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Chapter 29

The problem with pleasing two men at once was that there seemed to be an inevitable competition of who could stay hard the longest, among other things. Zarcar was cruelly pressing his fingers into my hips while pumping into my pussy, and Lixar was happily owning my throat.

Rey… he was watching my submission, calculating the best time to jump in and join.

“Is that how you fuck her?” Lixar hisses with a smile at Zarcar, “From behind every time?”

I choke a bit on his cock.

Because it was true.

“You bruise her too much and I’ll have your balls hanging around your neck, you selfish whore,” Zarcar snarls back at Lixar and they both start thrusting in faster.

“I can bruise up her sweet little neck all night,” Lixar pets my head and I try my best to please him by swallowing him down as best as I can, using my tongue. I also clench on Zarcar and grind my hips back and forth to meet their rhythm… but honestly…? The Mystifyers barely notice.

Their competition is more important than me right now.

Which meant Lixar kept forgetting that I needed to breathe sometimes.

I start to choke more and Lixar pushes in and stops thrusting, hissing some sort of insult at Zar – who pulls out of my pussy and then simply leans over me, lunging for his cousin.

Lixar pulls out, dodging a punch right to the face – they collide as I gasp and collapse in a heap on the black sheets. I pant and my limbs slowly regain their strength as I lie and watch them with narrowed eyed.

“Stop at once!” Rey stalks forward, yelling at both Sorcerers with a deathly look in his half pure demon eyes.

Lix has Zar by the throat and Zar is holding Lix’s hair back, ready to pummel his smug face in.

“She’s mine!” Zarcar snarls – so lost in his rage that he hasn’t heard Rey.

Rey glances at me as I raise my head, noticing the disrespect for the King… Rey looks… pissed by their rebellious behaviour with me around.

Rey raises his hand and both Lixar and Zarcar’s necks tighten on their own, their faces go bright red, their hands slacken on one another… and they fall like felled trees to the floor.

Unconscious, Lixar is on his back, arms sprawled out. Zarcar has fallen on his cousin’s chest.

Idiots,” Rey snarls, walking past them with slow, long steps, prowling around their naked bodies and glancing on with disgust.

I’ve sat up properly at this stage, holding my sore throat and watching Rey like a hawk.

My protectors… my main Venatores were out of the picture while they lay in crumpled heaps… and I was now left to the mercy of Rey.

The King only has his pants on at this stage, and they’re undone and loose. His shoes are off and his black hair flies in a wild mess around his face. His pale skin was white like a dead corpse, yet he walked with the power of a demon master… which is exactly what he was.

Usually one for witty replies; I am lost for words and humour.

My pussy was aching, unfinished.

My heart was beating with anxiety, knowing once Rey turned to me… I would be the one to suffer his patience, which was non-existent.

He continues to stare at Zar and Lix with a scowl, where I see one perfect fang, sharp, long and lethal to the touch.

“…two genius minds in battle… reduced to fighting like pigs over a Draconess…” Rey side steps to the bed and holds out a hand, just as he turns to view me.

I stare at his out stretched palm with curiosity.

“…what?” I ask, licking my sticky lips.

“Take my hand, Chyronex,” Rey warns me not to question him again.

I quickly grab his icy palm and he hauls me off the bed. He turns and while hissing incomprehensible insults under his breath about Zar and Lix, he leads me from the bedroom to a balcony door I had not noticed before. It swings open on its own accord as the King approaches and what I see outside is… a wide balcony, with beautiful lounging stone seats, pots of soft purple flowers, bathed in moon light and the railing overlooks the Red Courtyard of roses.

Rey goes straight for a lounge seat, turning, falling gracefully upon it’s curved designed, he sprawls his legs and pulls me onto his lap.

With as much smooth experience as I can muster, I place my thighs either side of his pelvic area and I hover above him, slowly… slowly… lowering my naked body, covered in his thin chains… until I sit on his lap and look over his large chest… his veiny neck… to a perfectly stone set handsome face. An expression of control and curiosity.

For some reason, Rey seems like he’s off edge now that Zar and Lix are off my back.

Without a word, the Immortal King reaches up a hand and palms my breast… with a gentle, gentle touch. I don’t expect such softness from Rey and I find myself leaning into the cool fingers that slide over me.

“Do you really want me?” I ask, needlessly.

“Don’t talk,” Rey warns me by showing one fang, and my lips quickly seal shut.

He notices my fear and he smirks for the quickest moment… and then he focuses on my perky breasts again and his gaze narrows to them alone. Rey raises his second hand, massaging both of my fairly warm tits… he glances up to witness my eyes, which are focused… shyly… on his strangely pink, reddish lips… in such contrast to the rest of his pale skin.

No part of me was willing myself to lean in, however.

Every instinct was the opposite; to not initiate anything. But I knew the danger, so I was bluffing my confidence and I was tricking myself into pretending this situation was totally normal… totally fine.

Rey slides a finger through the one of the chains across my neck and he pulls me down. It’s not a light command as he jerks me so close that my nose tickles the side of his and his red lips dart out to press over mine… sliding across… teasing me.

I force myself to move and I kiss him back for a mere second.

It’s enough initiation to satisfy my King. Rey grabs my cheeks, holding me rather… gently still… while we lock lips properly and kiss a bit more deeply.

While I’m enjoying how gentle this rough King likes to be in sexual encounters, one of his hands falls to my hip, clenching it… ordering me up.

I raise my hips as I kiss him and when I slide back down… his cock is ready to slide in.

I wiggle my butt as I descend and catch him successfully, slipping down his shaft until he’s cock is prodding deep towards my womb. I rock on top for a total of four thrusts, but Rey’s started to groan out into my mouth, slowly leaning up… and up… until he’s sitting up and flush with me.

He grabs my hips and he sets the pace while I close my eyes.

I find it… intense… that he doesn’t want to say anything. Anything at all.

I bite my bottom lip and I enjoy the sensation but it doesn’t fix the nervousness of my mind as his cock rams up into me and he slowly owns all of my responses.

When Rey eventually shoves my hips down and holds me tight and suddenly still… I feel his breath, heated and floating past my cheeks. The power in just his breath was damn frightening.

“Are you not enjoying yourself?” the Immortal King asks while coy and manipulative at the same time.

I flutter open my eye lids and I see his silver black inked gaze digging through my young stare… my naïve soul couldn’t weigh against his. Yet I had to try and bluff and try and try and try not to fuck up.

Zarcar’s words fly right through my mind at times as intense as these and it’s simple… obey… obey at all times.

“You make me nervous because you’re equally as handsome as you are powerful, Rey,” I whisper, sultry, choosing my response as carefully as possible, “You’ve graced me with your cock… a King’s cock fills me… I should be pleasing you…” I start to move my hips again and Rey’s eyes flash with my words and he lets me ride for a couple of thrusts, but he quickly slams his hands down over my hips again and keeps me steady this time.

I open my eyes wider, hoping I haven’t pissed him off.

“…allow me your neck,” Rey doesn’t even look at my neck, he watches my eyes at all times after he requests this one very particular thing.


No way.

Fuck no.

I didn’t want to do this… but hesitation in itself could be deadly... shit.

“Of course,” it takes every ounce of my will to fight against my rapidly beating heart as I force those words out and instantaneously turn my jaw to the side, exposing my neck to his fangs… oh dear Moon… please… please, just let this be a test that’s over in seconds.

Rey growls out approval and leans in close. I tense up as his nose brushes against my pulse. I barely avoid wincing and I start to tremble uncontrollably while his cock seems to grow even thicker within me.

“Still… stay right where you are, as still as you can… this will hurt,” Rey opens his mouth and his fangs brush against my skin, slowly finding the perfect spot.

I breathe through my mouth, looking at the foggy night sky…

When Rey’s long and thin fangs, push down and pierce my neck, my pulse sky rockets, allowing the blood to flow easier.

Although the pain is fierce and sharp, I keep staring at the Moon.

Soon. It’d be over soon.

Rey tastes me with utter patience, which I don’t expect either… and he pulls out of my neck after a short while. He seals the wounds shut with a rough lick and he kisses the remaining blood away.

Did I do well?” I blurt out, in a tight whisper… I can’t hide the pain from my tone entirely.

When Rey leans back to gaze into my flushed face… two tears fall down my cheeks and he watches them leave shiny trails in the moon shine.

“Ride me,”…damn, my King was ruthlessly demanding… Rey leans back on the stone chair, completely at ease, “And don’t stop until I say so.”

I calm myself for the simple order.

My tears? Didn’t matter. He didn’t give a rat’s ass.

I force myself to pull up and push back down and I close my eyes.

“So, I’ll do this every night?” I ask, as I ride on top of him.

“Does it displease you?” Rey asks, rather impatiently now, “Ah… guess who’s awake already…” Rey smiles without warmth and I look over my shoulder to see Zarcar standing in the door way, looking rather embarrassed.

My Warlord avoids my naked ass grinding over Rey’s hips.

I notice Zarcar makes Rey a priority at all times when he is around; for my safety, I know it.

“My King… I deeply apologise for the row Lix and I caused…” he murmurs, only to be cut off.

Don’t waste your breath. Fuck her ass and I’ll forget your childish display of possession over a toy that belongs to me,” Rey waves Zarcar over, “Now, do as you’re told…make Chyronex whimper and cry some more for me… it’s rather warm, her tears… unholy water, I do enjoy it. What about Lixar?”

“It doesn’t matter,” Zarcar strolls behind me, putting a hand on the small of my back… pushing me down onto Rey’s chest, “Ass up, sweetheart.”

I breathe out a complaint and do as I’m told, only to have Rey growl down over my face.

“No more complaining, Slave Queen,” Rey warns me, “…only sounds of descending pleasure… raise your ass higher…”

Warm spit slides down my ass and lubricates my second hole. Zarcar’s fingers hold my cheeks open and his cock head pokes at it… testing.

“Shhh…” Zarcar does this condescendingly but I know it’s a reassuring message at the same time.

I bite my tongue as he starts to push into my ass while Rey half fills my pussy, waiting for Zar to thrust in all the way.

The feeling of being stretched is both painful and oh so… wicked.

Oh gosh, it’s too much feeling!

I can’t keep it in!

A breath is knocked out of my poor lungs and my throat jumps, causing an uncontrollable whimper just as Zarcar gets a good enough angle to push in all the way into my tight asshole.

“Oh…change of plans, Warlord. Let us make this quick,” Rey thrusts up into me and I let out another, louder whimper. He just slides a hand over my head and holds my face into his chest, ignoring me.

Zarcar starts pumping in and out of my ass with his huge cock and I feel an orgasm start to unfold in a perfect climb.

Oh, this was going to be huge when it hit.

“I feel him,” Rey adds, “…Torrent has entered the city gates…”

“Already… fine… the plan?” Zarcar asks, rather excited to see his older brother again after more than a century apart.

“Fuck her into unconsciousness and then we’ll greet Torrent ourselves after we tuck our little Queen into bed,” Rey and Zar have an understanding.

That’s when I feel their already fast and well timed fucks, being moulded into something far more brutal.

Their thrusts increase to cruel levels of painful speed. They fuck me raw, willing my orgasm to rip through me without proper handling. I let out a little squeal that Rey muffles by holding my head down tight.

The rippling muscles in my body do nothing to speed their end nearer.

Fucking demons.

They keep torturing my body and I can feel Zarcar’s hands on my hips, digging in, bound to leave marks… despite the sharing… I know he enjoys this, seemingly getting deeper and deeper into my ass every damn time he pushes back in.

At some point, Rey lifts my head and wraps a hand around my neck… he starts to squeeze and I choke, spit sliding out the corners of my mouth.

“P-please… don’t…” I barely get the husky words out.

“Sleep, dear,” Rey chuckles, “We’ll cum inside you when you’re limp and then toss you into bed with Lixar… he’ll be sure to wake you up sweetly… sleep well, Chyronex… this is your last breath for tonight…”

Rey clamps my throat down, and although I hear Zarcar growl his displeasure at the action… it’s too late.

I collapse on Rey’s chest.

I pass out while they fuck me until they finish deep inside.

I’m used like a fuck toy. I never expected anything else. What I didn’t expect was Torrent’s early arrival… and all I knew is that meant one thing… just one more demon cock for the Slave Queen to satisfy.
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