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Vol 2. Chapter 6

Andoll was an excited crazy lunatic all throughout last night and all of today. As for I, I could barely talk, I was so hungry and worn out from being fucked by Torrent. No water. No food. Just Andoll speaking of what she’d do once resurrected.

She would be alive again, after Torrent fell for me completely by following through with the public fucking. I’m being led to the stone fuck-bench now, with weak strides, a wobbly vision and a warm locket around my neck.

Lixar undressed me, but even he let me keep Andoll’s locket on my skin.

“Don’t look so depressed, at least it’ll be fun, Chyronex,” Lixar kisses my temple; mockingly.

And then I think about Torrent fucking me in front of his Kingdom.

And I think about Zarcar coming back.

And I think about Andoll maybe not coming back, if I dare have a conscious about any of this.

So, my tears well up as my plan unfolds. Provoke Torrent into fucking me senseless; the punishment. Get Andoll back.

Then, if I could, flip everything. I’d no longer have an excuse to fuck every man like a whore because I was avoiding this. Forcing Torrent to fall for me. Forcing him to worship me because I was provoking his Mystifying instincts into taming me.

“…are they whore tears I see…?” Lixar is still joking as he leads me through a private path, which would eventually lead up to the alter, the stone bench… and the end of this journey.

However, Lixar’s humour more than annoys me.

“Shut up, Lix,” I snarl loudly and glare up at him, while he closes his lips and slowly shakes his head, looking forward. He’s both guilty and frustrated.

But then Lixar makes it worse, “Guess who arrived through Uldaya’s gates late this afternoon–?” I don’t let Lixar finish.

I hiss under my breath while the moon light shines down on me, I grab his clothes and set them on fire. Lixar jerks away but speaks his own strong spell to cease the flames. Scowling, Lixar simply shoves me in front and makes me walk.

On the way, I start to see high born people waiting at the back of the stage. VIP access. I spot Varkinya, with her braided blonde hair, straying on her own as a typical Draconess, watching me from behind an old oak tree.

Her eyes sparkle with amusement but I look away.

I’m surprised when she says nothing as I pass.

I stop briefly when I see Torrent standing up now on the stage, silencing a large crowd.

Lixar snaps at me to keep moving, but I had to gather my last round of strength.

I raise my chin high and relax my shoulders back. When I glance at Varkinya over my shoulder I see she’s lost her smile, but she does look rather intrigued.

I simply look forward again as Lixar and I hurry upward. He tries to make it appear as if he’ll drag me, but I keep pace now. Lixar was clearly quite bitter about all this.

No doubt he wanted to fuck me on the stage, but he wasn’t the King.

“Come on up, bring the prisoner,” Torrent curls his fingers and looks back at me. Lixar hands the chains that lead to my wrists, to Torrent. They both nod their respect to each other.

While that happens, I face the crowd; stark naked. At first I can’t see much. It’s dark and the light blinding from the front of the stage fires, blocks out most of the heads down back. I blink a couple of times and I do a quick scan… my heart skips a beat.

This wasn’t a hundred people.

This was thousands of civilians, come to see a prisoner receive a King’s punishment.

Lixar stands back, while I show a smirk to Torrent, who has been sending me a hardened gaze, “Chryonex, you enjoy this?” his voice travels, a King’s amusement slowly seeping through.

“Indeed I do… now, why am I here? Are you going to whip me in front of this crowd?” I ask innocently, pretending I don’t know the plan.

Torrent doesn’t look me in the eye, he faces the people as he speaks, “There are only two options for this Draconess whore who insulted and struck out at a Queen of Uldaya; Varkinya,” the crowd gasp, clearly on the side of Varkinya dearest… oh boohoo… “Chyronex, this young Draconess, can choose one of two things. Submission to her King and Kingdom Uldaya, or having a crowd of witnesses see her bleed while getting fucked into submission,” Torrent snarls the last part, finally facing me. Some of the crowd cheer and I pretend to part my lips in shock. Torrent’s gaze hardens. He doesn’t want me to choose to get fucked, he wants me to have an epiphany and realise I should change. If I choose the moral high ground, then Torrent won’t have to return to Hellfire, he can break away from his newest obsession with punishing me. He continues while I don’t even blink, which simply intrigues the Mystifyer further, “Kneel and proclaim your submission to me, Chyronex, pledge your life to me, apologise to Varkinya… or get punished and humiliated for your crime. Choose.”

I’m ashamed to say the answer of how to reply comes far too easy to my cracked lips, “Torrent, Torrent, Torrent…” as I start, my voice echoes out, “You want my respect and my bowed head. Yet you have no real knowledge of how to tame a Draconess like me. You’ve never even met a Demoness like me. You are far too stupid to handle a woman like me and your own full blooded brother is a coward who couldn’t handle a Queen like me. You are afraid. Like Zarcar. Like him. You’re unworthy of being called a Mystifyer… you’re so old now anyway… old and done… I am free of your ancient mind… I’m young and bold and powerful on my own, so I will never, ever submit to your rule. Like… Varkinya said… you’ve mellowed out, so have a seat on your throne before you hurt yourself....”

A moment of silence for my words to echo around and Torrent to consider my response.

Insulted his Queen. Insulted his brother. Insulted his age. Insulted his power. Insulted his rule. Insulted his legend.

Was I clear enough?

“You’ll scream for that,” Torrent’s deep voice is now razor sharp. He winds the chains around his palm and the crowd slowly starts roaring.

My heart kicks up a notch while Torrent guides me to the stone bench and shoves me forward. I grip the edge while Torrent uses a spare hand to thread through my hair, pulling my head back so I have to watch the crowd.

Torrent pauses.


“Last chance… stupid whore…” Torrent repeats, one last time, “Do you submit to my rule? Do you really want this?” he snarls it at me.

And then my whole world stops.

My eyes take in the crowd and I even see Varkinya slip into the front lines, reading my expression, her eyes curious.

The rest of the Kingdom is about to see me get totally defiled.


I didn’t want this.

I wanted Zarcar. I wanted my old Venatores back.

“Chyronex,” Torrent warns me one last time, “Choose.”

Burn in Hellfire,” I snarl it and I close my eyes, thinking of Andoll.

You did it! Thank you, Chyronex, my ties to limbo just snapped, I’m coming back right now! I’m coming b -!

Total joy and peace. My only consolation.

Andoll’s last words whisper through my mind. I feel her spirit presence lift from my chest, the locket now empty. I can’t see where she goes, but I know she’s being restored to full life somewhere.

Just as suddenly as she is free, Torrent slams into the back of me, a snarl breaking from his throat.

He proceeds to fuck me like an animal. There are no other words to this kind of fucking. Even though it feels fine, my heart is finally let loose of those bonds from Lucifer’s deal.

I’m free and my eyes strain through the crowd, looking for those two black endless pits for orbs. Beautiful eyes to me.

I blink through tears of relief but also torment, when I finally see… both of them.

I spot Rey first, hair grown even longer, a snarling lip and a sharp Vampyre fang on display as he watches the scene from the back of the crowd. It’s like they’ve just arrived to the show. Beside him, I see the other tall giant, my eyes travelling over the royal purple uniform of the Immortal King’s prized Warlord. I can’t breathe when my eyes travel up past his torso, but before I can even see past his neck, before I can see into his face and his eyes – my own mistake of failing to keep breathing causes my vision to flicker, a pressure on my brain causing my limbs to weaken.

No oxygen, no food, no water. Hell itself consumes me when I pass out; I’m totally humiliated by this stage. I’m freely broken from Lucifer’s bonds but I’m freely broken all the way through in every other manner.

I hate him so much. I hate Lucifer. I hate what he’s done to me. What he’s made of me. The devil played me. Andoll was gifted back to me, in return my soul was shattered.

When I woke up, I somehow had to find my soul again and unite what was mine.

I only had two things left that couldn’t be scratched from my destiny – I was still a Draconess. I could still command a Venatores into war.

I just wasn’t sure exactly what kind of Venatores was waiting for me on the other end, now that all this had come to pass.

3 ungodly years of it, coming to its filthy end.

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