, while putting our plates in front of us.

“Aren’t you going to eat, Vin?”

“Nah, I already ate......what time is it?”

I raised my head to look at the clock and I chocked on a piece of my pancake. “We’re gonna be late!” I said, while stuffing my face with the rest of my food. We all ran to the car, Vincent started the car and we immediately drove to school.

~Time skip~

We made it to school with only 3 minutes left to spare. Jeremy and Vincent started running because their lockers are all the way on the other side of the school and their class starts in 2 minutes. “Bye guys!” I yelled. They waved back and kept on running. I started walking towards my locker and entered the combination.

I opened my locker, took out my books and closed my locker. Then I noticed someone leaning against the locker right next to mine.

“Hello there, freak”

I looked to my left and saw that the voice belonged to the school’s popular guy and twin son of the most feared man on earth, Lucas Evans.

He stood there with a smirk on his face and behind him were his “friends”, but I feel bad for his twin brother, Alex who has to deal with him every day.

“What do you want, Lucas”

“Nothing, just wanted to annoy you”

And to remind you that no matter where you go, I’ll always find you"

He said, but used his mind-link to talk to me.

You still wonder why you’re a failed abortion"

I said. His face went from to cocky to angry while I was smiling. Feeling satisfied with myself, I started to walk away.

“You guys go ahead while I deal with her”

he said to his friends, they nodded and walked away. Alex stayed behind a bit and he went to class. I was almost at my class until he appeared behind me and grabbed my hand and pinned me against a wall.

Lucas and Alex also just like me, but they don’t have to wear lenses cause their father is the most feared man on earth, being a demon wolf and all.

His eyes went from to brown to green-ish yellow then back to brown and he smirked. I looked around and saw that everyone was walking straight and wasn’t even looking at us. Normally people would be surrounding us

Why the hell isn’t anyone even stopping........He must have used a spell. That bastard!"

“What do you want, again!”

Me, Alex and Lucas used to be best friends since we were little, until their mother died. Ever since then Lucas has changed, he’s almost becoming his father. And nobody wants that.

“Why you of course”

he said, smirking.

“As if, that is never going to happen and you know it.”

He started to lean in until I felt his hot breath on my lips, he then moved his face in the crook of my neck and whispers.

“I know you want me just as bad as I want you......mate”.

I gasped when I saw his eyes change color again. I pushed him away and said

“I don’t want you and i’m not your mate?“.

I started walking away until he grabbed me wrist, forcing me to look at him.

“You can’t reject me, only the male werewolf can reject the female wolf and you know that, don’t you?”

he said, smirking. I yanked my hand back while glaring at him.

He’s right only he can reject me......why me!.

I flipped him off and walked away.

“You can’t hide forever, mate!”

he yelled. I ignored him and continued walking and finally made it to my classroom.


I walked inside and saw that everybody took a seat, except for one chair. The one between him and Alex...... Alex is someone I can survive with but him?! As if my day couldn’t get any worse.

“Miss. Gust, why are you late?” asked the teacher.

“Cause i am”

i replied while sitting down.

“Miss. Gust!”

she said. I looked at her and point at Lucas. The teacher knows about my situation with Lucas but they won’t even dare to call his father because they’re afraid that they’ll get fired. She was about to say something but she was starting to doze off. She then looked at me and said

“For being late, you have detention. So do you Mister. Evans....Both of the Evans”

I was about to protest until I saw her eyes....they were pitch black.

She’s being hypnotized. Only those who have “abilities” or “not from the Earth realm” could see what i’m seeing.

I sighed and took out my notebook and wrote down whatever was written on the board.

“Alright class, today you’ll have to work in pairs of three for a project”

she said. The whole classroom started choosing who’s going to be their partner.

“Not so fast, you’ll be working with the person sitting to the left and the right of you”

I growled knowing that i have to work with him.

“Looks like we’ll be working together mate”

he said. You can hear the satisfaction in his voice.

Oh so this is your game, well then two can play that game"

I mind-linked him.

I would love to see you try, princess"

"Don’t call me tha-”

I was cut off by the teacher.

“Miss. Gust, Mister. Evans would you like to share your conversation with the whole classroom?”

“Well, if you insist”

Lucas said, standing up and clearing his throat. In the corner of my eye, I saw Alex wanted to yell at him.

Calm down...I’ll deal with him"

I mind-linked him.

“We were talking about movie love life”

I face-palmed while the rest of the class started laughing.

“Oh really”

said the teacher, interested.

“Then you wouldn’t mind making a project on soulmates.”

Oh if only looks could kill, she’d be dead by now.

“As you wish, anything else?” he asked.

I made vines appear and wrapped them around his legs.

“Yes, since all three of you will be doing this project, you’ll have to make it in a form of a book”

I slowly made thorns appear on the vines and puncture him with them.

Fun fact about being half can FUCKING heal from almost anything.

Lucas then growled quietly, so that only I can hear. Alex chuckled and I smiled, feeling satisfied with what I did and made the vines disappear.

“Now all three of you, go to the principals office to inform him that you guys have detention.”

she said. We got up, packed our stuff and went outside.

” Hey Alex, you go on ahead, i’ll stay here.”

“Alright bro, see you home. Bye Lily”

Alex said, walking away.

“Bye Alex, see ya.”

As you can see....Alex isn’t exactly my best friend....but I guess we can call each other friends.

They may be twins but you can clearly spot the difference.....and not just by their personality. When Alex left, I was actually heading towards the school’s exit until Lucas grabbed my wrist and teleport us to the cafeteria.

“Why are we here?”

I asked, while sitting down. Lucas decided to sit right next to me.

“Lunch starts in 20 minutes and the principals office is on the other side of the school”

I was about to get up when he caught my wrist.....again.

“What is it with you and my wrist today”

“Where are you going?”

he asked, completely ignoring my question. “To the library” “Why” “So that i can start finding books about romance or some shit like that” “Are you really going to leave me here.....alone. I gave him the “are you serious” look. “Yup” i said, popping the “p”. Then I tried to walk away but he pulled me back, making me sit on his lap. He then put his face in the crook of my neck and whispered something in a weird language.

Suddenly I felt something warm on my neck. I got up and tried to cover my neck “What did you do?” I asked. He smirked and said “I marked you”. He got up and started walking towards me. “B-But that’s not how you mark someone” I said, walking backwards. He bit his lip and kept on walking towards with me walking backwards until my back the wall. ”Why do I feel like a prey, I’m a predator for fuck sake!” I thought. “I know, but I just put a spell on you so that every wolf knows that you belong to me, well except for someone else” he said. The he started to lean closer until I felt his breath on my lips. I punched him in his guts and ran away from him. I ran, using my werewolf speed until I collided with someone. I got up and extended my hand towards the person. “I’m so sorry, are you okay?” I asked. The person took my hand and I pulled her up. “Yeah, I’m fine”. she said.

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