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Chapter 16

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Zarcar holds my hand tight as we arrive back at the Moon Tower. After a good walk in silence, we finally ascend the steps to the top level. I’m about to pull from his firm grip when Zarcar suddenly diverts us to our favourite window instead of the bedroom. I keep my hand in his and my captor pulls me in front of him to look out at the night sky.

Instead of speaking, I lean back into his front and feel his arms slip around my midnight blue gown, around my waist. Each palm grabs one of my wrists and holds my arms in front of me. With that gesture, once again, I feel as if Zarcar is protecting me from something.

“What did you see?” Zarcar asks quietly as I stare up at the sparkling sky, the stars so bright as the clouds finally clear… after we’ve arrived back, I might add.

“The sky,” I whisper.

“Chyronex,” Zarcar breathes my name with steady impatience, “You know what I mean.”

When I had used my magic to help me see a slither of the truth… of who he really was.

“An eye… diamond shaped… long… surrounded by polished black-brown… scales,” I shrug as I say it, “It was barely an image and one I don’t understand.”

“You spent a day in a dungeon only to use magic as soon as I took you out, should you spend a night back in that cell?” Zarcar asks casually while he holds me back against him. It irks me that he has to bring up the dungeon stay, in order to avoid what I’ve revealed and I try to pull away but he holds me tighter, “Answer me, Chyronex.”

When I say nothing, Zarcar surprisingly and slowly releases me.

He takes a step away from me and I turn to see him reach up to his tied hair. He releases his dark brown locks and watches me with mild irritation.

I still say nothing.

The warlord watches me steadily.

I am silent as I cross my arms over my gown and purse my lips.

“Sweetheart,” Zarcar is surprisingly gentle as he speaks slowly, “You must obey me. Now that you’ve met Rey, it’s vital you listen. Especially now that tomorrow you will formally kneel and supplicate yourself to your new King.”

“Is this about your reputation as his favourite commander of his army?” I ask, raising a brow, “Is this about you?”

“When I’m made your Master and Keeper before the public eye, you will live a long, stable life. However, rebelling… you’ll end up dead and at best, you’ll get a life like Lixar,” Zarcar admits, “Obeying me will save your life.”

“And here I was thinking you would bore of me after you stole my virginity last night,” I whisper these words with a lilting question at the end.

I flinch when Zarcar goes to take a step forward, but he stops himself when he witnesses my reaction.

“Did I hurt you? Last night?” Zarcar asks, raising a brow.

“You lied to me,” I murmur.

“I had my reasons,” Zarcar murmurs back, finally losing his remaining patience, “Let us discuss inside the room by the fire where it’s warm,” he steps aside and holds out an arm for me to go first.

I keep my chin up as I stroll past.

“…don’t you need to train me tonight…?” I ask.

“Yes, as a matter of fact,” Zarcar turns to follow me as I slip through the door and entre the bedroom. I see something completely unexpected, “I do.”

While my warlord speaks, I am taking in the bedroom lit by hundreds of candles. By the window sill, by the bed – all in safe positions. On the covers I see a single rose. I glide forward and pick it up – it’s perfectly grown.

As I smell it, I’m smiling as I turn towards Zarcar, only to knock into his chest as he tails me. He liked to do that quite a bit when we were in private.

Zarcar grabs my waist as I look up at him, the rose pressed against my nose.

“Do you like it?” Zarcar asks, searching my eyes.

“Is this how you seduce a Queen?” I ask through the rose, raising a brow, “Throw me in a dungeon, starve me, take me to a dance, degrade me before a King and then bring me home… to candle light and a single rose?”

“If one is not enough –”

“Why?” I cut Zarcar off by throwing the rose over his shoulder, hoping it lands in the fireplace behind him. I do so in response to dwelling on the fact he cursed me, causing me all this strife so far… yet I still needed more answers, “Why do all this? You don’t actually love me – you barely know me. Aside from forcing me last night,” I feel a little sick about it, even though it wasn’t completely terrible. The moral behind it… the fact he thought he had to pursue that path… it angered me.

“…you see the tattoo on my neck?” Zarcar asks, as if reading my mind, he gives me an answer, “I am not a Sorcerer. Or a Master of Witches. Or a Keeper of Demons. In truth, I’m what is called a Mystifyer.”

“I do not understand,” I furrow my brows, confused.

“It’s a type of Demon,” Zarcar admits.

“You’re a Demon?”

“Part of me,” Zarcar nods to me when I glare at him with now even more questions, “A Draconess is the same. We both harbour the beast inside. A monster. More precisely – a soul of a Dragon lives inside us. It’s a part of us.”

“How is that possible?”

“We are mistaken for witches, warlocks, sorcerers, priests and priestesses,” Zarcar continues, “Chyronex. What we are, it’s different… we are extremely powerful when we come together.”


“The Venatores,” Zarcar seems a bit confused as his eyes narrow and widen as he considers the right explanation, “Turning is a very… difficult experience to explain. My memories aren’t my own. Lixar and I used to play with our secret abilities. Rey marked us as such with these tattoos when he found us. We were free young men a long time ago. The Immortal King recruited us… not without resistance. We were forced… via coercion… but Lix never backed down.”

“Why did you give in to Rey?”

“Because my Demon, smelled death, power and opportunity from the Immortal King. Rey is extremely powerful, but he isn’t completely evil… or good… something in-between… it can’t be put into words… but he must be watched,” Zarcar pauses so I bud in.

“…and what is the Venatores?”

“You will find out tomorrow –”

“Don’t do this to me again,” I snap, “Leaving me without knowledge.”

“Chryonex, sweetheart – I am not a daft warlord who commands instruction to simply belittle another,” Zarcar’s hands clench on my hips as he brings his face down to my own, his nose wisps across mine, before he stills and hammers in this fact, “I am commanding this to save your life. You’re mine, Chyronex. You’re my war prize. Your safety is my responsibility. I need you to trust what I ask of you. Before you end up dead like your friends.”

Fine,” I try not to spit it out too harshly as I raise my fists and curl them on his chest, keeping in my need to slap him. Instead, I hiss, “What do you need to train me to do tomorrow? Show me. Tell me. Then I wish to go to bed. By myself.”

“I can’t let you out of my sight,” Zarcar warns me not to push it, “I’m going to release you and when I say kneel, you must drop to your knees and lower your chin. When I say rise, you will simply stand. Without speaking. When Rey asks you to approach tomorrow, you will do the same thing.”

“Why are we practicing something so simple? How stupid!” I growl.

Zarcar’s eyes widen at my outburst and he takes a small shuffle back. He chooses not to respond with meaningless words. Instead, the stupid lesson begins.


The one word falls past his lips and I smile deceivingly as I drop to my knees, bow my head and rest my hands on my thighs.


I stand up, but as I do, I grab my midnight gown and slide it off my shoulders, revealing the surprise I have underneath.

“Like this?” I ask, revealing silver and black ribbon, tied and wound around my entire body. My breasts, my stomach, my thighs, knees and calves. I am covered but I’ve made an intricate pattern across my skin.

“What is this?” Zarcar’s eyes run over my body, confused.

“A self-made chastity belt,” I proudly exclaim, raising my chin, “I tied the knots so damn tight, you’ll never be granted access.”

“So, I should have chosen a bath over candle light and a perfect rose – that’s now burning in the flames?” Zarcar is smirking, trying not to laugh.

“Ah, ah,” I raise a hand, “You just admitted you are planning to seduce me. Just because you want my body doesn’t mean I’ll let you have it for your pleasure.”

“Is this all because I kept you from your peak for your first time?” Zarcar asks, admiring my handy work with the ribbons. Clearly he likes it.

I pause, about to retort, but I hold my tongue as I reconsider my response.

“Let me help you undress, Master,” I step forward, not waiting for him to comply.

I grab his suit and start to roughly pull it off him, all while keeping my front flush against his. I smooth my hands over the layers of material as I peel bit by bit off.

By the time I’ve gone to lift his shirt off, he’s already taken it and pulled it up and over his head. Throwing it to the side, my eyes swerve down over his hard muscled torso.

Zarcar reaches out and puts his hand on my neck, sliding his palm to the nape – he pulls me forward and then pushes me down.

Holding in a growl, I drop to my knees and grab the top of his pants.

I look up at him as he holds me there with an amused smile.

“Is there a problem, sweetheart?” Zarcar asks, coyly before he lets me go and I hesitate.

“Hmm… surely you can do the rest yourself?” I ask, while eyeing the bulging cock that’s pressing against his purple britches.

“How about a deal? You help me get fully undressed… and then you go to bed,” Zarcar suggests this innocently.

I play along with the game and start to undo his britches. Sliding my hands into the waistline, I start to drag the remaining material down his thick thighs.

I bite my lip and watch his cock rise in front of my face, sliding up against my cheek.

I turn to it and tilt my head, breathing over his shaft… before pulling my head back and rising to my feet.

Without a second glance at Zarcar, I turn and hop onto the bed. I turn around onto my back and spread my legs with my middle completely tied off and blocked by ribbons.

“Ahhh… sleep will find me well…” I whisper.

“Do you remember, what I told you yesterday about providing for me each night?” Zarcar asks while I keep my eyes closed. I’m open to his ravishment and I don’t care.

“No,” I lie.

“I’ll consider you a wife if you service me,” Zarcar adds, “… a pet and a slave if you deny me.”

“You have loose morals, warlord.”

“You could say I have some demonic tendencies, uncontrollable lust and a need to control you’re pretty little body… mind… and soul,” I open an eye lid and glance to see Zarcar looking pretty serious about what he just said.

Here I was thinking it was a simple game.

Oh well, not my problem if he was being serious.

“Too bad for you then,” I whisper, “Good night, Master.”

I turn on my side, yawning as I bring down a pillow and rest my head. I raise a leg to my stomach provocatively.

After some quiet, I expect him to eventually realise he had to play nice to get what he wanted.

“I can always just fuck your thighs,” I hear Zarcar is closer as the bed moves with his weight.

A physique leaking hot warmth comes closer to my back, until I feel one hand gently tickle the back of my neck… and his other hand… well… it takes advantage of my one raised leg.

I feel his fingers brush against the ribbons down below, applying pressure until I wriggle while trying to ignore him.

“…good night,” I repeat, hoping my blatant dismissal of his hand between my legs is enough to piss him off. Pay back for what he did to me last night.

Zarcar chuckles as if he can read my mind again. I feel his hand reach back and clench my ass. For a few minutes, he just does that, clenching and unclenching my butt, his other fingers wisping along the back of my neck – tickling my nerves.

Not too long later I feel his tongue run along my shoulder, up towards my neck and then my jaw.

Zarcar’s body shuffles in until he is flush against my still one. His hand runs back to between my legs and he starts stroking the outside of my pussy through the ribbons protecting me.

It’s a steady, torturous rhythm that I try to ignore – but my hips move on their own accord, pumping back and forth in tiny micro movements, responding to his fingers dancing across my flesh.

Zarcar slowly pushes my front into the sheets like the first night. He rolls on top of me and weighs me down… his cock slips between my thighs and rests against wet ribbon. My warlord starts to grind against me, up and down, while he places little love bites along my shoulders.

“…are you bored…?” I whisper out, “I’m trying to sleep here –”

“Remove your binds… sweetheart, let me guide you,” Zarcar offers the invitation while simultaneously pushing my head into the sheets to shut me up.

All I had to do was call on the moon.

For a single moment.

Yet for that moment I think about how being held down is strangely delicious, drowning in these sheets with Zarcar on top.

I experiment bucking back against him but he just laughs and completely knocks the breath out of me as he flattens down on me. I can’t move an inch.

“Allow me to make you squeal,” Zarcar whispers next to my ear.

I move my cheek to the side and he presses his cheek against mine.

“Make me,” I challenge him and Zarcar’s eyes light with acceptance.

I regret it when his arms slip under me and he cups my breasts – only to caress my nipples into tight, painful pinches. I yelp out and he twists them next for good measure.

“Ow!” I cry out.

“I’m waiting, pet,” Zarcar licks my ear and I gasp out in irritation.

“Damn you!” I snarl and beg the moon to release my ribbons.

As a slack feeling comforts my skin all over, Zarcar let’s out a growl of approval and pauses his grinding above me.

“…that was quick submission… for a Draconess,” Zarcar mocks me as he grabs the loose strands of ribbon and yanks them aside.

Don’t you dare – ” I suck in a breath as Zarcar spreads my ass cheeks and plunges his cock right into my dripping wet pussy, “Damn you!” I scream my frustration into the sheets as Zarcar pushes in further and keeps me down, down, down. I wasn’t allowed any control at all!

Zarcar growls when I try to push him out and he pulls out his cock on his own – only to plunge back in and begin a brutal pace of love-making.

I pant into the sheets as the pressure inside my walls is edged to new heights this time without any curse. I was already wanting and full of desire. The sudden, punishment of his cock was overwhelming. As I try to push back, I provoke him on purpose to tighten his hands on my waist and my neck. The more pressure… the rough handling… combined with his control over my body, pushes me over the edge this time.


I’m sure I delight my warlord as I let out a low whine of pleasure into the bed. While my muscles ripple and suck him in deeper, Zarcar increases the pace of his thrusts.

I wait for him to cum inside me and as expected, Zarcar refuses to exit me as he finished off deep inside my womb.

He only pulls out to slap me hard across my ass, while letting out a few curses.

“Too tight… too fucking tight for a wide shaft,” Zarcar rolls to his side and grabs my waist, pulling me back into his torso. He spoons me tightly as I tremble with remaining pleasure, closing my eyes as I remember the feeling of release with him thrusting in and out of me, “I couldn’t stop myself…”

“…but I said…” I suck in a breath and let out the word with a smile, “No.”

“…and now you’re full of my seed again,” Zarcar murmurs in my ear, “Go to sleep before I fuck you twice,” I think that’s all he’ll say, until he blurts out, “You really pissed me off today.”

“Oh?” I wonder aloud.

“Questioning Lixar… then giving Rey those wide innocent eyes of yours his full attention… you like male eyes on you, don’t you, Chyronex?”

“I suppose so,” I rub it in, my smile unable to leave my lips.

Zarcar grabs my chin and shuts my mouth.

“Sleep now, pet,” Zarcar kisses my hair, “Or pay the consequences for provoking me further.”

“Good night,” I snuggle my naked ass back into his groin, getting extra comfortable.

With a hesitant but sudden hand on my hip, Zarcar forces himself to force me, to keep still.

Sleep, Draconess.”

I bite my lip, but relax my body.

Sleep wasn’t such a bad idea.

I could taunt Zarcar more tomorrow after the formal welcome for the King was over and finished with. I liked playing with my warlord.

As quiet falls between us, I can only realise now, that this sexual thing with Zarcar really was a great distraction… from everything else I didn’t want to see.

I didn’t know why I was being groomed for slavery to a King I didn’t know and a warlord who refused to explain anything in great detail.

But delving into a comfortable bed with Zarcar was about the only thing that made sense. While everything else was just a mess.

It’d still be a mess, until I worked out what in the Moon was going on – and what their real plans were for me.

Keeping me in the dark, was keeping me safe. Apparently.

It couldn’t be so simple, though. Life was never simple like that.

I had a feeling, whatever the truth really was, it was something far more sinister than I could ever comprehend.

All I could do… for now… was trust Zarcar. Trust every single time he made those small movements that seemed to be in defence of me. Movements of protection.

I didn’t know if I was a fool for believing that… or cunning for reading into the right details.

I just preyed I was the latter.

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