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Into The Woods

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The woods aren't always what they seem. Hope you enjoy!

Fantasy / Adventure
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A door was shut, and the sound echoed through the trees. A tall figure, standing at six feet and four inches, growled and stalked off into the forest. This was a man. A man whose hair was silver and spikey, with skin that was as pale as death. His lips were turned down and his nose had scrunched up as if he were disgusted. He raised a hand, each finger decorated with dark two-and-half inch nails and he scratched at the bandages that crossed over the bridge of his nose and covered his right eye. His left eye was wide, amethyst and lavender, with six, thin black rings lined around the pupil. He stopped where he was and looked around the area, the corners of his mouth coming up and his lips stretching into a wide smile. “Someone’s nearby.” He purred.

He moved to sit at the base of a tree, his crazed grin still on his face. He remained quiet to listen for footsteps. When he heard the dull sound, he rolled up the left sleeve of his cloud-hued turtleneck. His right hand went into his pocket and retrieved a scalpel. He pressed the tip of the blade on his left wrist and applied pressure while dragging it across his skin, watching with satisfaction as blood began to well up around the wound.

He put his scalpel underneath his leg before placing his bleeding wrist against the bandages, where his right eye was. He waited a few seconds then smeared his face with blood. As the footsteps drew closer, he slumped against the tree, rolled his sleeve down and lowered his head. His amethyst eye stared at his lead gray boots and he remained quiet.

A pair of black shoes came into view and the male began to slowly lift his head. He noticed a pair of legs that were clad in jeans, a torso that was covered with a white shirt, and the face; he frowned inwardly when he noticed that it was a female. She had full lips, a small nose and large, expressive emerald eyes that were curious. Her face was framed by long scarlet curls.

“Help me.” He whispered. He placed his right hand over his covered eyes and grimaced as if he were in pain. He noticed that she happened to be looking at his left eyes with a strange fascination. The woman blinked and jumped back with a start.

“Oh!” She reached out to grab his left hand and pulled him up. He wobbled a little then steadied himself. He smiled gently in thanks.

“Thank you.” He said. He looked her over. “You’re very pretty. But you’d look better with my scalpel slicing through your skin.” His smile stretched out into a very wide grin once more.

“Thank— “She was cut off as his left hand came to wrap around her throat. Her hands flew up to his arm to pull it away when he lifted her up and tightened his grip. Her nails dug into the fabric of his coat while she struggled to free herself. “What...are...you...doing?” She choked out.

“Now, now. There’s no use in squirming around.” He snickered. “Let me make you beautiful.” He had a crazed expression on his face.

“Who are you?”

He shrugged in response to her question. “I haven’t the slightest idea. My name slips my mind a lot but, people call me Delirious.”

“Let me go.” She growled.

“And why would I do that?”

“Because I will kill you if you don’t.” It was said with such ferocity that caused Delirious to throw his head back and let out a deep laugh. His eye had closed, causing him to miss the woman’s hair change from garnet to ink black. Her emerald eyes turned ruby as well. Her nails grew longer and turned into claws and once Delirious felt a pinch on his arm, he calmed down and looked at the newly transformed woman.

In his peripheral vision, he caught sight of the shadows around them and smirked. His grip on her slackened and he studied her, a knowing look in his eye. She released his arm and as she moved to wrap her hands around his throat, he caught them in his.

“Which one are you?” He questioned.

“Excuse me?”

“You and your friends have been running around through my forest. Don’t think I haven’t noticed. So, which one are you?”

“My name is Astoria.”

“Astoria...heh.” He released her completely and turned away from the woman. His hands immediately flew to his pockets and pulled out a small notebook and a pen. Astoria watched him, still angered at his earlier actions, all the while trying to decide on what was best for her. Her fingers twitched, her thoughts turning to harming the man in front of her. She took a quiet step toward him, flinching when she picked up on the small sound that the leaves under her foot made.

“Don’t even try it.” She heard Delirious growl. It seemed as if she had blinked and he was suddenly in her face. Reflexively, she swung at him and missed. Astoria let out an aggressive snarl and swung at him once more. Delirious dodged her swing with ease, like he had practiced it before, and caught her arm. A knowing smirk made its way to his lips as he pulled her towards him, maneuvering her arm behind her back. A small throb of pain caused a hiss to come from Astoria.

His unoccupied arm came to rest around her throat, squeezing until he heard her sharp intake of breath before she began to choke. Astoria’s hand came to up to claw at his face, the sharp nails of her hand catching onto the bandages he wore. A slight tug and the old rags came off. Her fear, now mixed with her anger, caused her to yell out in frustration.

“Honestly woman. I just need you to do one thing for me.” He sighed, no longer amused by the situation. Delirious let her go and reached to adjust his bandages, tightening them around his face once more. His left eye was trained on Astoria who had turned to face him as soon as he had let her go. Her guard was up, a furious expression crossing over her face as she waited for his next move. She watched as he reached into his pocket once more, yet this time, he drew out a small glass phial. The woman jumped back slightly as he held it out to her.

“Spit in this.” Delirious said.

“What? No!” Astoria replied, slapping his hand away from her.

“Spit in it.” He smiled eerily. “Or I’ll kill you.”

Astoria thought about the man’s statement and considered her options. A part of her believe that his threat could become a possibility and she knew that she didn’t have Noxus or Kobra with her. She didn’t have much protection against him, and something was seriously wrong with him. She decided that she would do as he asked and see where it went.

“Fine.” She conceded, reaching to grab the phial from him. She turned away from him glanced down at the glass, a look a disgust showing on her face before she allowed her saliva to drip into it.

Delirious was mildly amused by the display and greedily snatched the phial back went she held it out to him. He dropped into the pocket on the inside of his frock coat.

“Thank you. It was a pleasure doing business with you and I will get back to you later.” He smiled and moved past her.

Astoria watched him leave, confused and angry at his sudden departure. Later? What did he mean by that? She hoped that she wouldn’t run into him again, but as he said this was his forest. He was probably older than herself and Kobra together. Something was off about this man, but she couldn’t quite put her finger on it.

She shook her head to dispel the thoughts and glared at his retreating form before she walked off as well.

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