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Vol 2. Chapter 12

Rey watches me shift into my claws, upon the tallest turret upon the Uldaya palace.

I’m a rather impressive Draconess and I’m glad my kind is welcome and known in this land.

It means I can fly anywhere.

Rey wants me to burn something.

So, I fly off and I think; what, oh what can I burn?

I fly down to the nearest barracks of foot soldiers training to be city guards. I round it and land on the roof, nibbling a claw and wondering what exactly will piss Torrent off the most.

I don’t get far in those thoughts, when my eyes focus upon a sight I do not wish to see.


Far, far off in the city centre. She is prancing in a blue frilly dress while Zarcar escorts her on her adventure for dresses.


But there is one thing I can’t keep my eye from.

The Onyx tower.

I launch off and fly low, to get the attention of the civilians. My wings cause straw and shopping baskets to go flying, it also gives a big enough gust of wind to burst through Zarcar’s long curls as I take a dramatic dip before I sore upwards.

I shift then land in a puff of smoke upon my Onyx tower, my mind totally sharp and ready for more attention from a certain Mystifyer I just provoked.


Why burn what Torrent possessed?

When I could simply disobey him and dally with his ‘baby brother’.

I don’t even have to look back to know where Zarcar will venture next.

So, confident in my naked swagger, I dance into my room and twirl once before I realise – damn it.

My black and red silks. My pillow nest. My bed. My bath. My ribbons. My jewellery.

Everything; it’s all gone.

The entire place has been gutted at Torrent’s request.

I physically whimper a bit, my hand flying to my chest as I feel the pain of witnessing the violation of my Draconess haven. Mine. My property.


Did I receive no respect?

The more Torrent tightens the reigns, the more I hate him.

I wipe away a single frustrated tear and I walk out the bedchamber door into the corridor winding around the tower with large windows – it reminded me of my Moon tower back in Swendula.

However, the step I take across the threshold has my foot swiping a trap.

As a string lifts, a powdered herbal spell from a darn sorcerer – Torrent again – covers my face and promptly gets inhaled through my nose.

Pepper and everything just as strong.

I sneeze and collapse forward as two guards come running out a second door, my own personal closet – and they throw ropes around me.

Bloody ropes too?

Draconess’ magic was bound when bound. Yep. Neat trick.

I couldn’t burn the darn rope off.

My eyes water and the guards haul me up.

“Caught the scoundrel Draconess, easy,” one laughs, “She’s even naked – do you want a free ride before you get slammed underground for the rest of your immortal life, my lady?”

“At least you have the decency to call me a lady,” I whisper, wiping my eyes as best as I can with straining hands against the rope.

“We ’heard’ you like being fucked in public… do you actually enjoy that kind of attention –?” this other guard makes me want to… well, murder him.

Okay, enough is enough.

My eyes finally stop tearing up. However, when I look, my vision is blurred to blindness from Torrent’s spell.

Bloody hell!

“Look! A demon!” I gasp.

And then I simply back up and ram into one of them, trying to blindly push him out a window if I can.

“…finis spiritus aeternum…”

Whispered masculine words before choking guards fall around me.

“Oooo. Zarcar, you just whispered their mortal souls to leave their bodies, forever? So, you sent them to hell?” I ask Zarcar, even though I can’t see him. I wrestle off the ropes and then hold up my hands. “I’m blind temporarily, help me?” I ask him.

“I am not strong enough to break it,” Zarcar finally admits, “Especially if Torrent mixed the herbs – I’d only make it worse.”

“Oh, where are you?” I keep holding up my hands, looking for his chest to hold, “Stop moving. This is cruel.”

Although not as cruel as Torrent.

“I’m right here.”

Zarcar murmurs suddenly from behind me, a strong force.

He puts his hands on my hips and lifts me.

I know he won’t throw me out a window. I’m totally relaxed as he places me on a window sill and then holds my waist from behind.

“You smell like my… brother,” Zarcar sniffs my hair, “You got everything you wanted.”

“You misunderstand me completely,” I enjoy being blind. I feel quite confident like this.

I lean back into Zar’s chest and he holds me a bit tighter. I move my head back, lifting my cheek and my lips.

“Where is Salt?”


“Why do you care for her name?”

“Because she’ll be dead before winter arrives,” Zarcar is brutal. I do not understand, but he sucks in a deep breath, then explains, “She made a deal with Lucifier. But her payment comes at the end of her granted power. One year, with powers of a Draconess. Then she must be burned in Hellfire – and become his to command… in Hell.”

“Salt did this, to become like me,” I state, “So I inspired her to ruin her soul, that’s a comfort.”

“…she is damned, and nothing can save her. She’ll live powerful, then it’ll all end in fire and blood… Dayarexna believes she will fight him off.”

“Maybe she can?”

“Impossible, she’s barely lived.”

“Have you been training her to fight Lucifer?”

“Hell no.”


“Because she is too weak.”

And now I really feel a soft spot for Dayarexna all of a sudden.

“…because she is a woman…?” I ask, “Young. Woman. But… still.”

“What do you want me to do? Train her, just to see Lucifer punish her eternally for attempting to challenge him? To break the deal?”

“I like Salt.”


“Fine. Dayarexna. I like her a bit more now. She has balls. Like me. Unlike you.”

“You’ve gotten worse…” Zarcar chuckles uncharacteristically and moves his lips to my ear, “You used to be far more complicit – even when out of line. Now you need constant male attention, or you’ll probably start thinking you could rule the world.”

Empress. Actually.

And yes.

I could.


- I hear Zarcar hold back another chuckle? I think.

I must be hearing things.

I sigh, “I will train Dayarexna to join my Venatores and I will help her defeat Lucifer at his own game. We will think of a new deal.”

“Life requires life, he’ll only ask you to kill someone you love; something of that degree… maybe you can throw in Lixar for a swap?” Zarcar lowers his tone, “…we will not speak of deals with the devil anymore. I will not have it.”

“Why, oh why? Does it make you nervous?” I ask, chuckling. I ignore the part about Lixar.

“It burns you from the inside out,” Zarcar growls, “By the time you endure the deal and prove your strength – you’ve lost. Everyone. Which means you’re more reliant upon his deals. Do you understand? You lost me. For 3 years. We’re no longer mates. You severed the bond forever. It’s in our Dragon Lore. You don’t even know it. 3 years. Any bond. At all. Ends. Without contact. Physical or otherwise. We’re done. We can never form a full bond again.”

“…you’re trying to upset me with lies,” I whisper it, holding my breath.

“You can choose me, but we’ll never be able to solidify that bond, darling–”

You would give up that easy?” I hiss.

“It is lore, Chyronex.”

I am pushed too far with this weak come back from Zar.

“Rey changes lores, he has ambition. He changed a Venatores. Torrent has ambition. He rules a Kingdom. What do you have, Zarcar? Besides your damn pleasure you feel from following rules. Where is your ambition? Where is your fire?” I turn and squat, my own magic firing up and burning away the rest of my blindness.

I see…



“…what in the hell…?” I lunge at Lixar’s smirking face.

“It was a joke!” Lixar grabs my arms before I claw his face off, “It was a joke! Zarcar can still be your mate. I was. Just. Joking. Chyronex. Calm. Down.”

“I’m still going to kill you,” I whisper up at him, “I’m going to slaughter you in your sleep, or better yet, when you’re about to unload while fucking – a welcome and deserved death for you, whore.”

“Don’t turn me on, darling, my cock can barely survive another beating – Andoll is quite rough,” Lixar winks.

Then he stares down at my tits while slowly opening my arms to get a better view.

I spit in his face.

“Damn you.”

“I am damned,” Lixar shrugs and slowly looks up to hold my gaze, his amusement falling briefly while his hazel eyes focus on mine, “…you’re so desperate for him… for my cousin. Are you even aware I could be a mate, too?”

You’ve got to be kidding me.

“Lixar,” I whisper, “Seriously.”

“I’m dead serious,” Lixar unhands one of my wrists to grab my neck, pulling me forward, “I can read your mind.”

“That’s exactly why I won’t choose you, you’re annoying,” I hiss.

“You think I’m one of the most attractive men you’ve ever laid eyes on,” Lixar echoes some of my distant, deeper thoughts. A blush creeps up my neck from it. And I’m speechless because of it. He continues, “You never like to think on it, because you’re too insecure for Zarcar’s approval. So, you drown yourself on him. Have you ever considered what kind of mate I’d be?”

“Disloyal, for one,” I growl.

“Fun,” Lixar leans down to speak over my lips, “Way too much fun for a little dumb slut.”

He pushes me back, challenging me.

“You’re just as much a slut as me!” I yell, “We are too alike.”

“I’m here, baby, if you ever need me,” Lixar holds out both his palms, and pouts, “See you around. I’m going to find Andoll before she keeps stealing eggs – she has a thing for them being raw and sometimes scrambles them with grass and dirt. I think it’s some kind of spell but her mind is hard to read–”

“Go babysit her then, because I’m waiting for Zarcar to come up here and lecture me about something,” I cross my arms and raise a brow.

“Lecture you?” Lixar scoffs, “You broke the one rule you should have obeyed. You’re going back to the dungeon. You may as well bring a blanket this time – it’s quite chilly down there and you’ll end up bloody from all the punishment fucking you’ll be put through with Torrent riding you every chance he gets; and ordering me to, as well,” Lixar smiles, warmly.


“Sounds. Terrible,” I smile and wave Lixar off, while I turn to see…


Salt is at the top of the tower stair case.

Which means -

She almost trips and Zarcar appears by her side, leaning down to hold her hand and jerk her up.

As Salt steadies herself, she leans into his side and gives him a brief hug, “Thank you, Zarcar – for that… and for agreeing to be my mate.”

Salt’s eyes slide to mine.

Zarcar blinks. Confused.

“Ooo,” Lixar’s mouth forms into an ‘O’.

But. Zarcar doesn’t deny it.

Although I get a lusty triumphant gaze from his black pitiless eyes as he lets the thought ‘maybe’ be real.

My own eyes?

Fall on –

“Dayarexna… finis spiritus aeternum…”

Burn in Hellfire, bitch. I alight her in my own flames – releasing my magic. Although she screams and tries to fight back with her own fire, mine is simply too powerful.

It roars to life around her until a charred body becomes ash and then dust.

Three. Two. One. Seconds. Over.

“You realise,” Lixar whispers, “She. Was. Joking. Right?”

Zarcar seems to realise I am not the same woman. Lixar seems to realise I am not a complete fool.

“Three,” I spit the word.

“…what?” Lixar keeps the conversation rolling, while Zarcar is simply spell bound by the dust.

Yes. Yes. I killed her.

Time to explain to those too daft.

“I own three of you. I do,” I whisper it, nodding slowly, speaking each word precisely, “Never in history has this occurred. Three. Mystifyers. Mine.” I lick my lips for good measure, “And as for I… I am a Draconess. And Dayarexna started a war with my Venatores,” I turn into Lix now, walking up to his throat and grabbing him tight, “I killed my enemy, to keep secure what is mine. War’s over. We live in peace now.”

It is quite appropriate that Torrent appears at that time, dressed in regal silver clothes, with ruffles like Rey – but he pulls it off just as devilishly.

I unhand Lixar and I turn to smile at Torrent – who does not smile at me as he stands by Zarcar.

“I heard all that. Time to go home, to your new nest, Queen – underground and behind bars indefinitely. Where you belong until needed,” Torrent speaks, tilting his head.

“Sounds delightful,” I smile, “I love dungeons.”

“Good. You will be kept entertained,” Torrent adds, smiling without humour.

“No words, Zarcar?” I raise a brow in his direction.

His shock is slowly clearing and he shakes off the fright and confusion of my actions. He looks at the ash at his feet.

Zarcar seems perturbed by Salt’s death.

When he finally meets my gaze, he is utterly broken by something.

“What the hell has become of you?” Zarcar snarls, stalking forward to pick me up, hands under my arms. I smile down at him mockingly as he holds me above him, shaking me a bit, “This isn’t you. You’re not evil. You’re good and kind and sweet. Brave. Not vile. You’re acting like Lucifer’s Queen. Not a protector of this realm.”

Now, I lose my smile.


“Oh, am I?” I ask, “I made no deal to be Lucifer’s Queen, I don’t even want to… to be…”

“Prove to me you’re still amenable to my words,” Zarcar lowers me down, “…and come with me to your bed – willingly put yourself in that dungeon. Or I will be forced to sever our bond. You must be punished for your actions. But will you come willingly?”

Everything in me wants to scream no.

He’s being ridiculous.

But I don’t want to lose Zarcar.

And I feel he is still simply misunderstanding everything I do and say now.

Torrent watches on, waiting for my defiance.

“I will come,” I place a palm on Zarcar’s cheek, “But I am still me. I am still Chryonex. I… I just don’t think you understand me as well as you think you do.”

“What am I misunderstanding?” Zarcar asks, “You are more reckless now. You are more vicious. More short fused. Needlessly… darling… you need to calm down.”

“I am actually a Queen… and I act a whore. I am a Draconess. I. Am. Me. I’m not influenced by any man, sorcerer or the devil himself. I’m… I’m free, Zarcar. I am free willed. Like all of you.”

“Free,” Torrent scoffs, “Nice speech. Pet.”

“I understand you, babe,” Lixar speaks.

“I do not,” Zarcar growls, “She’s crazy.”


Here I am, trying to be patient.

And my words fly over their heads.

I guess they didn’t understand the reason for Salt’s spontaneous combustion.

Pfft. Men. I was protecting them from a little Venatores-wrecker.

No more.

“I’m willingly walking into a dungeon soon, so yes, I must be crazy,” I jump up and kiss Zarcar’s cheek while winding my arm through his arm.

I lean into his side, exactly like Salt did – to try and get across my meaning.


No one took what was mine.

I had lots of prized toys as a Draconess.

Torrent, Zarcar and Lixar just didn’t realise they were ones.

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