Kiss of Golden Light

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Chapter 21

I rolled into the warmth of the wall that was too my back. I pulled the blankets up to my nose as I sighed in content. I wrapped my arm around the wall, I felt the soft warmth of skin under my hand. I slowly opened my eyes to look who was next to me.

I pulled my head back from the crook of his neck to look at his sleeping face. I ran my hand up his side and over his arm before I brushed his light hair back from his face. I blinked my eyes a few times as I tried to push away the pounding that was beginning to form at the back of my head. I smiled as I watched his restful face. I ran my thumb under his eye before I softly traced the bottom of his lip.

A soft sigh passed his lips as I ran my hand down his neck. I stopped my wandering hand, hoping that I hadn’t woken him. I snuggled my head back into the crook of his neck, wanting to take in as much of him as I could before he woke and the reality of our relationship hit him again. As I pressed myself against him, his arm came around my hips and pulled me closer to him.

“Morning.” His voice was quiet. I squeezed my eyes shut not ready to deal with the pain of the reality that was about to hit us.

I pulled away from him. He let out a small groan as he pulled me back against him.

“Not yet.” He said before he pressed a kiss to the top of my head.

I frowned in confusion, I didn’t understand where this soft side of him was coming from. The last time I had seen him he wasn’t speaking to me.

“Rupert…” I whispered against his chest. I pulled my head back, I winced in pain as the throbbing pain had started to put more pressure against my brain.

I pulled my hand back and touched the back of my head.

“Does it still hurt?” His voice came out low and husky. I felt my heart skip a beat at the sound of it.

I nodded my head in response to his question. I felt him shift his weight before he pushed himself up in a sitting position. I moved to give him room.

“Come here.” He pulled me up into a sitting position before pulling me into my lap. I tried to protest, but he ignored me. “How’s your shoulder?” He asked as his hand brushed against my breast.

I looked down and followed his fingers as he traced around the wound that had been left. I squeezed my eyes shut before I let out a deep breath.

“What are you doing?” I asked, my eyes locking onto his. “Two days ago you couldn’t stand the sight of me and now you can’t stand to not touch me.” I shook my head.

He looked at me for a moment, his eyes searching mine as he thought about what he was going to say.

“I made a mistake.” He looked down, ashamed of his actions. “When they took you to the castle, Nix told me what was going on.” He looked back up at me.

“What did she say?”

“You were six when you left. You grew up in a world thinking you were someone else when you actually were a Changeling, the lost Princess, your whole life and never knew. You being a Changeling makes sense. It’s the reason you were able to see the ceremony in the first place. The other half of you, that stayed hidden for so long didn’t come out until the ceremony the other night. The words spoken awoke the part of you that you didn’t know existed.” He reached out and ran his hands through my hair.

“It was unfair of me to take away the only life that you had ever known. It wasn’t fair of me to not let you say goodbye, and it wasn’t fair of me to judge you when you saw your ex…” He looked over my shoulder as he grew quiet. “Seeing that happen killed me.” He shook his head. “Just watching you touch someone else made my stomach turn. I wanted to rip his hands off you and fuck you in front of him to prove to him that you were mine. Only mine.”

My breath hitched, I watched as his eyes flashed gold as he looked at me.

“I had never felt like that before. I couldn’t comprehend why I felt so strongly about you. Then you came back and told me you loved me.” He groaned as he ran his hands over his face. “I couldn’t say it, all I could think about was how I was betraying Ella.”

I pulled his hands away from his face. I held them in mine, I gave them a quick squeeze before I pushed myself to my knees. I moved to his lap, and wrapped my legs around him. I pulled his face up to look at me.

“I’m Ella.” I whispered.

He looked at me, his eyes grew wide as he processed the words I had just spoken. “H-How…”

“My given name was Ella Rose Wood. Princess of Emerald City. To those closest to me I told them I was Ella-Rose. I was a young child, I never wanted to go to the adult parties. To keep my innocence Grace and Kallum wanted to keep me out of the sight of the townspeople. It allowed me to keep my identity hidden while I played tag with the kids in the city. While I let you chase after me through the park, or take me fishing.” I could feel my throat closing in as my emotions began to roll. “I-I’m her. I’m your life-mate.” I felt a stray tear roll down my cheek as I finally was able to tell the truth.

I sat there staring at him as he stared back at me. His mouth was closed in a tight line as he sat there in silence.

“I’m yours.” I pressed my forehead against his. “I’ve always been yours.”

“Ella.” He moved both of his hands to the sides of my face. He stared into my eyes before he pressed his lips to mine.

His hands moved down my neck before one moved down to my hip to pull me closer. The other moved down the right side of my body. His fingers brushed lightly over the edges of his mark. I moaned against his mouth as my body burned with heat. His mouth dominated mine. His lips moved against mine, his tongue slowly gliding against the bottom of my lip before he gently nipped it.

He moved me, tipping me back until my back was against the mattress. He shifted himself over top of me. His body moved between my legs. He pressed himself against me before he broke our kiss. He looked into my eyes, his eyes moved over my face before they moved down my neck and over my body.

“These need to go.” He said as he left a trail of kisses down my neck and over my chest.

His hands came to my hips. He hooked his fingers over my leggings and pulled them down my hips. I lifted my hips to make it easier for him to take my pants off. He threw them to the floor and ran his hands back up my legs, and over my hips. His fingers moved under the small ties at my ribs. He pulled them between his fingers before he let them go. They snapped back against my skin, I let out a soft hiss. The sting left more pleasure than it did pain.

“Where did you find this?” His hands moved up over my breasts as he spoke.

My nipples hardened at his delicate touch. He took them between his fingers and pinched them. I let out a soft moan as my eyes fluttered closed and my body arched against his.

“Beautiful.” His breath brushed against my chest as he spoke. His lips kissed my right nipple through the lace.

I ran my fingers through his hair before my fingers curled around it. I softly pulled on his hair as he pulled my nipple between his teeth. I could feel every inch of his body pressed against mine. I ran my hands down his back, his muscles were tense under my hands. My hands continued their path down over his hips before my fingers slid their way underneath his boxers. I ran my fingernails down his ass before I pressed him against me. I ground my hips against his while his mouth greedily bit and sucked on my breasts.

“Please.” I let out a desperate whimper.

He lifted his head and looked up at my face. His eyes shined with temptation, golden rays danced in his violet eyes. His lips pressed against mine before they left to trail back down my body. This time going well past my breasts. I let out a deep sigh as his tongue moved down the length of my swollen folds.

Thank God for crotchless teddys. I thought before all thoughts left my brain and the only thing I could think about was the feeling of his teeth pulling on my sensitive clit.

His tongue swirled, his mouth sucked, his teeth gently pulled. My hands were tangled in his hair as I pressed his head against my hips, desperate to feel more. His hands that were gripping my ass moved to the front of my thighs. His thumbs traced circles against my sensitive skin before one hand moved up my body towards my chest. His fingers pinched my nipples while his other hand was teasing my center. His fingers moved slowly inside of me. Slowly pushing up inside me, teasing my most sensitive spot.

I let out a low moan as I moved my hips. His hand left my breast and gently traced up my shoulder. I let out a soft gasp as a warm sensation took over my body. I felt like I was on fire, in the most pleasurable way. Every inch of my body was a million nerves exploding at the same time. I could feel my legs shaking as he continued to ravish me.

I pulled his head back wanting to feel his mouth against mine. He pushed his boxers down before he climbed back up my body. His tongue flicked against the mark he left on my shoulder. I shook in his hold as a powerful orgasm threatened to release. My hands gripped his hair and I pulled his mouth back to mine. I could taste myself on his tongue. The sweet, tangy taste of myself only awakened my senses more than they already were.

I felt him slowly entering me. I wrapped my legs around his hips to help guide him and set a pace. He moved slow. His hips pushing and pulling like he was savoring each thrust. I met him with each pump, my hips lifting up to meet him halfway. I tipped my head back, my eyes fluttered closed as I took in the feel of him. I let out a breathless moan as my body was reminded how much it had missed the feeling of him.

I felt his mouth at the side of my neck, he left gentle kisses on the side of my neck before he moved his lips back to mine. His kiss was just as slow as his hips. It was gentle, delicate, like he was memorizing the feeling of my lips against his.

“I miss you.” He whispered, his lips lightly brushing against my swollen ones as he spoke.

“Me too.” I replied before I pushed my legs down against his hips wanting to feel him deeper.

He complied. His pace began to quicken, his thrusts harder. I met him with each thrust, wanting to feel every inch of his swollen cock inside of me. I could feel the sensations building inside me. My stomach was clenching, my mind was hazy, my legs were shaking against him as he pushed me deeper and deeper.

His lips moved back down my neck, his tongue flicked against his mark against my chest.

“Oh, God.” I gasped as my body shook against him. I felt his mouth bite down. My body exploded, my vision grew foggy. Unexplainable sensations moved throughout my body. I ducked my head into the crook of his neck as I cried out in pleasure. I bit down on his shoulder, my mind completely detached from reality. I could taste the metallic taste of his blood against my tongue as my body hummed.

My eyes shot open as my teeth hungrily bit deeper into his skin. I heard him groan in a mix of pleasure and pain as he released inside of me. My vision was spotty, gold and white dots danced around my vision as we came together. My teeth released from his shoulder, my tongue licking against the wound before I pulled my head back.

I blinked as I tried to get my head to stop spinning to bring myself back to reality. My body was still humming with heat, I could still feel myself convulsing around his cock as the last waves of my orgasm released.

I felt his lips on mine before my brain had even realized he had moved his face back in front of mine.

“I love you.” My mind wasn’t sure if it was my voice that spoke the words or if it was him. Something deep inside me told me that it wasn’t my own voice that I heard, but it was in fact him.

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