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Vol 2. Chapter 14

Three lonely hours later, I’m unshackled by a smug Lixar; whom has approached covered in bloody gaping wounds. The blood in the gashes all over his body glow purple-blue with slow acting poison.

He finishes releasing me and I step past him.

“Achk,” Lixar drops to his knees and laughs while I rub my wrists and shake my legs out.

I start to run a bath and I ignore him.

“Sour, Viperae. You won’t even ask what happened?” Lixar growls, “Oh, she really is feisty –”

Excuse me?” I turn off the bath and I turn to Lixar in slow motion. He’s leaning against the brick wall by the shackles, sitting basically in my piss puddle, totally uncaring. Frickin’ animal.

“Oenym,” Lixar picks up a spare blanket, drags it over and gets it dirty, then proceeds to use it to rub his wounds clean of the poison, “The most fearsome, untameable, gorgeous Draconess I’ve ever seen; no offence. I still choose you, sour puss–”

“Where is Zarcar?” I blurt, ignoring his teasing and noting the cage door swings open – unlocked.

Lixar shakes his head as he cleans his wounds, “Wooing her.”


“Wooing her in the east forest edge, I swear it; per Torrent’s suggestion and Rey’s humbled command –”

“Rey too?” I snap.

“Zarcar can take her power if they fuck just once, he just needs her virginity –”

Damn it, not this again!

Before Lixar can stop me, I smoke out of the dungeon door and fly away.

My soul soars through the night and I feel Lixar following me close behind in his shifting form as well.

I wait until I’m outside the palace to shift completely, and then my eyes dilate and focus in my Draconess form.

East. Forest. Edge. There.

Zarcar sits on top an exposed green hill with the black haired, charcoal skinned beauty. Her eyes are bright blue from here. She has silver tattoos that grace her skin and a Draconess-styled-dress made out of silver jewellery – an outfit to die for. I fucking love it; but I hate her.

Both potential lovers focus on me the moment my Draconess swoops towards them.

I note Oenym’s quick reflexes as she jumps to her feet. Zarcar halts mid speech to grab her elbow, but her foot goes flying into the side of his face. She snarls something and then shifts as well.

Before I know it, I’m swooping down to a black Draconess who is laying low and getting ready to charge.

Her butt wiggles, her tail slashes through the grass, murdering the length of it.

Zarcar can’t mist fast enough.

My jaws open and I get ready to rip into her face – her left arm and talons extend, ready to swipe – then? Nothing.

I land and skid in the mudd as Zarcar shifts between us, seemingly protecting Oenym.

I back up down the hill, snarling low at his bronze monster form.

Who is this? Oenym asks.

I’m his mate, I snarl and Oenym snorts out and then lifts off, flying away rather gracefully.

I do not share, Oenym sweetly responds to Zarcar, rather than I.

Zarcar doesn’t speak to me, he just slowly walks around me while I stalk the other way.

We circle each other on the hill now that we are alone after I’ve interrupted their little ‘date’. I snort out humoured puffs of smoke.

Mine, I growl, my eyes rolling over his much larger frame; but he must obey me in a war no matter his size.

Of course. I am yours, Chyronex. Yet why do you still play games with my heart now that I’ve returned? Zarcar responds, and I snarl out.

You were about to fuck another, that is playing games, I answer, Torrent’s game. Do not fall for it –

Gotcha, birdy! Lixar comes tumbling onto my back out of nowhere, into my side. He knocks me down with his black scaled Dragon while Zarcar jumps forward while I’m down to nip my neck and lock it in his jaws playfully.

Shift, Zarcar chuckles and I do first, to get out of their stupid hold.

I smoke to the top of the hill, where I stand naked with my arms crossed over my chilled chest – waiting for them to shift as they bicker at each other in their Mystifying forms for another few seconds. They really were on good terms, laughing and swatting each other. Brutes.

Their growls of play shake the earth while my eyes, in the meantime, look down at Oneym’s jewellery left behind and I lean down and whisper, “…evanescet…” copying Torrent’s spell to hide away inanimate objects.

I would take her outfit for myself!

As the silver smokes away, I lean back up and Lixar shifts right behind me, his arms immediately wrapping around my arms and holding me back, in a needlessly tight hug.

My eyes narrow as Zarcar shifts into my front, but a few feet back.

“…Chyronex does play games, cousin. Last I heard, she chose me as her mate, horny little birdy will do anything for a quick cock,” Lixar lies and Zarcar almost buys it, his eyes freezing in their warmth.

“He lies!” I yell and kick my foot back. I somehow manage to make contact with Lixar’s balls and he lets go, laughing. I stalk to Zarcar and I watch him pick up a coat from the hill and throw it over my front.

“Do not catch your death, my Queen,” Zarcar snarls and Lixar laughs some more.

“Go away!” I yell it at Lixar, but Zarcar actually seconds me.

“Yes, leave!” as Zarcar makes the command, Lixar pouts, unfazed.

“I wanted to fuck her, together, cousin,” Lixar sighs.

“We will after I talk to her,” Zarcar growls back, nodding.

“Do I have a say?” I hold up my hand.

“We’ll walk through the forest,” Zarcar adds to Lixar, “Come by when she starts screaming.”

“Noted, Z,” Lixar shrugs, pretending to be okay with it when his hazel eyes really blaze with a secret jealously because he isn’t invited for the walk.

I try to stalk ahead first, pulling on Zarcar’s coat properly. However, he intercepts me sooner, when I assume he’ll walk a few paces to the side just to be annoying.

Zar’s arm winds around my waist and he pulls me in tight, guiding me into the path of the forest, heading through throbbing and glowing fungi. At least we’re not in complete darkness.

Chyronex, I thought you would be jealous,” Zarcar admits, “And I’m glad you were,” Wait. The hell? He just admitted to that –? He adds, “I have been meaning to get you alone; properly to myself. So we can finally work out our discrepancy. The large gap in time we did not interact clearly took a toll on both of us. I’m… glad, in all of this, to have you back, however. Despite what’s happened in between.”

“You understand, then?” I ask, “And forgive me for all of it?”

“Yes… however, my instincts tell me something else, so be truthful; what in the hell are you really planning, Viperae?”

I have new ambition to rule –” I have barely started when Zar cuts me off.

“I thought so. You’ll abandon that idea immediately. I want you focusing on what’s more important; your identity. You’re too young to rule anything. Power is not an issue. Who you are is more important. Do you want to live in a dungeon for the rest of your life?”

Obviously not, lizard brain.

“I’m enjoying it –” I drawl, smirking.

“But you enjoyed the Onyx Tower more –”

“Well of course, you brute, how stupid do you think I am?” I try not to lose my patience entirely.

“I want you living with me in my house in Swendula,” Zarcar surprises me; again!

“You… what? You have a residence now?” I murmur, feeling unsettled by it, for some reason.

“I built around your Moon Tower, at the base of it – I thought you could own your floor and I’d occupy the bottom… it was based off the hope you would return, but those thoughts do no matter now. I see where it went wrong. However, your future can be secured. You; not just my Draconess. But as my wife.”


My Draconess bones stir. My Moon Priestess heart clenches. I reject it. Not him; the idea of servitude in a kitchen and stitching socks. No. Ew.

“May I remind you. I am obliged to please 4 men and now I must marry one as well?” I joke on it, the best way to go about it with Zar.

“You know I mean it figuratively. You shall fuck who I approve. I approve Rey, Torrent and Lixar. I am fine by that.”

Approval. Pssh. Oh, Zar…

“And what shall I do in Swendula? Be chained to your bed? Cook you stew every night?” I ask.

“You know I prefer rope to chains…” Zarcar does not deny anything else, though, “Torrent seems pretty set on taming you. I am fully aware of his stubborn mind.”

I decide to allow Zarcar to get away with not answering my light questions on servitude in his house. I was not worried about arguing of his ideas of submission between man and woman just yet, because I knew I’d be able to sway him eventually; but it would take action over words.

“Tor wants me as a mate,” I whisper it, wondering if Zarcar already knows this and is content with it. Mystifyers were often jealous, so it was a ponderous game sharing so many in my Venatores.

“In truth, sweetheart, if you chose Torrent, I would simply still steal you away and fuck you ‘against your will’ every single night, just to spite him; knowing you’d enjoy it anyway. You’re a whore for demonic fucking,” as Zarcar smirks, so do I.

The thought is silly, but it does make me wet for it.

“That I am, Warlord, and speaking of fucking – we need to do so, right now!” I step in front of Zar, in his step. He’s never seen me so outrightly confident in my sexual nature. I used to be so shy. I put my palms on my Warlord’s wide naked chest and I stare at his neck as I speak, pretending to be slightly submissive, “Shall we fuck… oh handsome Warlord?”

Please say yes. Please say y-

“You can speak real with me; no need for such dramatics,” Zarcar growls over me, scolding me for being so sassy – and my pussy drips down my thighs.

I like it when he scolds me.

Zarcar’s nostrils flare as I liquefy slowly from the inside.

My eyes flicker finally, from his neck, to his eyes.

No dramatics?

“You want plain old Chyronex?” I ask, losing my sickly sweet tone, “I’ll give it to you. I don’t ever want you to let me go,” every word is spiced with vulnerability and my breath catches as I think about how much I just want him to myself again.

Zarcar’s black eyes blink slow, satisfied, then he grabs my waist and lifts my entire body up, until my knees land on his shoulders and I can sit on his face. I hold his hair as his gaze pierces through my soul; promising everything.

I love him.

His tongue flicks out and rubs my clit – I pant.

His tongue flames and burns my clit – and I whimper.

Zarcar murmurs from below, “Don’t scream or Lixar will ruin the m –”

“I’m right here,” Lixar steps out from behind a tree, still naked, alone and staring at my tits while I’m on Z’s shoulders.

Zarcar groans frustration into my pussy, his tongue now plundering in a haste while he can.

As I squirm and thread my fingers through his brown locks, Lixar waltzes forward, wounds healed, smirk growing.

“One more thing, birdy,” Lixar adopts a sly tone, “I called for Torrent to join.”

“Lixar!” I hiss at him while Zarcar tongue does a slow dive and gathers some of my juices to swallow, “You idiot!”

“He’s not very happy you left your dungeon without his permission, tut tut,” Lixar continues, “Oh well, I guess you’ll have to be punished.”

“She left without anyone’s permission?” Zarcar pulls me back down and it’s my turn to pout.

“So?” I ask.

Zarcar’s black pitiless gaze finally settles on mine and his mouth curls a bit, using the opportunity to say it, “So you’re getting punished, Chyronex. I’m sure we’ll exhaust you to the point you know real compliance,” Zar’s own words cause his cock to harden magnificently… and rather maliciously.

His demon cock is hungry, but my demonic little puss also needed attention.

Real compliance?

Idiot mate.

I roll my eyes in defiance – just so Zarcar catches my lips in his, one hand squeezing around my neck, choking out a breath. I gasp into his mouth and I get lost in the taste of my pussy still on his tongue.

Fuck. I whored for them before – but I knew this time would be different.

I was utterly ravenous to play.

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