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Vol 2. Chapter 11

I don’t mind intercepting Zarcar when he’s calmed down, so for now… I’ll just deal with Torrent’s moods. I slip into the bathroom, also proudly naked. I turn from Torrent’s naked form to face the bath.

I test the steaming water with one toe before forcing myself to step right into the uncomfortably hot water until I adjust.

It’s a large enough tub for two and I feel Torrent’s gaze as I spin, grab the rim and slowly lower myself down into the water all the way.

Ahhh. Heaven like Hell.

I inhale slowly, relaxing down all the way into the water when –

“You do not control the direction of our interactions, Chryonex,” Torrent comes to stand by my side of the bath – his cock at my eye level.

“Oh?” I ask, disinterested as I close my eyes and lean my head back, sighing, “Elaborate, oh mighty King of Uldaya –”

“Open your mouth.”

“I am done with cocks today,” I murmur, keeping my eyes confidently closed, even though I can read his mind.

I wonder just how far Torrent will take it to prove a point.

First, I feel his knowing hand slowly wrap into my messy knotted hair at the base of my skull, slowly winding it around his fist. Second, I hear Tor’s irritation and impatience through the low noise he makes in his throat.

Third, Torrent decides to play rough.

He yanks my head up, rough as he does it. My eyes fly open, as does my scowling mouth – and then my face hole is officially plugged by a fully erect and horny Mystifyer that just came minutes ago.

I shouldn’t be surprised.

Torrent holds me down, his cock jumping at the back of my mouth, forcing his way deeper until I’m uncomfortably trying to breath around him.

I glare up at a concentrated Torrent, while he slowly pulls my head back and then allows me to breathe. A few seconds later and he begins ruthlessly slamming my face up and down his shaft, balls deep and back again.

Smack, smack, smack.

How rude!

I was trying to enjoy this bath – !

“I do,” Torrent murmurs, holding his cock deeper and forcing my chin still against his balls, “I control the direction of our interactions. Only I. You don’t get a say while in my Kingdom. You…” he finally unhands my hair and allows me to move.

I pull right off gagging, “Cruel pig –”

You are my brother’s untamed pet. I want to make you a promise, because I know your eyes are all for Zar, my baby brother,” Torrent leans down, squatting to meet me at eye level, “By the time I break you in, you’ll only have eyes for your Master; me. And you will change your choice in mate.”

“You’d betray your own brother that easily, how in love with me are you, Torrent?” I scoff while I feel like quite the evil witch as I kick back into the water and splash one leg up, pointing my toe to the elaborate ceiling, depicting whorls and swirls, like magic in life form, “Oh, I guess you’re indisputably in love. I am so captivating and gorgeous, aren’t I? Torrent?” I smile at my own smug tone as Torrent crosses his arms over the rim and lays his chin down to gaze in at me, amused.

“You do not control the direction of our interactions. I do,” Torrent repeats, in a gentle tone. And it’s kind of freaky.

But still.

“I know you’re old but you don’t have to repeat yourself every few moments, Torrent dearest,” I lean up to kiss him, just to make it more demeaning.

Instead, Torrent shakes his head, holding in a scoff of his own as he stands and jumps into the bath, between my legs.

I do not move, but I already feel my womb shiver when I anticipate his hands on my skin, pulling me this way and that, using me for his own pleasure.

Which in turn, would end up being all my pleasure.

I wait as Torrent indeed, slips his palms under my arm pits and lifts me, turning me to face outward.

I grab the end of the tub and Torrent grabs my hips, pulling me straight down onto his awaiting cock.

The water sloshes as he starts to fuck me like a damn bull.

“Thank you,” I try to force out a witty response, and Torrent fucks me harder every word I manage to speak, “For. Serving. Me -!

Now Torrent pulls back, me with him.

Before I know it, he’s shoving my head under the bath water.

I can’t breathe.

I can’t talk.

I can’t –

He pulls my hair back and I gasp out of the water, suddenly panicking.

Torrent, stop –!”

“Are you done?” Tor snarls from behind me, “I can do this all day, Chyronex – whatever you need.”

Without asking, Torrent shoves my head back down.

I push back on his hand and strength but I can’t move. It’s the most terrifying second, ever. I lose my need to squeeze down on him. To drain him. To fuck with him. I don’t want this –

And then I’m free to move!

But not because Torrent pulls me up.

I splash around in the bath, scrambling up as I turn to see Rey in the bathroom, Torrent laid back in the bath, blood on his head from being knocked out cold.

“What in Hellfire do you think you’re doing, provoking him?” Rey snarls at me, even though he clearly just protected me from Torrent’s sudden and extreme cruelty.

“I… I…” I gulp down tears, “He could have drowned me -” I start but Rey overtakes.

“Oh, yes,” Rey slides a hand through Torrent’s silver hair, messing it up, “This King did not become such a legend from being a sweet man, Chyronex…” Rey looks back to me, “If I were you, I’d submit to his games before they get any more violent – you don’t want to know what limit Torrent will stop at. Zarcar has dignity. Torrent has ambition. Ambition is different. Ambition is dangerous. And you’re my Slave Queen,” Rey approaches me, while I’m speechless.

In the midst of my adrenaline running short, Rey helps me out of the bath and then promptly takes me from the bathroom.

I see Lixar has disappeared with Andoll. It is just Rey and I now.

Without a word, I watch Rey take off his purple robe in the middle of Torrent’s bedchamber and he places it around my shoulders.

“Where are you taking me, Immortal King?” I ask, quietly.

“Let’s find the tallest rooftop,” Rey murmurs, his black silver inked eyes shine with mischief, “I want to see you shift – ” he reaches for my hand, but I pull back.

“And?” I ask. I did not trust Rey’s kindness. He always had secrets.

“You should wreck havoc in his Kingdom, Chyronex,” Rey explains a possible ulterior motive, smirking wider, “Shift into your Draconess and maybe burn a few buildings down. Torrent… deserves it.”

“And I thought you were protecting me from his wrath –!”

“What is a Venatores that does not pester one another, learning from mistakes and games – before, what I meant then, one-on-one provocation, do not provoke Torrent alone.”

“Don’t be ridiculous… he just got carried away -”

“What do you think would have happened if I didn’t intervene?” Rey asks, his tone dropping, his eyes unblinking as he stares right through my façade, “Why do you think there are Draconesses that always succumb? Have you asked yourself how many have simply disappeared in Uldaya? Even I don’t know the answer to that, but I suggest you ask yourself these kinds of questions, Chyronex… be careful who you fall back on… be careful who you choose to cry to first when you’re about to die – who will come running?”


“Yes. And you can count on me too, you may not believe me but I like you better than any other Draconess I’ve met,” Rey explains, scowling as he admits to it, “Perhaps because you don’t remind me of my mother.”

“Well. I am rather keen for a breath of fresh air upon a turret or rooftop.”

“Follow me… whore… Queen,” Rey slips his arm through mine, “You’re infuriating… but it’s always somewhat brilliant with you, isn’t it?”

“Oh, what do you mean?” I ask, “I simply fuck well and speak the truth; when I can.”

“I meant you rule well, as a Draconess,” Rey purses his lips, thinking deeply before adding, “…I myself, do not choose allies unwisely... Chyronex… you are one of the most trustworthy people I know. I know this because your heart is in the right place. I know that by what you did for Andoll. Although I did not believe it when you explained the reason behind your venture to Uldaya; for Andoll’s freedom. It was selfless. It all makes sense now. And you risked everything for loyalty. I can appreciate that. Even from a slut,” Rey smirks and I see a fang glint in the darkness.


I say nothing but my mind wanders.


I really should be an Empress.

Of Torrent’s Kingdom. Uldaya.

Rey’s territory. Swendula.

And everywhere else.

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