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Chapter 28

Rey leads the way, walking ahead, his suit dripping blood through Swendula. Zarcar and Lixar had put on pants. My Warlord had thrown a long coat over my naked body, growling at me to keep it closed whilst we were in the foggy streets.

While the city in the dead of night was quiet, the walk was peaceful enough. With the Immortal King strolling ahead silently in the shadows, Zarcar and Lixar were behind my shoulders, avoiding speech and only awaiting the final destination.

I was prancing forward, while I was unsure of tonight’s consequences, I did know that if men were as desperate for a fuck as Zarcar – then surely tonight would be easily led… by me!

All I had to do was bow down and worship their cocks and they’d think I was their little sex angel. Ahem. Their sex demoness. Heh. It wasn’t hard. It was fun. It was easy. It was naturally within my soul to manipulate them in this way.

My Draconess was purring all kinds of ideas through my mischievous mind. Things I could whisper to them and many ways I could tease them with my touch. But most of all, one powerful emotion flooding through me was one of authority.

Yet, the paradox was how I could win in the face of my captors. Which was simple, I had to submit to their selfish lust and cravings.

So, that is what I was going to do tonight.

At the Red Castle.

The fog clears unnaturally ahead, as Rey glides towards his new residence in Swendula. Zarcar leans into my side at that moment that the Red Castle is in view, whispering sweet nothings, which hide a strong spell, “The night is as sweet as the slow breath between your teeth… sleep… Chyronex… sleep…”

I can’t stop it in time. I close my eyes briefly and I gulp as my own power rushes to meet his, to fight off the stealthy curse. My own Draconess magic almost blocks out the raw power behind Zar’s words, but Lix dives into my other ear, growling, “…sleep before you weep, Chyronex. Sleep, little birdy. Sleep.”

The force of two Mystifyers cancel out my defences.

As I slow to a stop, I feel woozy, my hand landing on my Warlord’s arm … I glance to see Rey turn from right ahead. Our King tilts his head in that never ending fall… as if he’s soul is consistently falling… down… down... to the underworld… hellfire… hellfire

It’s the last word I wisely think that hits me out of this realm, and into a heavy sleep as I crash into Zarcar’s chest. He catches me as I fall with the weight of their combined and powerful magic, crashing down upon my slight shoulders and forcing me into darkness.


What an interesting magic. It wasn’t a small flame but a raging, burning incineration that obliterated entire cities to the ground within seconds. I could see the past, or maybe it was the future, playing out in my mind. Castles crashing down as their foundations cracked from the hellfire itself. Any wood changed to ash within seconds. The souls of the living curled up and died in painful agony, not even from suffocation, but from the quick burn. Monstrous, wrinkled demons with horns, three eyes and teeth lined with multiple fangs, also died, but as embers that sunk into the earth. Below the earth. Wars were fought with it. Wars ended with it. I wasn’t sure if anyone won by hellfire. Who was the real victor? If any?

My mind twists its way back into consciousness at that moment.

Water flows across my naked skin. Wrapping around me and holding me firmly in a bubbling hot bath of some kind. I feel chains, thin like jewellery, wrapped around my limbs, my neck, my stomach, my feet, my ankles…. my ears… everywhere… as if the chain held the jewel and I was it at the centre.

I blink awake and see I’m in a pool sized bath, a King sized bath… rose petals around me. Black and red. Steam fills my senses and my body relaxes once I know I’m okay.

And I hear voices.

Of them.

I turn and I see the three of them, close, sitting around a table, leaning in with emotion as they discuss with anger about their… issues… about everything.

Behind them is a black framed bed and behind that I see bars at the end of the left wall of this room holding naked female mortals in a cell, who I can tell, are simply used as Rey’s blood bags. They sleep on fancy pillows stained with leaking blood.

Above all of us was a wall of stained glass that seemed to reach ironically into the heavens. Swendula’s history was painted in the colours. A peaceful city, proud of its ability to keep war out… and it had seemingly just surrendered to Rey.


I stay floating in the warm bath, unmoving as I listen to their chat.

“…it’s called Soul Sight, if you can feel it, you know it and it always remains true,” Zarcar explains to Lix, who’s growling as his cousin explains, “Rely on it and it’ll save your life next time your heart gets in the way.”

“While you are so constrained to your beliefs that Torrent clearly inspired within you,” Lix replies, snarling, “There is more to life than rule, discipline and tradition.”

“We all thrive differently, Lixar,” Rey calmly speaks next, “You have both been having this discussion since the moment you were running around as young men, interrupting my meetings. Although I often apologise for taking you both from home, you both know that I have done nothing but empower you beyond your means. I hand fed you demons, Lix… Zar… you love your bloody sword as much as your cock. Now, an infamous Warlord.”

“A perfect observation,” Lix mocks Zar by agreeing with Rey, “Since we’re in private, dear King… without disrespect…” Lix smiles as he ignores Zarcar’s glare as he boldly turns to Rey, asking, “Once we’ve defiled her, how exactly do we move forward?”

“Simple,” Rey replies, “If she satisfies me that her place is well kept… we will begin to train her… for war.”

“What. War?” Lix asks this through gritted teeth, “My King?”

“Every war,” Rey snarls in turn, “…everywhere there is war against us… we are the superior culture of sorcery and politics. We lead revolution and all befall our way. All we require is obedience to thyself. I am worthy of leading everyone. I have what it takes, that is why I am the King.”

“You have proven to be a generous King, often,” Zarcar agrees and Lix bites his tongue, “The priestesses that were scarified at the stake will strengthen the soil of the city. The Surge will not affect us.”

“So that is why, guardians of our new soil… heh… ghosts…” Lixar scoffs, “How appropriate.”

“While the priestesses hate why I gave the death order,” Rey explains, “They hate demons more and will protect the city from the Surge. I chose Swendula as a central city. It will be our new base. We do not move on. I reside here now. That is the plan. Magic is intense in these parts. We are near hellfire. The ground breathes with it.”

“Then it is a good place to attack and defend from,” Zarcar agrees, before changing subject, “About… Chyronex,” Zarcar speaks my name and I almost think he speaks to me, until I hear him continue, “My King… she is… well suited, don’t you think?”

“Well suited,” Rey whispers, “Well enough. As long as she – ”

“She will obey, at all times,” Zarcar confirms.

“…and why… may I ask, Warlord… do you feel that she is truly compliant with her superiors? I find her rather coy,” Rey asks, making my spine crawl.

“Chyronex is the kind of Queen – once trained and guided properly – that will make the right decision every time. Any Draconess that rules without guidance is…”


They all murmur it at the same time.

Now. For the first time in a long while… I feel I have picked up a piece of knowledge that may be quite useful. I am so excited and slightly disturbed by what they’ve just said, that my head bobs down a bit too far and water gushes up my nose.

I splutter and raise my head out of the water, coughing and pulling my head up, running my hands through my hair, pulling it off my cheeks and behind my head, I blurt out, “Oh, Moon, what a waking that was, to think I was drowning!” I blink rapidly, pretending that I have just come to. I turn to them dramatically and hold a hand up to my gaping mouth, pretending to gasp, “…my King, my Warlord and Keeper…” I turn to Lix last, “…ah… my joker and pet…” the moment Lix locks his jaw and his cheek twitches, I chuckle into my palm, “Calm your titties, Lixar. You know I love you dearly,” the sarcasm that drips from my voice is as velvet as I want it to sound.

I glide my way over to the edge of the pool and hang my arms over the edge, leaning my chin on the cool stones, I lazily glance at each man.

Zarcar is watching me intensely, brooding once more at the prospect of sharing me.

Rey is not quite delighted that I have awoken and he seems quite threatened, in fact. By the way his silver, black inked eyes assess my arms, I’d say he thought they might just turn into snakes at any moment.

“The Queen has awoken…” Lixar says tightly, “…great.”

“Why have I awoken in water, sour pet?” I ask.

Do not call me such a thing – “ Lix snaps and Rey cuts him off.

“You were dirty and unwashed,” Rey explains, short and to the point, “Slave Queen Chyronex… do you understand your duty tonight?”

“Fuck all three of you?” I ask with a pout, “I know, I know.”

I glance at Zarcar and his eyes harden… I better watch my loose tongue… that is what he was implying.

Lixar laughs out loud, choosing to expose me with a smirk, “She plays coy but her mind is nervous… she is…” now Zarcar glares at Lixar, warning him not to say anything stupid in front of Rey, “…she is anxious to fuck,” Lixar changes his tone at the last second.

Rey’s face drops as he notices the glares being passed around.

“What are you hiding?” Rey asks Lix first and then Zar.

When neither of them answer, Rey slowly turns his eyes to me and I wait, obediently.

Until the chains around my body… they start to sting… with intense heat.

I raise my hand to see the chains starting to glow and my face contorts in pain, until Zarcar slams his fist on the table and yells out, “Do not!” he snarls at Rey, who halts his magic to glare at his Warlord.

“What are you hiding about my Slave Queen?” Rey asks, politely now that he has Zar’s obedience.

“She,” Zarcar almost says it, then hesitates as he looks uncomfortable, as if hoping Rey will just forget about it. However, Rey’s eyes start to flame with menacing intent once more, so Zarcar blurts it out, “Chyronex, my King, has a very bad... attitude… problem.”

“So it would seem,” Rey agrees, gently, “That wasn’t so hard to say now, was it, Zar?”

“I know you do not enjoy a bad tempered Draconess,” Zarcar tries to explain, “While her temper isn’t the issue, she is infuriating at times with her choice of cheek in words. While she will not stab you, she will choose to throw words about… carelessly… and I do not wish to present you with a displeasing Queen.”

“Relax, Zarcar, I quite enjoy Chyronex on the contrary,” Rey scoffs at Zar’s temple pulsing with thick veins, “She is humorous, slightly deranged, quirky, an oddball… I do enjoy a strange one… normal is often a sign for disappointing traits,” Rey turns to me now, “Apologies, dear, for the pain.”

He was not sorry at all.

I could tell from his blatant smile.

“Well,” I stand up and let the water do it’s trick as it runs along my naked breasts which are lined with the thin chains. I look down and my body is wrapped in the precious jewellery, which has left a red tint on my skin in parts. Burns. “Are you done talking about me? You know you can talk to me. I do enjoy banter myself,” I grab the edge of the pool and I jump out. I walk my way past the three seated men who watch my every move and I casually walk to inspect the bed, the stained glass above it, reflecting blue and red patterns across the whole dungeon themed bedchamber.

I walk my way to the slaves in the corner, who are sleeping and pale with blood loss. As I strut by, I murmur as silently as I can, “Moon shine break the iron… in the morn…” I turn then and almost walk immediately into Zarcar’s chest!

I squeak in surprise and I lay my hands on his naked torso as he grabs my elbows.

I try to smile into his eyes, but his own pierce through mine with… a warning… and fierce passion… I assume it to be love.

I hope.

“You idiot,” Zarcar murmurs, quietly and impatiently, “…I hope you do not regret your every impulsive whim and desire....”

“What do you speak about?” I ask, with a feigned patience.

“Tell her,” Rey speaks from somewhere behind, “Tell her exactly what I told you.”

I see Lix slip forward into view and he watches from a few feet away.

Sweetheart,” Zarcar’s voice is husky with emotion, “This is not just one night.”

“But –“

“Our King has confirmed your… position. Once you’ve satisfied Rey’s curiosity,” Zarcar explains, low and deep, “It is permanent… during the day you will train… and during the night you must sleep with your Mystifyers. That is Lixar and I. Potentially Torrent as well. And Rey… if he commands it. You have no choice in the matter and it is due to your King’s wishes. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” I murmur, “Zar… it is okay, I will survive.”

“You must show obedience at all times,” Zarcar whispers, for me alone, “You must.”

In other words, don’t get cocky and deny them.

Warlord,” Rey interrupts from next to the bed, “Come, come. Lay her down and take the first turn… I want to watch her face as you fuck her. I have decided to wait my turn… oh… and Lixar… please do me the pleasure of filling her throat with your shaft. She’ll be used on both ends. And I will have my bloody way a bit later.”

“You will obey,” Zarcar gulps and turns me to the bed, leading me there.

“No need to manhandle the willing,” I say with strained patience to my Warlord, who’s far too stressed out.

“Listen to her,” Rey chuckles as he strips from his black suit and white ruffles, “Relax, Zarcar… and relieve yourself in her womb…”

“I think someone should tell her why she needs to do this,” Lixar strolls over and stops by Zarcar, who’s running his hands down my waist before he has to bend me over. Lixar runs a hand through my hair, getting a growl out of Zar.

“Oh, she doesn’t know yet?” Rey asks, after stripping from everything but his suit pants, he comes in to my other side and runs the backs of his knuckles down my pulsing neck, “Allow me to explain, Chryonex… that you are being fucked… regularly… so that your powers flow into your Venatores. So that you remain weaker than them.”

That still didn’t clear it up completely, but whatever.

“And when you fuck me?” I boldly ask Rey as Zarcar’s hands tighten on my hips.

“Me?” Rey asks, narrowing his eyes, “For a King, I simply get what I want and since I can’t stand the sight of you… hate fucking you… is simply for my entertainment. I need to know you consent to complete denial of your instincts. Fucking a half demon that you’d usually try and kill… that, is priceless to me, dear.”

“So, you are sadistic?” I ask, “A typical King -”

Rey grabs my throat then, a little too rough.

Lix growls a warning at me not to push it and Zar growls a warning at Rey for holding my throat so menacingly.

“I. Am. Not. A. Typical. King,” Rey snarls each word as if I’ve triggered something violent and horrible out of his already excited demeanour, “How dare you say…” as Zarcar’s growl grows louder, Rey actually shuts his mouth, gulping down his violent emotions, “…my burden… my apologies, Chyronex… I have a temper,” Rey unhands my throat and runs a finger down my cheek instead, speaking softly, “I am learning that you are not… her.”

Zarcar and Lixar seem to hold their breaths at Rey’s admission.

“It’s okay, my King, I don’t bite very hard,” I whisper.

“Her attitude is horrible,” Zarcar leans in to growl into my ear, biting the edge of it, “Enough. Your defilement awaits. Get on the bed,” Zarcar grabs my ass then, painfully tight, he clenches it as if to say mine.

Still, brooding.

But he had no choice.

I glance between each man before I climb onto the bed.

I jump up onto the silky sheets and can’t help but say… “You three talk more than a set of gossiping and grumpy old mortal men,” I growl, “I am bored. Get on with it.”

I kneel in the middle of the bed and look over my shoulder at the three of them.

Lixar slowly starts unzipping his pants, his eyes on my lips.

Rey stands back to watch on from the shadows like a creepy pervert.

Zarcar kicks off his pants in a violent rush.

“I will teach you silence, sweetheart, with my cock shoved in your sheath,” Zarcar’s cock grows at the sight of my ass as his cock is now free. He glances at Lixar, who is rounding the bed to get in front of me, “…that is if my cousin does not teach you silence first.”

Silence. Silence. Silence.

Apparently Zarcar had the opinion that I had said too much already.

Still, I can’t help myself.

“On the contrary, I will enjoy three cocks,” I snap back, “In fact, I will devour them –”

“You’re using my language, birdy,” Lixar climbs onto the bed and grabs my cheeks into his hands, pressing a quick peck to my surprised lips, “…hopefully I don’t bruise your throat too much… can I squeeze your tits while you swallow me whole?”

“Enough cock teasing,” Zarcar climbs on the bed behind me, wrapping a forearm around my stomach and pulling me away from Lixar, to hold me against his torso for a short minute, savouring me to himself, “I’m actually going to try and enjoy this,” Zarcar grinds it out, but he seems pleased with himself as he shoves me forward and I drop to my hands on the sheets.

My Warlord’s cock slides between my thighs and runs along the outside of my pussy while Lixar grabs my chin and lifts my head.

“Open wide,” Lix runs a finger along my bottom lip, “…I think… you’re going to regret begging for all three of us…”

“Why?” I ask.

Lixar leans down, as Zarcar’s palm collides with my ass cheek, letting his anger out.

“…cheeky, cheeky witch,” Zarcar murmurs under his breath, “…idiot Draconess… stupid Queen…”

Lixar leans down to whisper over my curiously annoyed facial expression as I wait for Lixar’s words but hear Zarcar’s insults at the same time.

“Don’t you know you can get fucked in the ass?” Lix asks.

And I burst out laughing.

“No, you cannot, it’s just a figure of speech!” I chuckle some more… but Lix pouts… as if sad that I’m so… naïve.



Wait a second.

“She’ll learn,” Rey whispers from the shadows, “…the hard way.”

“All at once?” Lix asks, forcing my mouth open with his thumb, he forces me to suck on it even though I’m in a state of what-the-fuck while he speaks to Rey, “As a team?”

“Patience…” Rey can’t help but chuckle, confirming it, “…we have all night to play with our Slave Queen… and to stretch every limit she thinks she’s already broken.”

As Zarcar rubs his cock on the outside of my pussy… growling deep in his throat, I feel his hand grab my ass cheek and spread it to the side.

And then I feel…

Oh, no.

I gasp a complaint when I feel his finger… prodding and pushing… into my second hole.

“-ah - ey!” I gurgle out past my growing drool in a complaint while Lixar’s immovable thumb stays lodged in my mouth.

Get used to it!” Zarcar snarls from the back, while Lixar smirks at the fact his cousin’s temper is lost as Zar finally blurts out what he’s been holding back this whole time, “Chyronex, you stupid, stupid whore, you asked for this and now you’re surprised by a finger in your ass? Seriously, sweetheart… deal with it.”

“Oh, heavens no,” Lixar chuckles, pressing his thumb deeper across my tongue, while his cock bounces with blood rushing into his shaft in front of me, “…now you’ve made Zar angry… birdy, but I have to agree. You are stupid for begging for this, Chyronex. Are you ready?”

I think of Zarcar’s hard cock warming across my pussy, while Lixar’s cock is growing hard in front of me… while Zarcar keeps that long finger shoved into my ass… and Rey watches from the shadows.

I might not be ready.

But I do the one thing I had been learning to do since a few hours prior.

I connect to my Draconess, who has all the answers.

With closed eyes… I hold my breath… and I wait for a sign.

“You can’t connect to your demon soul while we caress you with lust,” Lixar reads my fucking thoughts and answers for me when his cock prods along my plump and trembling lips, “…c’mon, birdy… c’mon, it’s time for some forced desert shoved down your little throat…” I glance up to see Lixar watching me, his eyes turning from humour to ravenous hunger even as he teases me.

Zarcar spanks my ass again and grinds me back against him a bit more rough.

“On the count of three, cousin?” Zarcar suddenly asks Lix.

He couldn’t be serious.

“Sure, Zar, as deep as we can go?” Lix whispers, “…or as rough as we can thrust… I do enjoy a violent fuck… hmm… does she?”

“Watch her melt into a fucking puddle,” Zarcar chuckles, suddenly happy as he prods and pushes a second finger into my ass, while spitting on it at the same time. Zar lines up his cock to the outside of my pussy and Lixar swipes the head of his cock along my lips, back and forth, while smirking down at me, “3…” they both whisper it at the same time.

Oh, Moon.

They were actually counting down until they split me apart?

Argh! Bloody Sorcerers! And Rey – watching from the shadows.

“2… 1!”

Rey lets out a bemused chuckle as they drawl their count down.

And then Lix and Zar slide into me… strangely, in perfect grace… and only when they’re in… do they start to thrust violently.

And I wish I could say otherwise… but an orgasm quickly starts to build as my throat opens to Lix and my pussy throbs around Zar.

I prepare for the choking – because my climax was inevitably about to happen any second.

And the most embarrassing part was the pleasure created from the fingers in my ass.

It was pushing me up quicker and everyone was about to watch me succumb and writhe.

I prey to the Moon, I close my eyes and I wish for the best.

The most infuriating part is Lix laughs as I think this, and I decide killing him may be on the cards after this is all done.

First, I had to survive their fucking arrogance and their delicious, stupid cocks.

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