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Chapter 13


It’s probably the most foolish thing to do, thinking about something so vein when so much death had come from Zarcar’s orders. He had infiltrated my city, murdered some of my kind – innocent priestesses. And here I was lying on a bed thinking about his naked, sweating and hot torso in the city square. I had slid down his front at the fountain and enjoyed the warmth of his body. Just like I seemed to enjoy our little heated conversations and small physical interactions.

My thoughts stray to all the ways I can kill a handsome warlord like him, but for some reason they always end in a kiss or him holding me down. Yet even those scenarios brought a fair smile to my lips and made my cheeks warm. Selfish, petty, romantic dreamings of a happier realm in the stark reality of being nothing but a war trophy. I had to remember he was using me and playing me to gain what he needed. Playing this game was not reality. Yet the game itself was addicting and so beautifully toxic. I knew it and I didn’t even seem to care in all our moments. Perhaps I was reckless since the little battle we had on the rooftop of my tower ended in my defeat. Perhaps the death of my friends was easier to ignore when-

My nose twitches as I catch a change in the scent of the air. The one thing to break the monotony of my few hours of pointless day dreaming, was a change in the weather. Rain. A sudden wail of wind and a crack of thunder breaks my strange thoughts as I lie on the bed – just waiting to be ravished.

My eyes open to the sounds from the sky and I’m swiftly reminded Zarcar isn’t just a warrior... but a sorcerer.

I look at the daises being showered with a sprinkle of misty rain. I sit up and roll off the bed to head to the shutters and close them. However, as I lean over one of the heavy pots, I see the sky.

A small unnatural storm has gathered by magic over the city. It is contained to the dirtier, poorer parts of town by the west gates of Swendula. I watch curiously, thinking Zarcar’s small training army have moved there to showcase more of their skills around town. It doesn’t take me long to realise it’s an actual fight breaking out. Rebels are unsuccessfully trying to beat down Zarcar’s small army.

With the mist increasing to rain, I can only see moments of the battle before I notice one tall man in his black hood, raising his blue glowing fist towards the sky.

Lightning shoots down and hits Zarcar’s closed fist before the bolts of electricity shoot out in different directions and hit all the remaining rebels.

I watch as smoke lifts in the rain as bodies fall, while Zarcar’s army falls back.

I glance up and see the grey thunderclouds start to peter out into harmless rain clouds.

A heavy downfall starts to spread across the city and I take a step back. I hold up my hand, using my smaller magic to bring the shutters tightly closed. Then I use my other hand to build the fire in the fireplace. I watch it burn brighter and I feel the chill creep in through under the door.

“...unimaginable,” I whisper, thinking of Zarcar’s power. Insane limits. How was he so powerful? Taking the magic of virgin priestesses like I? Or from intense practice throughout his life so far? He could stop any resistance so easily. With a simple trick. No wonder his army infiltrated Swendula so quickly.

I walk to the closed door and open it to peek out into the corridor where the open windows let in the rain.

Holden isn’t up here. He was probably patrolling the bottom level.

I look back to the fire, the pots of daises and the bed. Aside from my ridiculous day dreaming, this room was a place of war planning. Seduce me; increase his power.

“You’re a fool,” I whisper to myself as I leave the room and walk to the window, gripping the wet stones as the rain drenches my hair, my face and my bronze dress.

Teasing the enemy this morning. Bathing with him last night. Going to a dance. Sleeping next to him. Letting him tie me up. What was I really achieving?

I let the rain shock me out of any stray thoughts about Zarcar being anything but a warlord.

I reach behind me and fiddle with the ribbon at the back of my dress, pursing my lips as I try to think about sense and logic.

“Chyronex,” I drop my hands to my sides and look to see Holden at the top of the stair case, poking his head into the corridor. When Holden sees that I’m drenched, he steps forward into the corridor and points to the bedroom door, “Please remain inside the chamber,” Holden looks nervous as he approaches me slowly.

I realise he is weary of me.

I turn fully toward him and think about his fearful eyes – such an easy opening to curse him.

Being that vulnerable made it too simple.

“Do you fear death?” I whisper to my guard and he halts before taking another step forward as I continue, “Do you fear pain?” I take a step back as he approaches, “Do you fear heights? Rain?” I watch as Holden halts again, making the mistake of looking in to my eyes, “ fear heights...” I guess and he slowly turns to the window, “ fear pain...” an easy one to go on, “Do you fear death?” I close the curse by repeating the beginning. I walk towards the back of him as Holden takes an unwilling step to the open window. He keeps walking, into the rain and then he places his hands on the sill. He starts to climb up onto the slippery stones. When he stands on the edge of the window, I quickly add, “Do you enjoy sleeping with Neri? I could smell the war general on your neck,” my casual conversation breaks the spell. I lean on the wall next to him and watch as Holden spins to look down at me in shock. He jumps down from the sill and stumbles back before falling on his ass as he slips in the puddles of rain forming on the floor of the tower.

“W-what just – how did I...?” Holden almost whimpers the question while felled on his ass.

I prance forward and squat next to him, putting my hand on his cheek.

“I like you, Holden, you have a good heart – why don’t you keep from roaming this top level of my tower and we’ll remain good friends,” I tap his nose as I watch his lips tremble, “Relax, you’re still breathing aren’t you?”

"You cursed me,” Holden jerks away from me, rolling to his side and jumping to his boots. He faces me, beet red and unable to scold me for fear of what I might do or say next.

I stand and raise a brow.

He straightens his blue and black uniform then proceeds to stroll past me.

I watch as Holden makes it to the spiral stair case and stops briefly to turn back and glance at me.

When he sees me watching him, Holden quickly disappears.

But I already know my little performance is another stupid mistake today.

Although I scared Holden, I had almost certainly tempted Zarcar to punish me this time. First after humiliating both of them in public and now threatening my guard.

Just after Zarcar rewarded me, his prisoner of war, with daises. Somehow, I was stupid enough to break that trust.

I purse my lips and walk back into the bedroom. I slam the door shut and sit by the fire with my knees to my chest, my arms wrapped around them.

“Moon guide me,” I whisper it as meaningless words but the moon answers, regardless that it’s daytime. I see an image flash through my mind and my emotions are starkly clear. Zarcar’s power with lightning had made me feel threatened and powerless – I had acted out to try and feel better about my own little magic whilst stuck in this tower.

I had never trained for war – I had only learned about herbs, small curses and simple spells. My ultimate weapon? Well, I was best as manipulation of the mind through persuasion. I had tested it out with Holden – it had worked as I knew it would.

Now, I simply hope that I can navigate the consequences upon Zarcar’s return.

I am many things that afternoon. I am nervous, full of hate and anticipation. I’ve made my way down to the bottom level to sit in the garden outside the tower.

As the sun sets, the rain has stopped a few hours before. Holden does nothing but watch me from afar where he doesn’t have to meet my gaze. I sit on a wet bench and eat some fruits I’ve picked from the garden.

I pick at my handful of berries and watch the stone path to the tower – waiting for Zarcar to stride by. I had been hoping to walk up with him from the bottom, praying to the moon that Holden would have no time to say anything if I stayed by Zarcar.

Holden knew it and we were both on edge.

“Why so glum?” I drop my berries when I hear Zarcar suddenly speak from around a bend in the garden, coming through the grass rather than the path, “I thought you liked rain.”

He is speaking to Holden.

“It makes everything slippery,” Holden growls out the answer while I’m already rushing around shrubs and slipping so fast through the wet grass that I slam right into Zarcar’s side.

I hold up my hands to steady myself, grabbing his black robe briefly as he jerks in surprise and turns to me looking flustered and pink in the face.

“Welcome back thank you for the daises,” I blurt out in a rush as I hold Zarcar’s piercing black eyes before I glance at Holden and clasp my hands behind my back, “You were great company today, dearest Holden. Why don’t you retire early? Zarcar has me under his thumb from now on, so... you can... leave... now?” I have to slow down my speech at the end and breathe in slowly while raising a brow at my guard.


Please, forgive me for cursing you.

“I, uh,” Holden watches my nervous skittering eyes and gulps, “I better be on my way...” Holden glances at Zarcar a bit too long and then starts to back off.

Zarcar looks at Holden’s retreating form and then back at me, then back at my guard, “Wait.”

Damn it.

Holden pauses and talks the same time as I.

“Nothing is amiss,” Holden says politely.

“I can explain,” I snap my lips shut as I say it and Holden rolls his eyes.

“...she cursed me and nearly got me killed,” Holden holds up both his hands, “But I’m still here, so... anyway, I’m getting some dinner and some much needed shut eye.”

“Chyronex,” Zarcar nods at Holden’s retreat while barely glancing at me, “You nearly killed your guard?”

I wait for Zarcar to turn his head and collide his black gaze with mine.

When he does turn, I watch his gaze while thinking of my day dreaming earlier today. He does not smile, he simply watches me like I’m a threat to his people.

I say nothing and Zarcar seems to notice my discontent, “Why?” he asks.

“Are you tired?” I ask, “Perhaps we can talk inside.”

Zarcar almost retaliates but then seems to think inside isn’t such a bad choice, so he strides ahead past me, his hand smoothly slipping out to grip the back of my neck to tug me along.

Zarcar doesn’t let me go until we’ve bypassed the bottom floor, the stair case and then our chamber.

Once he shuts the door, I jerk away from his hand on the nape of my neck.

I spin around near the fire place to find Zarcar has tailed me. He is right before me, looking down into my expression with intrigue and intent I can only begin to imagine...

My captor doesn’t move nor speak, basically giving me a chance to explain.

I take it.

“I saw you use the lightning and strike them down,” I admit, “It terrified me and then Holden came to check on me and I felt a need... to test myself... I never planned to... make him jump out that window.”

"What were you testing?” Zarcar rips apart my response into that one fatal question. When I say nothing, he adds arrogantly, “I’ve been waiting for you to try something reckless,” Zarcar tilts his head, “Haven’t you plotted my own murder time and time again by now?”

I had. And then I imagined it all ending in a kiss. I gulp as I realise how stupid that is to say out loud.

I back up a step and Zarcar releases me from his interrogating by allowing me to turn from him and walk to the bed. I jump on the covers and sit in the middle awkwardly.

“I do not wish to speak any further on this,” I shrug and avoid his gaze as I look at the daises, “...and you can take the flowers back, Zarcar. I don’t need nor want your approval.”

Zarcar takes off his black hood and hangs it up. Then, he starts to undress. Since he is ignoring me, I undo my black ribbon from around my waist, throw it aside and then slip down on the bed in my bronze dress. I hold my hands over my stomach and stare at the ceiling.

Zarcar walks to the edge of the bed, wearing nothing. I look at him with disdain.

My warlord raises a hand and motions me to come closer.

I entertain him by sitting up and scooting to the edge of the bed, blinking up into his eyes as I ignore his fully naked physique.

“Turn around,” Zarcar twirls his fingers and his mouth curls.

“Why?” I ask, “There is no crowd to see you punish me,” Zarcar waits but before he can have a chance to grab me, I turn suddenly and get on my elbows upon the bed, leaning over for him, “What do I care anyway?” I taunt him, “It’s not like you can smack away my magic, Zarcar.”

I wait for him to spank me.

Instead, I feel my dress being lifted up slowly, before folding over my waist. Zarcar lays a hand over my ass and feels my soft skin, clenching one cheek and not letting it go. I’m confused and look over my shoulder to see he has leaned in – pressing a kiss to my other cheek.

He leans closer, his hands grab both of my cheeks and spreads them as his nose dips lower... lower again... his hot breath fans out over my pussy. Then, unexpectedly... I feel a wet tongue run once through my folds.


I forgot!

I jerk away and turn, almost kicking him in the face as I pull back, shocked.

Zarcar licks his lips as he leans with his hands on the covers, watching me with his locks of brown hair hanging over his cheeks.

“You’ve tasted me,” I sit up and flatten out my dress, snapping without being able to look him directly in the eyes, “So, do you love me now or...? You did say after you tasted a female down there you would know and...”

Now I look up as I feel one of his hands grab my ankles.

Zarcar pulls me back toward him until we are nose to nose and my hands are firmly on his chest to keep him at bay - barely.

“You taste like rain,” Zarcar murmurs above me, casually.

“Well, you taste like dirt,” I respond.

“Sounds like a well-balanced combo,” Zarcar reaches up his hand to my lips and runs his thumb along my bottom one. As my mouth opens he pushes his thumb into my mouth and I lick his thumb on impulse before pulling my head back. Why did I do that?

I shove Zarcar, hardly making progress, so instead I scramble back on the bed myself and he just chuckles. He plays the game by climbing on top of me and grabbing my arms, holding me down on the bed while my back is pushing up into his heavy muscled torso.

I look to my side and glare up at him as Zarcar drops his head down and I turn away, but he makes sure his cheek presses against mine.

“Tonight, you can sleep with me,” Zarcar explains, “Tomorrow, you’re spending a day in a dungeon as punishment for using your magic,” he kisses the edge of my eye. But he doesn’t stop there. I growl out as he pulls me with him as he rolls back into the pillows.

He holds me to his chest and wraps his hand in my hair, pulling me up to his face - chest to chest - Zarcar kisses my forehead.

“I don’t want to spend a whole day in a dungeon,” I snap, banging my forehead to his chin so he can’t kiss me again, “Punish me another way, why don’t you?”

“There are no other ways I can teach you real obedience until you succumb to our inevitable union,” Zarcar murmurs, running a hand through my hair and holding me close to his chest, “Until you want me to take you... I can’t show you much else, Chyronex.”

I ask with a scoff at the end, “Am I a wife or a slave or a pet to you, Master?”

“Do you find me handsome or not, beautiful?”

I catch my breath – he notices.

“What does that have to do with anything?” I whisper into his chest, sliding down into his warm torso.

Pressing against him was harmless, right?

“You tasted like rain because you were scorching hot and melting all over my tongue like honey –”

"I was not.”

Zarcar pauses and suddenly grips one of my wrists, forcing my hand down and between my legs. I look up and gasp my complaint but he just smiles at me as he forces my hand to dip down and cup myself.

I feel the wet strands of desire coating my thighs and he can feel it too.

“You weren’t what, darling?” Zarcar murmurs, literally rubbing it in.

I bring my knee up and Zarcar now uses the retaliation as an invite to roll on top of me.

Zarcar hovers above and his thigh presses between my dress material and my legs. He pushes his thigh in a bit deeper then brings it up to press in harder against me. He starts to rub his thigh up and down while he watches me squirm beneath him.

“Please. Stop,” I bring up my hands onto his chest again but I can’t move him.

“I thought I’d help clean you up,” Zarcar takes his thigh away after using my dress to pick up the moisture from between my legs. He smirks down at me and rolls right off. He kicks me off the bed by shoving me until I fall off the side, “Get dressed for bed.”

I scramble to my feet as Zarcar pulls back the covers and slides in... his cock is hard and long. His balls heavy and full.

“You bastard,” I hiss while he is smirking.

“When we wake up sweety, I’ll take you straight to your cell and I’ll check to see if you’re as wet as rain by the afternoon.”

I can’t even look at his smug face.

I turn and yank off my bronze dress. I throw it aside and lean down, slamming open the bottom shelf of the wardrobe.

I rummage through and eventually kick it shut, blushing because I decide to be naked too. In some strange act of defiance, I grab the sheets on my side, yank them back and jump in. I pull one pillow down and keep my breasts outside the blankets, tempting him as I hold my hands above the blankets too.

“Would you like to feel how soft they are?” I ask sweetly without looking at Zarcar, “I enjoy your touch. I admit. But... you will never have my permission to rutt with me. Ever. But please, touch me,” I hold out my hand and grab his – but I don’t need to pull him closer.

Zarcar grabs my wrist and pulls me over instead, forcing me to turn so his hand slips around my waist and he cups one breast tightly. He pulls me back into his naked body and I feel his cock slide between my ass cheeks, then rest against my leaking pussy.

Zarcar settles forward and rests his nose in my hair.

“To be truthful, I am tired and wouldn’t do well to please you anyway – even if you submitted tonight,” Zarcar lies. I know he lies.

But I take the bait.

I move my hips forward and back, spreading more of my wetness over his cock.

After a few moments of intense silence, I whisper... “...shame.”

Apparently that one word seals the deal.

I close my eyes, assuming sleep is now our next phase as I still my naked form against his.

A few heavy minutes later, Zarcar slowly presses closer, turning me around into the sheets, he keeps me breathless and face down... he places one hand on my neck and then slips his other hand from my breast, to down below.

I’m already arching my back and in a few silent moves, I feel a rock hard velvet sword slipping through folds, teasing my entrance.

I push back on him and then pull away.

Zarcar grabs my hip and steadies me.

His cock presses gently... then firmly pushes forward.

I hold my breath as his cock, without resistance – slips deeper and locks inside my body.

Only when I feel that slight pain does he push in further and refuse to back out.

My virginity gone, I’m stretched and open, at my most vulnerable as Zarcar pulls out a bit and pushes back in.

I let out a trembling breath, feeling intense pleasure as he starts to grind into my ass, pulling out and pushing in, with short and deep penetrating thrusts.

Zarcar leans right over me, pressing his hot velvet lips to my ear.

“ gratifying as it is to be inside you so suddenly...” my usurper is menacing and smug, “Tomorrow we can do this again but you won’t be in the comfort of this bed, Chyronex. You’ll be suffering and learning in a cold, icy block. No food. No water. No moonlight. Not until I see you again. We can dance like this. Then maybe ...” Zarcar starts to thrust a bit faster and I lose myself in the moment, even as he adds, “...if you convince me you can provide this for me each night – maybe, just maybe I’ll consider you a wife.”

I try to push back on him but he holds me firm as I wiggle uselessly beneath him, “ bastard!”

“Shhh,” it’s a condescending whisper, “Doing this to you is just the beginning, sweetheart. You have so much more to learn.”

Zarcar pulls up, almost leaving my body completely before he slams back into me until I’m crying out my pleasure while simultaneously hating every single word he speaks to me while I let him ravish me. I’m so confused. I try to move away but he pushes in deeper, “I hate this!” I hiss it into the bed sheets; my own lie.

As he thrusts in and out of my body, Zarcar chuckles like it’s easy.

“I do love your sense of humour, Chyronex,” he drawls, while shoving his cock balls deep and causing me to pant as his weight knocks the breath out of me, “...keep humouring me, sweetheart.”

I try to ignore the fact this just started to happen. So suddenly.

When the warlord does stop fucking me, he empties his balls inside my womb.

“Zarcar,” I complain as he holds me down, “... you might give me a child.”

“Isn’t that what women are for?” Zarcar pulls me back against him, “You did well for your first time.”

I elbow him and he chuckles.

“I didn’t... but I didn’t...” I don’t have the right word.

“No, I made sure you didn’t,” Zarcar bites my ear lobe, “You’ll not find release until you show me you deserve it.”

I lie there in a state of unfinished pleasure, scattered thoughts, wet thighs and throbbing flesh.

It wouldn’t be until tomorrow morning, while being dragged to the cell that I would remember that daises were commonly used in love curses.

And that the only reason I submitted to the usurper?

Was because Zarcar forced me to with magic.

And all because he rushed this for his own reasons - I would begin to hate him.

Just as much as I craved everything about him. I would loathe my lover and love my lover, all while he sought to destroy my resolve.

Not realising, the entire time – that he was lying to me about one more thing. He knew something about me. Something I didn’t even know about myself.

But when it’d be released – there would be nothing I could do to stop the leash he tethered.

Every single move was calculated and I wouldn’t know it – until it was far too late.

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