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Chapter 27

When Zarcar and I reach my bedchamber from the rooftop, we pass through the door to see Lixar already reclining in my bath.

“Excuse me?” I storm past my Warlord and grab the edge of the tub, glaring at a relaxed Lix, who’s leaning against the ceramic, arms up on the rims, one eye shut while the other is lazily watching my protest, “This is my room and my bath, get out this instant!”

After you’re spoiled between your pretty little legs, you should bathe, not before,” Lix waves me off, sighing as he closes his eye, “How shall we punish Chyronex, dear cousin?”

Zarcar slides up behind me, his hands find their way to my shoulders, pressing down and seemingly massaging me as he thinks.

“A Queen needs to be taught propriety. No shoes and blackened feet are one thing… perhaps she should learn to wear shoes by bathing my feet with her tongue while naked and supplicating herself to her Keeper,” Zarcar hums and huhs while I stiffen my spine and glare at both of them, first at Lix’s smirk as he remains in the water with closed eyes… and then Zarcar, who watches me with an eager expression.

“Or,” I whisper, “I shall fly out this window as my Draconess and teach you both a lesson in submission, in my Venatores, you will obey me! I am in charge. You are simply just my Keeper, Zar, a protector, a guard… and Lix teaches me skills in war, a mere director and advisor as far as I’m concerned… I don’t see how punishment and submission for I, is necessary. Bare feet? Get used to it.”

“Oh, shush. Of course, punishment is necessary when it comes to silly little girls like you,” Lix snaps his hazel eyes open and flicks water in my face, “You’re a cheeky priestess, you’re barely a Draconess, you’ve shifted once –” as Lix is insulting me, I murmur a spell with the moon light and the water from the bath starts to boil within seconds.

As Lix promptly shuts up and yelps out, leaping stark naked out of the water, Zarcar slaps a hand over my mouth and swings me towards the bed while my arms flail and I pound my fists on his arms.

No magic!” Zarcar snarls as he walks me forward, leans into me and presses my face down into the sheets, keeping his palm on the back of my skull, while growling, “I’m warning you, Chyronex. We will continue this in the dungeons if you do not behave.”

“Two can play at that game, witch,” Lix laughs while he whines in pain, hopping to the window and leaning on the sill while the wind cools him off, his skin red and bright… he murmurs, “Her thoughts, Zar, are centred around selfish little musings. When she is not thinking of eating a berry, picking a daisy, or reading a book, she is wishing that she’s shown a great deal of attention… an attention slut… to be honest… I am not surprised… she is a very typical demoness. One of her fantasies, I’ve picked up on while she was in a fever, is being fucked at random, in public… tortured in dungeons… pounded to dust all night… sucking cock right down her tiny little throat and–”

“Stop it! Shut up! How dare you expose my mind! I will curse you, Lix!” I struggle back against Zarcar, who simply holds my head down firmer, whacks up my dress with his free hand and smacks my bare ass.

“Contain yourself, sweetheart,” Zarcar snarls from above.

“I will not!” I close my eyes as Lix’s tone, taunting under his breath while coming further towards me… suddenly drowns out as a rushing power surges through my soul, my voice merging with the demoness as I murmur, “I will not submit to your insolent, disrespectful words, I am the Queen–”

I feel something flick against my head and Zarcar murmurs a thank you as he takes a piece of… rope… and loops it around my neck.

As his loop is quickly secured, my insides stop churning and my magic quietens.

Those damn spelled ropes! Argh!

I relax my body as my magic quietens and I growl into the sheets.

Zarcar spanks me one more time, grabbing my arms and hauling me up, in a whirl, Lixar steps forward and rips my shift from me and then they both pick my naked body up and throw me in the bath.

I land in a violent splash before sinking to the bottom, water now perfectly hot, my chin dipping into the water as I recline back even with the rope around my neck, the end in Zarcar’s hand.

As they both stare at me in exasperation, I murmur, “That is one way to get my bath back. Now shoo and let me bathe –”

“I take back the affection from the temple,” Lixar growls to Zarcar, “What a lying, conniving little witch.”

“What happened to your little plan, Chyronex?” Zarcar asks, “Servicing both of us… for research… or do you want everything your way?”

Now I close my eyes and lean back, holding up a hand, I flick my wrist at both of them, “Of course. Now leave.”

As they both go silent, I hear the door slam and the rope slacken.

When I open my eyes, Lixar is leaning against the door, arms crossed over his naked chest, his cock boldly showing… while Zarcar has dropped the rope temporarily to kick off his boots and then his pants.

When they are both naked, I start prying the rope from my neck as it’s now loose and easy to undo.

I take it off and throw it aside, watching as Zarcar assess me, now naked himself.

Lixar continues to fume while he breathes deeply, before he murmurs, “…it is time, isn’t it?”

“For a hunt, yes, why yes it is,” Zarcar murmurs back in agreeance, “She will only learn once we show her.”

“Hmmm…” Lixar peels open his eyes and slowly grins at me, “Oh, she will struggle, won’t she?”

“Bathe, get up and jump out the window,” Zarcar growls at me as he walks backwards and sits on the edge of the bed, “When you’re ready, dearest.”

“Oh?” I wipe my hands over my naked body, clearly I have pushed them to their wits end.

They want me to hunt, untrained… to show me how I needed guidance and a helping hand.

But as much as I wanted to see what this Venatores was capable of… I now had two naked Mystifyers in my room and I was quite pleased with the view, even as they both seemed… anxious for my understanding.

I stand up while they brood and I turn towards the fire while standing in the water. I reach down and cup some water in my palm, running it along the inside of my thighs, humming to myself, “What a mess,” I rub along my skin… and I rub higher… and higher, while spreading my palms along my stomach… trailing my fingers up to my rib cage, I massage my breasts while staring at the fire, “I guess I should jump out the window now and hunt…” I sound so disappointed as I take a step out of the bath, long and slow, putting my foot on the rim and slipping my sole down to the end of the bath’s rim… my legs spread and I laugh while I say, “…oops,” I knew Mystifyers had a thing for… my taste… and I wasn’t afraid to use it against them, “…actually,” I speak into the fire, “Can you both inspect me and check if I am indeed, clean?” I run my hand back between my legs, pushing a finger into my folds, drawing out a slither of juice… for their cocks, “Oh, on second thoughts, no need… I am clean… hmm…” I jump out of the bath and I turn to see what they’ve been doing, while licking my finger clean.

Zarcar is still sitting on the bed, where he was, grabbing the bed post with a veiny frustrated hand.

Lixar has left the door and is sitting next to Zarcar now, leaning back on his palms… both their cocks are suddenly hard.

Neither of them speak as I flounce forward and slide to my knees in front of them, placing a hand on both their thighs… high enough to be inches from their shafts.

I bite my bottom lip, “Are we ready to hunt?” I ask, while reaching forward and tickling a finger along their pelvic bones, “…you’re both so quiet… it’s delightful…”

“Are you going to talk at our cocks all night?” Lix asks.

I lower my lids and I consider my words as I hold my eyes closed, slowly grabbing their shafts and hearing them hiss.

When I open my eyes… I see a dart of a shadow… and it’s at the base of the door.

Oh, no.


My nose smells his lurking presence and without thinking, I loudly continue, “I want you both to ravish me all night until I’m completely satisfied and covered in your seed. I want you to taste my skin… in complete darkness… I want you to share me… hopefully every night… until I’m moaning with compliancy the next day… and one day, maybe the Immortal King,” I drawl, coyly adding, “Will understand my desires are not to contest him, but to please all my conquerors. Until… until the end of time.”

“Oh… wow, I could listen to you moan all night about your perfect little fantasy world, sweetheart…” Lix moans, “But please… let’s see your pretty petals one more time... give me a lil’ taste…”

I smirk at Lix… but when I glance at Zarcar, he has stopped focusing on me and he is staring at the shadow from the door.

He knows Rey spies as well.

Zarcar reaches down and grips the back of my head, pulling me to my feet and jerking me onto his lap, he grabs my hips and rubs his cock against my wet flesh, while growling over my shoulder, “Wait your turn, Lixar. A perfect little slave she is, aren’t you, Chyronex? A perfectly trained woman.”

“Mmm, yes,” I whisper and smile at Lixar, who’s reaching up a hand and palming my breast.

Let me taste,” Lix growls as he leans in to kiss my tit, while Zarcar grinds me against his cock and slowly starts to kiss my neck…

But… that is when the door creaks…

…and opens.

All of us pause to glance towards the intruder.

Rey stands there, in a dishevelled bloody royal outfit, his chin red and his white ruffles are stained too.

“My King?” Zarcar growls, low, “Is everything alright?”

“No,” Rey answers, monotone, “But it soon will be.”

“What is needed, Rey?” Zarcar starts to slowly grind my hips back and forward again, my wet juices leaking and squelching against his cock, making me blush as I glance at the King.

Rey isn’t exactly pleased. He’s eyes widen with impatience and a burst of temper.

“Stop that, Zar,” Rey snarls at my Warlord, “Neither of you will please her tonight,” Rey snaps and we all await his command, after expecting approval, he looks at me, tilts his head and adds, “I have made up my mind. You will be mine as a test tonight. I will take you to my chamber… tie you to my bed and have my way with you. I will not believe your willingness until I witness your body, mind and soul – bowing to me. And if I find that you fail my test…” Rey does not take his silver, blank inked eyes from my shocked gaze, “I will rip your puny throat out and we will find another one to replace you. I do not believe you are wholly submissive. Not. Yet. But I will know soon. I promise you that, Chyronex. I will find out your true intent tonight.”

While I’m feeling majorly at threat – Zarcar only pauses long enough to shove me off his lap, so I land awkwardly on my hands and knees at Rey’s bloody boots.

“You heard your Immortal King’s command,” Zarcar drawls down at me, “Obey, Chyronex. Obey and find yourself rewarded when you succeed.”

“Oh, rewarded she will be, if she passes. My dear Slave Queen,” Rey leans down, his hands are sparkling clean despite his bloody outfit. He holds out a down turned palm and I clasp his strong curled fingers as he hauls me up to stand before him, “Any last words to your Draconess, Lixar? You’re awfully quiet,” Rey asks, while still looking at my face twitch… even as I stare at his suit and avoid a staring competition.

“You sure are a cock tease, aren’t you, Rey?” Lixar sounds… deathly quiet, “You always have been… timely.”

Lixar, as far as I was concerned, might snap any second and tear Rey’s head from his shoulders, if he could.

“I enjoy spontaneity,” Rey answers him, while his hand lifts and his finger brushes under my chin, lifting my face, forcing me to meet his raging eyes, “I also deeply enjoy…” Rey licks his blood red lips, “A screaming, writhing priestess... do you have any last words, for your precious Venatores… if you fail?”

I think about it and since my unofficial Awakening… everything just… clicks into place.

Instead of fear?

I feel knowledge. I feel… at ease.

And I respond confidently, in a sultry manner.

“I want to prove my worthiness,” I whisper back, cunningly… truthfully… if they could all smell lies, as older souls… experienced in magic, demons, desires… perhaps submitting would be the most powerful thing of all. I state, “My dear King, I have a depraved wish before we go, that I intend to voice. I desire to be bound, spread apart and fucked like an animal… by each one of you. I would delight in some…” I gulp as I lean forward and whisper even more lowly, “Total defilement. Defile me, King. Please. Allow it. Let others watch, let the whole world watch… show them that I. Am. Yours. Eternally. It is my choice to be this kind of Queen… I enjoy it. I want the infamy of being at your side.”

My Draconess was purring with my confidence, my bluff and my cunning way. Make a blind man sing but lead him up to the stage. You control the direction… and they are fooled into receiving exactly what they wished for. All their dreams would be true.

Yet, in time, every single one of them would bow to me.

They wanted a compliant, little fuck toy.

But I would be a toy who happened to hold all the power in the world because I would control their desires at every turn. That’s all they were, men of desires, underneath their titles – they were basic and easy to manipulate.

That’s what the demoness sings through my mind and I patiently wait as Rey considers my words, before simply answering me, “Very well, Chyronex. As you wish,” Rey doesn’t smile, but he’s pleased.

“You’re too kind, my King,” I look over my shoulder and hold out a hand towards Zarcar and Lixar, curling my fingers, I whisper, “Are you two going to come play with me or are you going to just sit there and stare at my naked ass while I drip and make a puddle… ?”

“You really are something, aren’t you, sweety? Come along, now,” Rey adds, gazing at the other two men in the room, “…let us defile this Draconess at my command. Do not disappoint me, Chyronex,” Rey turns to me and leans down to rub his nose next to mine. I freeze as he finally says, “…this is just what I needed… isn’t it what you need, dear?”

I simply respond with a whisper, “Take me to your chamber and find out, my King.”

Rey glances over my shoulder then, to see Zarcar silently grabbing the rope from the floor, brooding underneath his complacency, “Leave it, Warlord, I have enough chains for her.”

You want to fuck her, really?” Lixar snaps at Rey, while he still sits on the bed, disbelieving of our King’s request, “How has that worked out for you in the past? Aisha –”

Was thrown in hellfire when you couldn’t stand for her writhing beneath all three of us, when she admitted to her love for you… it was never solitary, Lixar…it is your mistake… have you still not accepted that?” Rey asks, politely, “You made a terrible decision. And here we are. Repeating the past. Will you ruin this Draconess as well, or will you submit to your rank… and keep your mouth shut? She desires to be used–”

“I don’t understand –” I blurt out, letting my guard down for a moment as I whisper, “Who is this Aisha you speak of?”

“Precisely 7 long years ago,” Rey explains, happily, “We all used to be very, very good friends. For a moment in time. A mere moment. Nothing more. Lixar chose to break those bonds. Betrayal cost us a lot of time. Now the Surge is almost here and Zarcar and I have maintained enough of a bond… Lix… he is pathetic, isn’t he? Come along, Chyronex. Now you know what you’re dealing with, I suggest you prove your words worthy of their weight in loyalty.”

I glance at Zarcar and he is… glaring… through me.

He did not want to share me with Rey.

Lix, equally… seemed… turned off, his cheeks red, his neck pulsing with memories.

But now I understood why.

Why Rey was spying.

Why they were avoiding it…

They had all broken a bond between one another, sharing a Draconess 7 years ago in a moment of total lust. It had ruined them.

For some reason, I was the one being punished for their regret or mistakes or whatever it was.

I glare back at Zarcar and at Lix.

I poke my tongue out at them as Rey walks out first.

“Let’s not keep our King, waiting, shall we not?” I snap at them as I turn and walk after Rey.


The lot of them.

But my Demoness still purrs.

Emotion was good. Controlling them would be all the more easier.

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