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Chapter 32

After all his talk, Lixar doesn’t spank me nor does he bother with me while I bathe. He’s awfully distant since our spat in the fountain. I think he hated himself for genuinely becoming attached to me. I could only assume he was jealous that I had chosen Zarcar.

That was a trivial matter, however. Regardless, Lix uses his brief time – as I prepare – to get his new uniform. I’m alone for an hour in my tower and I’ve used the time to bathe and dress.

I was thankfully left alone by maids, while within my bedchamber, for a brief while. For once, I didn’t want to leave it. It felt like a sanctuary again. I smell the daisies and braid my wet hair while I stand in the wind, hoping it helps dry the strands quicker.

I’m wearing a pure white dress, two slits up the sides of my thighs, no straps and a gold ribbon belt. I tie it at the back and flick my braids over my shoulders. I pick up some daisies and I put them in my hair in a daisy crown. It would work enough as a Queen’s adornment.

I think about my new company; Mystifyers and a crazy Andoll when she chose to appear.

Zarcar was overbearing, Lixar was as serious as he was funny and Torrent was an unknown factor. Rey was a scary opponent yet gentle in lovemaking, so I wasn’t as scared of that part of our relationship as King and Queen.

Thinking about all the men tasked with my upkeep as Slave Queen Draconess, I realise how overwhelming it is to deal with all of them at once. The consequences of that were… well. It’s at that moment, as I watch the storm clouds gather yet again in a mystifying dance… that I comprehend my power. My Venatores had many powers, reading minds and controlling the weather, I’m sure Andoll had a specialty. And I… I could command them. Which meant my powers were greater. The many Mystifyers weren’t just involved to help subdue me, or control me. They existed by Rey’s command, to distract me from realising my full potential. Why else would Zarcar ask Lixar to tell me nothing.

Lix often let all the big facts slip out while we were alone. It was both comforting and terrifying.

Zarcar – and I acknowledged this – knew I would be safest without too much knowledge. This was due to Rey’s short tempered disposition towards rebellious Draconesses. Lixar – and I acknowledged this too – knew that information could empower me and I could use it to fight.

Both positions were scary. Blissful ignorance or knowledge that could convince me to commit treason.

There’s a knock at my door before it opens and I’m thankful I don’t have to drown in thoughts of the unknown. It was more comforting to get on with it, meet Torrent and just see it on from there.

“Lixar, before we go, can I ask you a question -?” I turn and my heart leaps from my chest unexpectedly.

“Lix has gone to meet Torrent early,” Zarcar stands in the door way, a little shocked by my growing grin as I take in his fully black suit. His brown hair lies in perfect locks to his shoulders, he is freshly shaven and stunningly handsome!

“Oh, handsome sorcerer, my dearest Warlord… we seem to be tying bonds tonight,” I raise a brow and twirl in my white dress once, blushing just a little when I clumsily knock into one of the pots.

The broken pot. Damn it.

Soil immediately taints the dress and I see Zarcar go from awe struck to irate.

“You’ll ruin it!” Zarcar storms forward after scolding me and he squats before me, grabbing my dress and lifting it, he uses his scarred Warlord’s hand to pat off the soil.

I reach forward one of my own hands and run my fingers through his hair.

“You have a heart after all,” I speak with coy amusement, still smiling… but what I see on Zar’s face as he stands back up in front of me, is not what I expect.

He’s seemingly… furious… but why?

“Am I a joke to you, Chyronex?” Zarcar growls, low, “Do you consider me less now that you have slept with Lixar and Rey… am I like your favourite pet in our Venatores? You think you can stroke through my hair?” he looks away to the fire, embarrassed a bit by his rough words that he’s just blurted out, “Let’s go, Torrent’s looking forward to meeting you –”

“Zarcar, wait,” I jump forward into his side as he turns to lead the way in a rush. I grab his arm and I pull him to a stop. I turn him towards me and he raises a brow, “I choose you as my mate, and –” I halt when Zarcar’s brows rise even further in a slow mockery.

“How very funny,” Zar turns and grabs my elbow tight, yanking me along, while laughing, “I know your kind well. You’ve told Lixar you’ve chosen him, you’ve told me and you’ll soon beseech yourself to Torrent. Before we know it, we’ll all be competing and you’ll be chuckling like the coy witch you are while one of us feeds you grapes from a damn bronze platter…” Zarcar is rambling, but his words have downright moved me.

And I’m far from impressed. In fact, my heart throbs in sharp pain from his words.

I try to jerk out of his grip.

“You pig, how dare you not believe me!” I try to lurch away from him but Zarcar holds me steadfast until I’m wriggling on the spot uselessly while his bulging biceps barely work to keep me in place at his side.

He does decide to take me, however, to our favourite window.

Oh, this could only get worse, couldn’t it…

“A word before we go,” Zarcar is deeply serious, his tone is icy cold and I can tell he has out right dismissed my claim at choosing him. He does not believe it. He thinks it’s a game I play. I knew I liked to act as a sultry moon priestess but I also had my truth to share… and he didn’t even hear it. I open my mouth many times, but I don’t even know where to begin!

“…a word?” I eventually squeak, turning to face Zarcar as he holds my arm needlessly by the window, staring into the night sky.

“I’m holding off a storm,” my Warlord murmurs, “But yes…” Zar turns to me and catches my outraged glare, “We need to discuss tonight. That right there, that attitude must be shoved away. You’re on your best behaviour tonight, do you understand me?” I open my mouth yet again to reply but he continues before I can get a word in, “I’m warning you, sweetheart, I will publically punish you if you even think to rebel while meeting Torrent. Don’t get smart on me. Do you understand?”

“Do you?” I snap, my voice almost cracking as I get on my tip toes to bring my raging eyes closer to his.

Zarcar gazes closely over my features, from top to bottom, assessing my mood.

“We will fuck in the Moon Tower afterwards –”

I cannot contain myself.

I jerk back a bit, just to raise a hand and slap him as hard as I can, hissing in his face, “You bastard!”

“Chyronex!” Zarcar couldn’t avoid the contact to his cheek but he snatches up my wrist and holds it before me, so tight it starts to throb with my raging pulse. I wince as he snarls into my face, “What’s gotten into you?! Did Lixar push you so hard in training that your brains fell out?” Zarcar suddenly focuses on the tears that leak out of my eyes. A few long moments later, he unhands me so quick, I stumble backwards and he straightens his tie, and his spine. He so suddenly realises what he’s been missing and his hands shake, “… by the moon… you were… you meant it… you meant what you said? You actually… choose me as your mate?”

Slow witted bastard.

Took him long enough! Horse shit!

My hands rub across my cheeks and I smear the coal around my eyes.

He’s lips twitch up in the corners. The demon smiles as I gulp down more tears that are threatening to escape.

Zarcar takes a bold step towards me but I scream at him, with true meaning because there is no game this time, “Do not touch me, you brute!”

I shove past him as I see his face drop.

Zarcar lets me get a head start, guilt riding his ass hard.

But it is too late.

The night had barely begun and he had already ruined it.

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