Kiss of Golden Light

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Chapter 33

“No.” I heard my voice come out in a soft whisper. “N-No. No!” My voice began to rise as I watched Rupert fall in slow motion.

My eyes snapped past Rupert’s falling form and landed on the man with orange skin that I saw moving towards us earlier. He stood there with a sword in his hand, it was covered in blood down to the hilt. It looked as if he had shoved the whole sword through Rupert’s torso.

I felt my blood begin to boil under my skin. My heart raced as it pumped harder as the anger began to spill out. I clenched my hands into fists at my side. I felt my body begin to aggressively shake as everything exploded around me.

I felt a burst of cold air pool over my body. It was a rush of prickling needles against my hot skin. It felt as if I had just jumped into a hot tub, after diving into a snowbank. A burst of golden light shot out from my chest and pushed out, creating a dome over my body. As the light pushed out from my chest, it was as if I had forced my whole being out. Everything moved in slow motion as I watched myself change into the being that I had yet to accept was a part of me.

Everything felt fuzzy and cold as I watched myself. I looked at the being in front of me and then down at myself. My body was outlined with a golden shimmer. I reached out, only to have my hand pass through the door to the castle. I was me, but watching myself in a different body at the same time. My mind felt foggy, and my body cold.

I watched myself in the form I spent so much time trying to forget was real. She stood tall, her skin shining emerald and her hair an inky burgundy. Her hands held claws almost as long as her fingers that were clenched at her side.

I could feel our anger burning in the pit of my cold stomach. I watched as the golden dome that covered her pulsed out like a beating heart, a beating heart of a broken bond between life-mates. It pushed out covering Rupert in its protection before it pushed out in an explosive force as a scream came from our lips.

The dome exploded against the man who threatened everything we loved. Everything we loved. As I watched her, standing there, magic shooting off her body in a rage, I understood. I finally understood the part of me that I spent so much time trying to push out. We were one, a different form but the same person. The same person who felt the loss of the person she loved, the same person who felt the dynamite explode inside her.

I watched as she thrust her arms out, the dome pushing back once again. The orange-skinned man he flew back landing against the hard, blood-stained ground. He slowly moved to push himself back up onto his feet. His eyes looked up, he smiled. A smile that was sickening, like he was excited to see us the way we were.

We moved slowly towards him. I watched as she grazed her hand across Rupert’s slouched form. She continued on, not allowing her eyes to flicker to his wounded body. My eyes dropped to him. I stood in front of him, letting her continue on before I fell to my knees. I reached out and grabbed his face with my two hands. He let out a soft grunt at the unexpected, forced, movement. His eyes that were closed slowly fluttered open. I looked at him, my thumb tracing his bottom lip.

“You’ll be okay,” I whispered, my throat closing in as I spoke.

“Little bug.” He whispered, his lips turning into a small smile.

I brushed his hair away from his blood-splattered face. I placed a soft kiss to his forehead, the golden magic swirled around us, before it left him and returned back to me. I stood, my eyes moved to the mass of fighting bodies before me.

Her emerald body was easy to catch in the mass of clashing silver and reds. I moved towards her and watched as she pushed out again, this time her hands landing on the chest of the evil man. He stumbled back to the ground, his smile that he held before flickered into a look of concern.

“You dare to come here and take what isn’t yours.” The sound of our voice took me by surprise. Our voice was strong, loud, deeper. Surprisingly strong, despite that we felt like everything was falling apart.

“You underestimate us. You underestimate our strength, you underestimate the power of the golden magic that flows through us.” She flicked her hand to the side. I watched as the man tried to move to escape the magic around him. It looked as if she had bound him, leaving him completely vulnerable.

She stepped towards him. A smile curled on her face, she reached out and picked him up by the throat. Her nails dug into the side of his neck, blood quickly spilled down his neck.

“You’ll die a slow death, like the one you promised me.” Her eyes travelled down his body before she gave him one last smile and quickly slid her nails across his throat.

I let out a soft gasp as I watched him struggle to breathe as the blood pooled into his throat before spilling out and quickly pooling down his neck.

She tossed him back to the ground. Before she turned her back to him. Her eyes shot to mine before she quickly moved across the field. Her burgundy hair flowed behind her, a few pieces danced around her head, like the magic was reaching out and playing with her hair.

She moved with grace, her long legs taking quick steps towards those who threatened the rest of the family we loved. The men and women that stood fighting around us, dropped their weapons as she moved past them. Their eyes watched her as she moved, captivated by her striking beauty. It was like the magic around her was the ultimate power, so much so that it pooled off of her and caused those who were fighting a pointless battle to no longer have to fight for their lives. Their lives will be spared and only the ones we deemed deserving would find their blood spilled.

The golden light pooled around her once again. This time it slid across the ground, pushing the blades of grass down as it passed over it. It circled up her legs, over her torso, up her shoulders and neck. Her inky hair sparkled as the light from the sun hit it.

My eyes moved past her and to the last of the fighting bodies. Grace’s hands glowed as she channelled the magic and fought against the black orbs of magic that were shot at her from the Queen. Kallum moved next to his wife, protecting her from the threat of the sword yielded by the King.

Nix was to the side of them. She held a long sword in her hands as she moved with grace fighting off constant attacks from Valerian. He moved quickly, but not as quickly as her. She spun away from him, her blade moved out and slashed against his side. He let out a hiss as the blade cut through his skin. He lashed out, his blade moving out in a swing. Nix was too quick, her hair swung out with a twist of her body. Her black braided hair became the victim of his blade rather than her body. The blade cut through her hair with ease, she looked down at the black mass that lay on the ground.

It was like everything inside of her snapped. It was as if the tight braid of her hair was the only strand keeping her sane. Her golden eyes snapped to Valerians. She let out a small laugh, it started quietly before it grew increasingly louder.

I watched her with wide eyes as her skin grew grey before it turned into a smokey black. Her skin shined like silver, with a murky undertone. Her changeling form was just as dark as her hair. Her golden eyes shined against her skin. They looked as if they belonged to an animal that was hunting her prey in the middle of the night. The golden flecks in her eyes were like lanterns. They showed her power. The golden light was so built up inside her that it searched to escape through her eyes.

She dropped her sword and lashed out much like we had before. She let out a joyful squeal as she latched onto Valerian.

“Big, big mistake, lover boy.” She tilted her head to the side as she looked him in the face.

I moved towards Nix, she followed me. Only a few paces behind me. She reached out and put her hand on Nix’s shoulder. The golden magic that twisted around her, moved down her arm and joined Nix. Their power was intoxicating, but nauseating at the same time.

Their voices joined together, speaking in a tongue that I did not understand. She spoke as if this was second nature to her. I watched as Valerian struggled against Nix’s hold. His hands scraped against her, leaving red lines over her skin.

“No!” The shout from a woman came from behind me.

I turned to look at the Queen moving towards us, her eyes wide as she watched her son struggle to keep his life. She moved to push Nix away from her son. I reached out, expecting my hand to move through her. It didn’t. I gripped her upper arm, the golden magic flickered around me.

The Queen looked at me in surprise. Her eyes moved from my flickering form to the emerald woman in front of her.

“Not your fight.” I seethed and pushed her back towards Grace.

“That’s my girl.” She whispered before she wrapped her hand into the hair of the Queen. The Queen let out a cry as Grace pushed her glowing hand against her forehead.

Startled by the cry from his wife, the King moved to assist his wife. Kallum took the opportunity to swing his sword down, it connected with the side of the King’s neck. Blood shot out, coating Kallums armour and the ground around them.

Never turn your back on your enemies. I thought to myself as I turned to shield my eyes away from Grace.

A bright light shot out, a loud scream echoed through the air before the light disappeared. I watched as the Queen’s body fell to the ground in a lifeless mass. Grace reached out for Kallum as they turned to move towards us.

My eyes moved back to Valerian, he stood there eyes wide, red with anger and tears from watching his parents die before him, because of him and their own greed.

“You won’t die today, Valerian,” Nix spoke. “That would be too kind.” She smiled.

“You will be sent away. Far, far away and you will never be able to come back here.” She spoke, her voice just as angry as it had been when we first separated. “No matter how hard you try, you’ll be stuck living a miserable life all alone.”

Once again, both of them began to speak in a language that I didn’t understand. I watched as Valerian began to choke on his own breath before he began to convulse in Nix’s hold. In a quick blink, Valerian disappeared from Nix’s hold. His whole being completely evaporated from this world. His essence of evil disappeared with him.

It was like the storm had finally parted and the sun broke through. Grace moved up behind Nix. She lay her hands on the sides of Nix’s head. Nix jumped in surprise before she relaxed into Grace’s hold. The golden magic trickled down Nix’s hair before it began to twist into a tight braid at the back of her head. As her hair twisted her appearance began to change. Her skin faded back to her normal tone, her eyes lost their glow, and her hands once again looked human. She let out a soft sigh as her sanity collected itself. Her eyes moved towards us, she smiled at her before her eyes moved past her shoulder and landed on me behind her.

“You can come back now.” She smiled before she reached out and touched our shoulder.

Just like that, with a deep breath, everything spun before it turned white and faded to black.

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