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Vol 2. Chapter 3

The dungeons are cold and loud, at least the first part of the common cells. It’s full of moaning, tortured prisoners in their small spaces, awaiting judgement or passing through judgement.

I am taken to the very back, down deep into the ground, to spelled iron and isolation.

Back here, perhaps members of a rogue Venatores who committed crimes, were handed the special treatment.

I sit silently while I hear the occasional stamp of guards patrolling with lanterns, whistling or chatting about the dreary weather coming soon.

They were in the right to moan about it. Snow fell in Uldaya every winter and it blanketed the palace and surrounding city, towns and villages in many layers of killer frost. The weather had been cooling considerably, so snow was on the way. I was grateful my Onyx Tower was high enough to escape getting snowed in.

Though… that would not matter with my execution set for the morning.

It is a long wait, but I assume it is the middle of the night by now. Which meant I was hours away from death. Andoll is quietly brooding and refuses to speak to me. So, she stays in her locket, as if impatiently waiting for me to finally give into Lucifer’s bargain. Choose Torrent as a mate, convince him to return to Hellfire over his Ash of Eden. Torrent was the only holder in present time to control such power because of the hundred thousand lives he had saved.

I knew he could only return to immorality if he embraced the demon in his blood.

And he sure had demonic qualities, just like Zar did.

However, Torrent was far more restrained. Far more… mysteriously quiet about any possible struggle from within. He made it look easy.

I wish waiting was easier, with no access to the moon light to harness my most powerful magic.

I have just myself, on a cold little bench, feet tucked under my thighs as I sit cross legged. My white gown is not thick enough to keep me warm, so I simply wait for my last chance. The very chance Varkinya had granted me; by advising and encouraging Torrent to pursue me.

I assumed the only reason Torrent did not flirt in my presence, nor chase me down for a chance to tame me, was my previous association with Zarcar.

I have one foreboding thought arise from that, which was Zarcar’s promise, unfulfilled. He promised to visit in a year or two. Three years later and still, no word.

Part of me wanted to believe he was busy fighting wars or helping train soldiers for Rey’s growing Kingdom. Another part of me knew he was avoiding our next confrontation… because he was hurt and isolated… because of me.

Because of what Lucifer made me say in the war between Immortal King Rey and his father, Reyn. After Andoll’s murder. The words I spoke to Zarcar were forever burned into my brain; You’re my second hand in this Venatores… but you’ll never be my mate… Andoll’s death is on your conscious.

Mystifyer’s had to obey the Draconess in the act of War. While a Draconess led her active Venatores – all obeyed her.

Outside an active Venatores, the rules were changed slightly.

Mystifyer’s tended to be a tad more domineering.

I had loved Zarcar for his ferocious protectiveness and his rough love making. I enjoyed the games, despite my ignorance.

Now, I knew of how the world cruelly worked and I was reduced to a simple life; fucking warlocks and mortal men, drunk and blind. Besides my rogue sexual adventures, I trained myself physically, so I was strong. I practiced spells and I practised night flying. Hence Varkinya’s complaints of my antics in the area.

I was independent, but I was very, very rogue… and not in a respected way.

After all, I had just hit one of Torrent’s Queens. I was now set for death.

And nothing could save me but Torrent himself, if he took back the order. If he decided to pursue me, to tame me… as his brother did.

I have closed my eyes while thinking this, and when I open them – my world grinds to a halt.

Torrent is here.

He catches me completely off guard.

Staring at me through the cell bars, Torrent is completely naked.

And he is magnificent, exactly as I imagined he would be.

I watch as he watches me with hooded eyes, calculating his plan, whatever that was.

Perhaps to taunt me.

Torrent grabs the cell door, unlocks it with a simple spell and then I watch him wrench it open.

I am frozen by his violent advance. And then he speaks, “Drowning in mortal cock won’t be the last memories you have of sex…” Torrent rumbles as he steps into my cell. He stands in the middle, feet before me, not a single expression of emotion passing through his hard set mouth and piercing silver eyes, “How would you like me to fuck you?”


Certainly… didn’t expect that.

My gaze lingers on his cock for a few seconds, but despite the fact I hunger for such a huge thing filling me up for hours… I cannot stare too long.

I glance up into Torrent’s eyes and I see he is expectant of my answer.

I guess this was it.

This was my chance to get into his head and save Andoll. I just had to jump on this opportunity and take it. Literally. He was handsome enough to fall for, devilish enough in his ways for me to give in and delight in pleasures of the flesh… all I had to do was open my legs.

“How? Preferably… in a warm bed,” I reply, raising a brow. I wait for him to take a step forward before I bark, “Tut, tut… I changed my mind. No, thank you!” I open my legs to Torrent as I say it anyway, leaning back and dipping a hand between my thighs.

His eyes roam downward and I snap my legs closed again a second later and sit up, the expert tease, before standing to face Torrent with as much bluffed confidence as I can muster.

On the outside, I am trying my best to appear unwavering in my 22 years of life.

In front of someone literally centuries older than I.

On the inside, however, I am a bundle of nerves.

Handling human men was like chewing through overcooked rice. Far too soft and mostly unsatisfying to digest.

Mystifying cock was another story altogether.

Torrent closes our small distance and puts a hand on my neck, brushing off my long and knotted brunette hair.

He completely dwarfs me as his eyes travel over my face and my neck.

Torrent watches the rate of my pulse as it gives away my true anxiety.

“Why are you scared for such a well fucked Viperae?” Torrent rumbles low, “What in the realms are you hiding… little girl?”

“Secrets I shall never tell,” I whisper, staring at his torso before glancing up into Tor’s eyes, “…now are you going to give me a reason to live… or are you going to execute me at dawn with the last memories I have of sex, as you say, being mortal cocks –”

Torrent falls for it, cupping the back of my jaw and skull more steadily as he leans down and presses his hard lips to my own.

I close my eyes and the pressure and feeling of his mouth, tasting on mine, is just like Zarcar – !

I whimper with desire and open my mouth to his, taking in more, reaching for his tongue with mine. I’m on my tip toes, absolutely desperate for more against a mouth moving so deliberately slow… torturing my obvious desires… bastard.

I snap open my eyes in frustration, looking into Torrent’s amused gaze.

“Fuck me,” I beg, reaching up my hands, grabbing his neck, “Take me.”

Torrent pulls up and a hint of a smirk comes through, until his hands grasp my hips and thrusts me around, pushing me into the dungeon wall, my knees scraping against the stone bench as he pulls out my butt and leans in over me.

“Why don’t you give me a reason to let you live, little girl,” Torrent whispers in my ear, teeth scraping down my neck, “After disobeying me in my own palace and my Kingdom.”

I think quickly and I come up with my manipulative answer, “A reason…? Because I do not breed… I fuck –”

Torrent hasn’t even heard the last word hiss from my mouth, because he’s pulled up my dress and shoved into my behind, his cock slipping forward precisely into my awaiting pussy.

Torrent doesn’t have to tell me to shut up, he fucks into my wet tight hole, thrusting me into the wall ruthlessly, holding up my arms and positioning them above my head.

I’m moaning on every thrust as I feel his weight pressing down… pressing in…

Yes, this was soooo much better than mortal cock.

Torrent doesn’t do anything romantic in the least. He simply fucks me like a little whore he can use before her last hours in this realm.

It’s also a punishment, for striking Varkinya, one of his many loves.

I do not complain, I simply feel my pussy being opened like a virgin being penetrated again after 3 years. A huge Mystifying cock to make my body tremble and squirm and pulse sporadically around him.

It was building… so quickly in every capillary.

I couldn’t hold it back.

I scream with my first blinding orgasm and Torrent fucks me through it, straight into at least two more muscle straining explosions from within my womb.

I cum, I cum and I cum again.

Torrent unleashes his seed inside my womb when he’s ready too, and then he releases my poor arms, already bruised from such a tight hold. Torrent steps back slowly to stand still in the middle of my cell. He is watching me spin around, weak limbed, knees bloody as I fall on my ass and shuffle back into the corner of the stone bench.

I hold one knee to my chest as I watch the tall satisfied Mystifyer, while I’m still panting with the releases that shook me from the middle of my core.

I bite my bottom lip, awaiting Torrent’s judgement as he looks at me closely.

Still, he seems neutral.

Completely expressionless.

Even after fucking me like that.

He strokes his half used cock, with one palm, cleaning off my warm and abundant juices.

Torrent shakes out his hand once and I hear the wetness splatter against the walls. We made a mess, alright.

And then I wait, holding my breath.

For the real final judgement.

“What will you do with me now?” I whisper it with a broken voice, on the edge of tears.

I am overwhelmed.

Torrent’s lip twitches up and then down as he growls out an impatient deep warning. To himself. I assume. And then he answers me, in a low tone.

“You shall live.”

That’s it.

Torrent turns and exits my dungeon, slamming the cell door shut, locking it in place.

“Enjoy your accommodation, Viperae,” Torrent glances up at me, briefly, before leaving.

“Tor –!” Damn it. It’s useless to beg. I shut my mouth. Torrent has already strode away, not waiting for my opinion.

When he is out of sight, I hiss out a breath between my teeth.

I was alive, pleasured and bleeding… but I was also breathing to live another day.

However, I was stuck in an underground dungeon, until Torrent felt like letting me out.

Are you happy now? I call to Andoll.

He enjoyed your screaming, Andoll responds for the first time, smug and very quiet, remember that for next time.

Of course, you’d mention that… ha… but… oh, why… why did you say that, Andoll? I wait for her to respond, waiting for the punch line or even clarification.

But Andoll doesn’t say anything. I still had a lot to do, to make it up to her.

I had to satisfy Lucifer into fully resurrecting Andoll – so I had to pull Torrent deep into his demonic most qualities. I had to ruin his soul. Return him to Hellfire.

And then I would get my best friend back, and I could return home.

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