Kiss of Golden Light

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Chapter 15

The warm sun and gentle breeze that blew across my cheeks was a welcoming feeling as I stretched beneath the sheets that covered my body. I slowly blinked my eyes open, a smile on my face, as I looked around me.

The glass windows were open, the cool air blowing through them, gently hitting the sheer white curtains that hung in the windows. The sun was warm even though we were in the fall season. I looked to my side. Rupert was sitting on a stool, a large canvas in front of him. Colours of paint were splattered against his faded ripped jeans. His white shirt matched his pants, hues of red and white were in stages of dryness against the fabric of his shirt. His hair was pushed back away from his face as he tried to focus on his design in front of him.

I pulled the sheet higher up on my chest as I shielded my bare skin against the cool breeze. I caught his gaze as he looked back over at me.

“Morning.” I whispered as I continued to look at him.

“Don’t move.” He said as I shifted to get up from the couch.

“Why?” I asked confused.

“I’m almost finished. Just give me five more minutes.”

I looked at him shocked. I opened and closed my mouth as I tried to figure out what to say. “Are you painting me?”

He smiled as he looked back at his painting. “Yes. I just have to finish this final touch and you can see it.” He dipped his brush into the golden paint on his tray before he dabbed against the canvas.

I laid back down, my hair pooled around my head and brushed against my shoulders. The sheet that was covering my breasts I let go of. It fell against the bottom of my ribcage. I smiled at him as he gave me a knowing look. His violet eyes shining with mischief as he continued to paint.

“Are you done yet?” I said softly as I ran my hand down my side. My fingers softly tickled against my skin. My nipples swelled to peaks as my fingers glided across them.

Rupert looked back over at me and raised an eyebrow as I moved my fingers beneath the sheet.

“Do you want me to be done?” He asked as he set his paint bush down on the table next to him.

“Well,” My eyes fluttered closed for a moment as my fingers found the sensitive place between my legs.

I looked over at him as he moved towards me. He pulled his shirt from his body. His jeans hung low on his hips. The button was undone like he had never bothered to do it up when he had slid them on. I licked my lips in anticipation as I watched him push them down past his hips. They pooled to the floor, he stepped out of them as he moved towards me. He wore nothing beneath his jeans, he stood before me completely naked. My eyes moved over his body, my skin felt warm as I took in his length. I licked my lips, and let out a soft moan as I continued to move my fingers beneath the white sheet.

He fell to his knees at the side of the couch, he pulled the sheet back from my body. His calloused hands felt rough against my sensitive skin. His fingers wrapped around my wrist, he pulled my hand away. I dropped my hand to my side as I watched him with anticipation. His rough fingers moved against me. I tipped my head back and let out a soft moan. My eyes closed as I felt his tongue dip between my folds. My legs relaxed on impulse. I opened myself wider for him. I wanted to feel every part of his mouth against me. His teeth gently pulled on my clit as he flicked his tongue against me. I ground my hips against his mouth, desperate to feel more. I reached down and pulled on his hair to pull his head back.

He looked back up at me as he moved from his knees, over my body. I lifted my hips to press against his. I wanted to feel him inside of me, even though I had felt him hours ago. My body was greedy to feel every inch of him against and inside me.

He ducked his head down. He pressed his lips against the side of my neck. His kisses were soft, gentle, despite the greedy hunger he had given me just seconds before.

“Beautiful,” He whispered against my skin as his kissed travelled down to my peaked nipples. He bit down on one before he moved over to the other. I let out a gasp as I wrapped my legs around his hips. I pushed him closer to me, not wanting to go another moment without feeling his fullness.

He pulled his head back and looked me in the eyes. His lavender fields were filled with emotions that I did not recognize. I smiled at him before I lifted my head and pressed my lips against his. The moment my lips pressed against his, he entered me. I moaned in pleasure as he filled me.

He moved his hips, starting slow before picking up his pace. I met his thrusts halfway, greedy to feel him pump harder. I ran my hands down his back, my fingernails scratched into his skin as I pulled him closer to me. I heard him groan as his body shivered. I could feel him swelling, I knew he was close, just as I was.

He pulled back and thrust back in, his hand moved down between us. His thumb pressed against me, sending thousands of tingles through my body. I felt myself clutch around him as my body shattered around him. My orgasm shook my whole body. I tipped my head back and let out a loud gasp as I struggled to catch my breath. As I came I felt him let go. His orgasm filled me, my final waves sending him into his last few thrusts before he fell on top of me.

I wrapped my arms around him, our sweaty bodies moulded together as we tried to catch our breath. I closed my eyes and tipped my head into the crook of his neck. I smiled and placed a soft kiss on his shoulder. He pulled back and placed a soft quick kiss to my lips before he pulled away from me.

He grabbed the sheet that was now tangled at the end of the couch and cleaned himself up before he helped clean me. He stood up and grabbed his shirt. He helped pull it on over my body before he stepped into his jeans.

“Do you want to see it?” He asked as he walked back over to the canvas that he had left.

I smiled and quickly stood. I walked over to stand beside him. My eyes landed on the painting in front of us. I let out a soft gasp in surprise. No words left my mouth as I looked at the soft brush strokes and pools of colour. Words escaped my mind as I took in the painting he had done of me.

He had painted me laying on the couch with my eyes closed. I was sleeping. My wild red hair was pooled over the pillow behind my head and over my one shoulder. He had painted me in great detail. The shadows under my eyes from my eyelashes, the soft gap between my lips as I breathed in my sleep. My freckles were kissing my nose and cheeks as the light hit my face. My shoulders were left bare, he had painted the white sheet over my chest, only exposing the smallest amount of my breasts. A touch of tasteful cleavage.

“Do you like it?”

I looked up at him. A smile was wide across my face, my eyes pool with tears as I took in the beauty that he had created.

Was this how he saw me?

“I-I love it.” I whispered, my eyes going back to the painting. “This must have taken you forever,” I said.

“I couldn’t sleep and you looked too beautiful not to paint.” He said as he wrapped his arm around my waist. He placed a soft kiss on the top of my head as we both looked at his art together.

“Where will you hang it?”

“I’m not sure.” He said after a moment. “Where do you want it?”

“As long as you keep it, I don’t care where you place it.” I smiled.


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