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Chapter 30

I wake up with my left cheek pressed against a hellishly hot chest, my arm wrapped around the waist of this man while two fingers leave a feather light trail across my skin, from my temple to my cheek, in a repeated stroking motion.

“Zarcar?” I whisper as I blink open my eyes and look up to see… not black pits for eyes, but cheeky hazel orbs, narrowed while Lixar smirks and his black regrown hair is in a just fucked messed. That’s odd.

I freeze and he feels my entire spine tense up. Lixar takes his fingers away from stroking my face as I momentarily glare at him.

What did he do? I think the thought and he pursues his lips.

“Rey and Zar chucked us in the King’s gothic bed and left; I don’t know why… but I got the message… I fucked you a couple of times while you were out,” Lixar laughs darkly to himself and I push up onto one elbow, my fingers curling on his rib cage as if I can rip out his heart in punishment.

“…excuse me… you what?” I politely ask, “Impossible. I would have awoken – you must have spelled me –”

“A spell, yep, so you couldn’t wake or talk,” Lixar speaks over me and I glare, reaching up my hand, I press my palm over his smirking lips and I remember a little curse from my teaching.

“Moon light guide his breeding stick into a size far more obscene, hey–!

Lix snaps up my wrist and flips me at that moment, so I’m lying flat on my back and I feel way too much seed leek out of my pussy and across my throbbing thighs.

This sex fiend.

I gasp in disgust as Lixar chuckles from above and speaks, “…obscenely large horse cock?” he asks, inhaling my gasp as if to suck away the power of the spell with his stupid joke.

“Get off me!” I snarl and Lixar grabs up both my wrists and holds me down in Rey’s ridiculously soft gothic bed.

“But I’ve been tasked by the King to fuck you –”

“By night!”

Lixar pouts.

“What’s wrong with my cock?” he asks, like a typical male, except he’s being totally sarcastic because his sense of ego is clearly already above the line.

“Stop making this about your demon cock and get off me! War training is what we do by… oh, Moon, I remember… Torrent!” I blurt, “Lixar; Zarcar and Rey went to meet Torrent last night!”

Now Lixar pauses and loosens his needlessly tight grip on my wrists, “He is arriving earlier than expected?”

“Yes, get off me!” Lixar leans down regardless and kisses both my nipples before releasing me so that I get up full of fury.

“Tit Pervert!” I roll aside as he moves off me and I grab the sheets to my naked body.

Lixar is kneeling on the bed now, quietly watching me standing and flustered.

“Why am I always dirty when there are men in my life?” I snarl this at Lixar while thinking of yet another man to add to the mix.

I can only imagine what Torrent would be like.

The smug Lixar simply answers my thoughts on Torrent, suddenly willing to share information now that we’re alone without the others, “If Zarcar was prettier, with silver angel hair after being knighted into heaven for killing a hundred thousand bad demons, impregnating three Draconesses and harvesting powerful powerful blood offspring, owning the largest and most faithful army in our realm, with a presence that sings with the glory of everything good and loyal, but with a dash of perfect death staring and a gift of magic that will make you quake and shake… the Ash of Eden. The only Mystifyer to exist that can freeze over hell. Torrent is both a demon and angel warrior that can combat the power of hellfire… or at least… that’s what the legends say,” Lixar smiles as if it’s just a colourful story.

“And how does hellfire come into existence?” I ask.

“The darkest realms on Earth or the darkest souls… since demons left in a mass exodus… Rey… for whatever reason, is the last and sole Vampyre on earth and he… well… he’s unstoppable for a very unique reason. He controls hellfire. He… our Immortal King… had to murder a hundred thousand innocent mortals to acquire that power,” Lixar’s smile now turns downward.

That also sounded like a legendary story only.

“Can hellfire kill a Venatores?” I ask.

“Hopefully you never find out,” Lixar gulps and barely gets this past his lips, “…if Torrent has arrived, there will be tensions that may even allow you some freedom from Rey’s consistent spying.”

“Really?” I lick my lips with hope, “I still don’t understand most of what you’ve said, but I think I like Torrent now.”

“While he is here, we’ll train, you and I. Zarcar can bother to interfere if he wants, I’ll ignore the bastard. Torrent may wish to meet you soon. You’re a very special Queen, Chyronex.”

“What other powers does a Draconess have?” I ask.

“Full of questions…” Lixar states the obvious and he taps his nose and winks, as if that gives me the answer.

I raise a brow and walk towards the pool in the corner. I drop the sheets around me, pry off my chains and then hop into the water to clean off Lixar’s demon filth.

He lies back against the pillows, enjoying the fantasy about being a King, clearly.

I glare at him as I squat in the water and land on my knees, cleaning thoroughly.

“Can you tell me a secret?” I ask.

“We’ll have to trade… you first,” Lixar murmurs, happily and with a fair bit of annoying amusement.

“I love Zarcar,” I say, my voice drips with venom but I’m being brutally honest.

Lixar winces, a little.

I wait for a secret from him.

He had to think on it for a while.

He glances to the sleeping humans in the feeding chamber, locked behind the bars I cursed to break. They are too weak to stay conscious. But Lixar doesn’t seem like he wants to say anything too… orientated towards treason.

“Under Rey’s hand, as I grew up, I was taught by a Philosopher called Siy who believed one day…” he pauses and I watch him consider his next words carefully, “Magic would be unsustainable and it’d be wiped out from the mortal race. Demons would be locked into the earth. Our kind, in fact, any kind of magical soul, sorcerer and sorceress, would be murdered into non-existence. Mortals would rule and magic would become a myth. My secret? I believe him. Some weapons are unsustainable. Messiah’s from heaven and hell died a thousand years before our kind came. Magic is fickle and everyone is scared of it. Even those who use it.”

Lixar is definitely going to turn into an old man who just rambles about conspiracies all day every day. Definitely.

“Sure,” I murmur, rolling my eyes.

Lixar reads my thoughts and doesn’t look impressed.

I continue to wash and turn my back on him.

“…you laugh at me now…” Lixar growls under his breath, “…training for war will be so much fun, Chyronex… your muscles from holding books are pretty pathetic, wouldn’t you say? Why don’t we work on fitness, my sweet, darling, Draconess.”

Stupid demon.

I gulp and ignore him.


Lixar laughs and I just glare back at him.

“I’m at least, very flexible,” I growl over my shoulder and he just winks.


By the moon, I hated his demon eyes and demon smile.

Demon filth.

My thoughts just cause his smirk to grow even wider.

Blergh. Training.

I already knew, from Lix’s arrogance, it was going to be some kind of painful torture.

He gasps at that, “Chyronex! Stop reading my thoughts, how dare you!”

I don’t turn to him, I just glare at the black carved walls.

“I’m going to spell you asleep when you least suspect it and set a horde of filthy bar wenches who have every disease under the sun to ride your cock and suck out you filthy demon seed and you can wake up soiled and dirty - disgusting, you disgust me.”

“I’m used to having this effect on women, darling.”

He isn’t fazed.

And indeed, Lixar is simply telling the truth.

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