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Vol 2. Chapter 5

Sleeping in the dungeon the second night is particularly rough. My dreams are heated and burning, despite the fact I’m freezing. I dream of…

fire, blood, bone and lava…

I lie crumpled in a skeleton throne, my lungs heavy with the hot steaming air, every breath hurts.

“You did well.”


I can’t see him, but I feel a hand in my hair, sweeping through… I almost feel my soul leaving my body, but he passes by and stands in front of me.

I can’t see his face, I can just see his leather pants and his giant stance.

Like any Mystifyer.

On the battle field, he had appeared as Zarcar… his legs even now… could be manifesting my first love. It was great manipulation for the heart and mind.

“I haven’t finished,” I whisper, blinking, “I haven’t gotten Torrent to turn to Hellfire.”

“You said enough.”

“I don’t understand,” I focus on his boots, the cracked lava pouring through, tickling his clothes but not burning.

“…I’m a demoness, you’re a demon… you understand… don’t you? We live for killing, burning and slaughtering…” Lucifer recites my words to Torrent, “Perfect provocation for the King of Uldaya. You haven’t even realised the extent of your success.”

“I’m in a dungeon and Tor ignores me, I have done nothing…”

“Yet he’s summoned your precious Zarcar, while you rot in that cell as a Draconess whore. And all the while, you’re reminding Torrent of greater power. To lose his Ash… he simply has to break one of the commandments he follows. He shall do that soon when he fucks you publically from a stage… it’s a punishment so devious, it’s designed for you to give in before he follows through… you won’t give into his advice, will you, sweet demoness… you’ll provoke him further the only way you know how.”


It’s too much.

It’s too easy.

It’s – it’s perfect.

“…and what about Andoll?” I whisper her name, my eyes sliding shut as tears roll down my face and they soon burn off to join the steam.

“Will be resurrected as per the payment.”


“Really. Are you ready to get fucked, Chyronex?”

“Oh, always…may I ask… what Commandment is Torrent breaking…?”

“The first. ‘You shall have no other deities but one god’. He’ll break into worshipping you instead. Worshipping you with whips, binds and the attention you crave. Wouldn’t you consider it a win, win, Chyronex? Not all deals with the devil end in death.”

“Oh, well, I guess I should thank you for the years of torture my heart went through.”

“All for an expansion. Are you ready… truly ready to rule the greatest Venatores this world has ever seen?”

“Why would you want that for me? You command the demons I kill.”

“I’m sending in an army to test you, when you least suspect it. By that stage, we’ll see how strong you really are. And if you win the war, I’ll give you a prize… Empress of Uldaya. You’ll be above all of your lovers.”

“Above Kings? Why, Lucifer, I feel you enjoy my company…?” I ask, whispering it in delight.

Lucifer leans down into my vision, taking the shape of Zarcar’s handsome face… planting a scorching kiss to my cheek, by my ear, “You’re fun to toy with…”

His words whisper in my ear, filling my mind when –


I jolt awake, I’m suddenly sitting up right to find Lixar sitting beside me, shaking my arms after lifting me up from my dream. He’s grinning.

“What in hell?” I ask while my teeth chatter together, then he finally stops shaking me.

Lixar scoffs and lets me go, laying a hand on my lap… between my legs… slowly pressing down.

I raise a brow and let my legs part slightly, so his hand dips below.

“What do you want?” I ask, in a low growl.

“I get to fuck you whenever I want,” Lixar chuckles, “…why would I miss out on that opportunity, free sex… all the other women in this Kingdom abhor me,” Lixar wiggles his eyebrows with the sarcasm.

I snap my legs around Lix’s hand but he forces his fingers forward, inside me, despite the strength of my thighs.

“Oh, no,” I droop my eyes, “Whatever shall I do…?” Lixar raises a brow and starts to finger fuck me, “Lix, I thought you… hated… me…” he gets rougher and I loosen the coiling muscles in my legs. I lean back and sigh, giving him easier access, “Whatever… pleasure me then…”

Lixar takes his fingers from me abruptly, the moment I relax.

I glare up at him. Lixar zips down his Commander’s navy pants, pulling out a hard cock.

He sits next to me and strokes it, leaning back his head.

“You should ride me, since you’re so desperate,” Lixar laughs to himself.

“Fuck off –”

“Oh, come on,” Lixar pouts and holds his cock up, “Don’t you miss me?”

“Are you speaking for your cock now?” I growl, as I lean up anyway… then I sigh and crawl over… I generously sniff his cock head... pretending to consider my meal.

Lixar slaps it against my cheek a couple of times and I bite my bottom lip… he slowly smirks, at ease as I open my mouth and flick my tongue across his head, only teasing… I open my mouth, about to swallow him whole… but then I pull back and pout at him.

“…I never thought I’d see you so blatantly wanton, Chyronex, you really are a desperate little slut now…” Lixar teases me back and his bait works.

I gasp.

Lixar quicikly slides a fist through my hair, winds the knotted brown mess around his fingers and then pushes my head down while my lips are open. In a split second, my mouth is filled with his cock… and then with another rough push… my throat opens to accommodate him as well.

I gag unexpectedly and Lixar pulls me right off, feigning a frown.

He forces me to look up at him directly, twisting my head with my hair.

“I’m so sorry, did I catch you off guard, sweety?” Lixar questions, grinning when I dare open my mouth again, because he just shoves me back down.

While Lixar face fucks me ruthlessly, I grab his thighs and dig my nails in.



He just lets out a growl of pleasure from the pain and starts to rise his hips with each thrust.

Lix doesn’t dare let me up for air again, so I have to focus on finishing him quicker. I suck on his dick as expertly as I can.

Some time passes and eventually Lixar unhands my hair and pats me instead.

“Keep going, yeah, just like that –” Lixar enjoys himself while I continue, now hell bent on finishing him.

“Should I be surprised?” Oh, no.


I pull up and Lixar quickly grabs the back of my head again, pushing me down all the way to the base of his cock.

“Don’t talk,” Lixar growls at me, while Torrent is watching from outside the cell, “How are the preparations going, Tor?”

“I want the prisoner weak and starved when I punish her. So I’ve delayed the occasion for tomorrow night,” Torrent drawls.

I roll my eyes to the side to see Tor watching me pleasure Lixar. I enjoy being watched, actually, so I suck a bit harder, using my tongue, making slurping noises on purpose.

Lixar bucks and Torrent rolls his eyes.

“Fuck, yes, more of that,” Lixar encourages me.

“Keep her going,” Torrent opens the cell door, he doesn’t disrobe, he simply walks up behind my ass, lifts my dress and smacks me once – hard.

I choke and Lixar growls, happily.

“Whores should know they’re place,” Torrent drawls while he spanks me again, and I choke some more, tears falling from my eyes, “Do you enjoy this, Chyronex?”

Lixar lifts me up finally, so I can breathe.

“Yes –” I answer, huskily, while Lixar finishes stroking his shaft and ends up cumming all over my face.

I squeak out and try to pull back but Lixar holds me in place, covering my cheeks and my lips.

When he’s done, only then does he unhand me and stand, smirking at Torrent.

“You done, Commander?” Torrent asks in a monotone while I sit back on my heels and turn to look at both of them.

“…yeah,” Lixar loses his smirk for a second, slowly zipping his pants,“…I’ve got… a few things I need to do…” Lixar adds, nodding at Torrent, “Your highness.”

Torrent makes an indiscernible noise, basically asking for Lixar to leave us.

…was Torrent being possessive already…? Shit…

I watch Lixar leave while my breaths slowly steady.

I had to get my mind to clear of sex so I could still be witty enough.

I didn’t want to be on the back end with Torrent.

Although I wouldn’t mind him on my back end…

Satisfied?” Torrent snaps and looks me over, at the cum dripping down my face and the kneeling position I maintain on my cold stone bench. Tor then explains his presence, “...I smelled your sweat from a night terror… what did you dream about…?”

I gulp.

I couldn’t let him know.

Besides, I told him I was full of secrets I’d never tell, so he shouldn’t ask me questions.

“Forget me,” I murmur, lifting a finger and testing his reaction as I swipe up some of Lixar’s cum and press it on my tongue, sucking it clean, “...mmm…” I smack my lips and I see that Torrent doesn’t flinch. Interesting. He’s simply listening, “I’m curious, Torrent. The occasion you’ve pushed back for tomorrow night… to have me starved…” where I’d be fucked in public, but I didn’t know that yet off him so I had to play coy, “What are you planning for me, dearest King of Uldaya?”

“You inspired me last night,” Torrent explains, without flinching, “Speaking as a wild Viperae. I know how to break Draconesses like you. And it’s not about time or patience. That’s only made you worse. It’s about split decisions. You’ll have your choice. In front of all of Uldaya who dare witness your submission… or your submission…” Torrent slowly smiles at his own catch.

So, he played games too, just like Zar… he liked submission as well… just like Zar.

They had more in common than I first thought.

“Are you here to fuck me, or are you hear to talk?” I growl the question dangerously, “My job as a whore in a dungeon is quite boring if all we’re going to do is talk.”

Torrent watches me, his eyes firing with centuries worth of knowledge. How to answer me. Appropriately.

“Get on your knees,” Torrent commands me.

I smile and slide off the bench, kneeling below him.

I wait for him to pull out his cock. But he doesn’t. Not yet.

“Now repeat after me,” Torrent murmurs, standing above me.

“Now repeat after me,” I smile and I see his cheek twitch with annoyance.

“Please,” Torrent continues, brutally, “Fuck me, Master Torrent, in the ass. I want my last meal to be fed from my behind.”


“I’m not saying that,” I react too quickly.

Shoot. I was meant to agree to depravity like that… fuck.

Torrent’s gaze hardens.

“Then your last night and day as a whore in a dungeon is going to be very boring indeed,” Torrent starts to turn.

I open my mouth to say it but I can’t get the words out… it’s just too embarrassing… argh… so I speak instead, “Fuck you! You call yourself a King?” I get to my feet as he exits the cell and slams the door shut before I can slip through. I grab the bars and I press my cheeks to them, “Why don’t you just take what you want? I won’t protest… and even if I did… no one’s going to hear me…” I growl low, hoping to tempt him to stay.

Torrent is not impressed, he stands closer, looking right down at me, watching my face contort in desperation.

He lets it sink in, lets me be embarrassed by my own behaviour.

Torrent almost turns to leave, but then he pauses, and speaks, “You’re rather entertaining for a stupid slut,” Torrent finally turns and stalks off.


“But I’m so bored in here!” I yell.

I watch desperately as Torrent turns the corner.



“…please fuck me, Master Torrent…” I whisper it, through gritted teeth, “I want my last meal… to be fed… from my behind.”

Argh. Ew. Gross!

I hated saying that. It was so fucking humiliating.

I’m just glad he’s not here to hear it.

I sigh and turn, pacing back to my bed, lying on my stomach on the cold bench, I groan, face down into the chilly stones.

Argh. Another day, another night, now no food and –

My cell door creaks open.

What the…? I don’t even look, but I freeze, a bit confused.

Until I feel my dress being pulled up and hot thighs pressing in either side of my ass.

“That wasn’t so hard, was it?” Torrent snarls from above me and I lift my ass a little bit, even though I don’t need to. He pushes me back down and spreads my ass cheeks himself, spitting a glob of saliva on my second hole, “Don’t. Speak. Or I’ll fuck you all night and when I’m done I’ll make you clean my cock in your dirty whore mouth.”

Oh, no, no thank you.

I stay still for him instead and I bite my tongue.

Torrent keeps my cheeks spread as he pushes his cock forward, prodding then thrusting, into my ass.

He splits me open, pushing in inch by inch.

I start to pant and whine, but I keep any words in.

Torrent eventually gains a good angle then thrusts all the way in, his balls pressed against my pussy. Then he pulls out, and thrusts back in again.

Long, deep, hard thrusts. While I’m held down with strong, hot thighs and heavy hands on the back of my spine and neck.

I’m cumming by the time he starts a steady rhythm. Torrent fucks me hard and so fucking perfect that I’m cumming over and over again like the first time.

I love it, I love it so much! The size of his cock, the persistent rough thrusts, the longevity in his game.

It’s so good… it makes me wonder.


Why… why on Earth… why in Hell… why in Heaven… would Torrent request Zarcar to come to Uldaya, then fuck me like this?

I already know the answer and I don’t like it.

Torrent was officially trying to turn me to him. He wanted me to pick him. No wonder Lucifer was pleased.

Torrent was already obeying the rule book Lucifer set out for me to command.

But now… if Zarcar was coming… when he got here… would he even forgive me, when he found out about this kind of betrayal?

Would my Venatores ever be the same again?

Or would I lose Zarcar forever, and never gain his trust, ever again?

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