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Chapter 26

We all return to the Moon Tower and that’s when we part ways. At least… that’s when Andoll scuttles off. Lixar proclaims that he wants to stick around as I struggle to keep pace with Zarcar who has walked briskly ahead of us this whole time.

When I reach the top of the tower stairs with Lixar in tow, I find Zarcar at our favourite window.

When Zarcar swivels toward us, he’s already glaring right over the top of me, straight to his cousin.

“Before you go off,” Lix murmurs, slowing down as I take a few more steps forward and then awkwardly stand in the middle of them, “I think we should talk about Torrent arriving at the end of this week. A couple of more days and then we’ll be three Mystifyers joined in a Venatores.”

“I wonder if Torrent will even show,” Zarcar replies, dryly and without humour as he faces the window again, consumed by memories of his older brother, “Torrent would sooner wage war with Rey, then join with him.”

“The Surge of Hemon is the only reason why he’s coming… Rey is building a defence line, clearly. He can Command them… those demons… but for some reason… he wants a Venatores obediently under him as well.”

“What will happen when the Surge begins?” I ask, confused, “Is Rey against it or for it?”

“I –” Lix begins, but can’t continue.

“Shut it,” Zarcar snarls over the top of his cousin, “I will tell Chyronex everything I know in time.”

Lixar goes to speak, but we’re interrupted by maids running up the stairs with buckets of hot water for the bath.

We all go silent as they walk by and I make the decision to take us to the rooftop.

I flounce to Zarcar’s side and duck under his arm, jumping onto the window, “Let’s go,” I slip to the jutting stone ledge beneath and hold the window sill to gaze at the irate but tired Zar and the equally irate but tired Lix.

I didn’t want them to fight. I wanted them to co-operate.

“You’re my Venatores,” I add, before I slip away to lead them to the top, “Follow me.”

My simple words has Lix wheezing to keep in a delighted chuckle and Zarcar growls, in both acceptance and annoyance.

I’m glad Zarcar doesn’t reach out and stop me from leading them, however.

So, I creep along the stones then haul myself up to the rooftop. I sit on the edge a bit further down, waiting for the Mystifyer’s to join me.

Zarcar jumps up next, fighting back words as he grumbles and sits down to the right of me, curious of what I’ll say.

As Lix follows, he slides into my left.

Now I have 2 shirtless Mystifyer’s on either side of me.

Hmmm. How delicious.

I was also somewhat disappointed I didn’t get to see them Shift.

“I wish to speak,” I say gently enough as I boldly reach out and grasp both their knees. Zarcar is so shocked, that he’s lost for words for a few seconds. Lixar just remains silent, curious what I’ll say. I quickly get the words out before my Warlord ruins my moment, “We’re a team. I may not know much but we should trust one another. I trust Zarcar. I trust you enough…” I glance at Lix, “Tell me about Torrent. What’s he like?”

“No,” that’s Zarcar’s answer.

“Uh… nah,” Lixar also replies after a few moments of thought.

“Well, this was useless, I’m going to go have my bath,” I take my hands from either of their legs… but that’s when Zarcar goes to grab my elbow… and Lixar reaches to grab my other arm.

Zar growls at Lix and Lix hesitates… but then grabs my elbow anyway, scoffing at his cousin for his possession.

“Perhaps you should have said sooner,” Lixar murmurs, mischievously, “To Chyronex… that fucking is not a one-way street. She benefits just as much as you do. It strengthens the magic and the soul of the Venatores. Real bonding. Nothing bad about sex in a Venatores. Only benefits.”

“I’ll happily call a wind to knock you right off this edge, Lixar,” Zarcar murmurs, relaxed enough for now.

“Chyronex, please, speak your mind on possibly sharing… us,” Lixar mentions, shrugging a shoulder.

“I’ve only ever slept with Zarcar, how could I compare?” I blurt out, confused. Zarcar slowly turns to me with a raised brow at my choice in words, “What?” I ask, with a naughty tone.

It was fun teasing Zarcar I’ll admit and I felt cockier with Lixar present.

“What if we surprised our King again,” Lixar jumps in before Zarcar can get a word in, “What if we enjoyed sharing her and didn’t make a fuss.”

“She’d never want to sleep with you,” Zarcar cuts in, while chuckling.

“But if Rey commands it?” Lix mentions.

My Warlord goes silent. He has no response for this.

“What… if…” I consider my words carefully, “We… tried… for fun and research purposes anyway… like…”

“What, my sweetheart, are you trying to say?” Zarcar can’t even look at me as he watches the night sky instead.

“We could try, to take turns, I’m not sure how it works but I could service both of you?” I lick my lips, “…what’s the harm in trying?”

“Am I not good enough?” Zarcar asks, “So you have wanted Lixar this whole time?”

“It’s just sex,” I shrug, “What’s the big deal?”

“I like her,” Lixar whispers.

“We don’t have to rush, let’s just leave the conversation at that. I want to bathe now,” I smile at a stunned and fuming Zarcar, who is quickly regaining his sense of control as he thinks quickly.

“I would rather kill my cousin and have you all to myself, little sweety,” Zarcar isn’t even fazed by my willingness anymore.

Lixar loses his smirk.

“…blinded by your lust,” Lix snarls low over the top of me, “Selfish, greedy, whore. That’s what you are, cousin. You’ve always been a selfish bastard. You never knew how to share. How about when your sweet Chyronex loses her temper and doesn’t back down, you think about what it would be like to…” Lix loses his thoughts as he suddenly blurts, “Oh, Moon. That’s it. I worked it out!”

“What?” I ask, curious.

Even Zarcar waits for Lixar to tell us his revelation.

“Draconess’ rule,” Lixar growls at me, shaking my arm to emphasize his point, “You Command the Venatores. The only way to possibly weaken you and keep you submissive… is to keep you contained. Three Mystifyers at any time would overpower a Draconess. Rey is surrounding you with us… because as our kind can Mate to you… many of us can overpower you. It’s happened in the past. At times. Rarely. But even Queens can run rampart and need to be calmed down. It’s all about controlling your power.”

“I’d have to agree,” Zarcar murmurs, hooding his eyes, “But there is a reason I keep her knowledge so little…”

“To keep her submissive,” Lixar chuckles, “Or there is the other option. Tell her everything. As long as we agree to help keep her… mellow…” Lixar lips his lips, “Or would you rather kill me still?”

“Our Draconess needs to bathe now,” Zarcar chooses to change the subject and I try not to roll my eyes… until he randomly adds, “Cousin. Do you wish to help?”


I thought he was awkwardly going to change the subject.

I flip my head to each man, back and forth… was I imagining things… or… was Zarcar actually agreeing to this all of a sudden.

When it became about control… he…

“W-what...?” I whisper.

“For the record, I have no issue in sharing,” Zarcar talks over me, as if I’m not there, “I have an issue with you, cousin. Will you tame her… or would you throw her in the hellfire….” There is meaning behind those words.

Words I still don’t understand.

“I’ve learnt from my mistakes, that’s why we make them,” Lixar growls, “I have a second chance. What do you think I’ll choose if it ever came to that?”

“I’m right here, you can talk to me too –“ I am ignored.

“Fair enough. Now… something relevant… I’m sick of her not wearing any shoes,” Zarcar growls.

“I have to agree,” Lix nods.

“I was thinking of punishing her tonight but I don’t think a normal spanking will do, perhaps you’ll assist me and we can find a common ground?” Zarcar murmurs.

“We used to joke like this with Aisha,” Lix smiles in fond memory of someone else, “Let us not make the same mistake twice. It’s not a joke. It’s now necessary.”

“Whatever is necessary, must be done. Chyronex is… special… she must be protected,” Zarcar’s lips twitch up.

“Do you think the bath is ready?” Lix asks.

Zarcar growls a yes with an incomprehensible noise.

Lixar grins and jumps to his feet, heading back down… he leaves me with his cousin.

I am both… confused… and rattled.

Zarcar leans over to my ear as I watch Lixar go… and I feel his hot breath run over my cheek and down my neck, “You asked for this, sweetheart… and I will always give my Draconess what she desires… whether or not she’s aware of the consequences. That’s something I can at least have fun with.”

Oh, so this was my fault, was it?

I turn back to him to spit and hiss out my protest – but he smoothly glides to his feet and yanks me up with him.

“Get down and get inside,” Zarcar commands it.

My stomach flips as I grit my teeth.


I had no idea how much of this was real… if it was all a big joke… or if they were both entirely and completely dead serious on everything they just discussed in front of me.

I had no idea what to conclude in this moment.

I’d find out soon enough, however, exactly how serious Mystifyer’s were about a Draconess’ protection and… and… other things.

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