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Vol 2. Chapter 15

As Zarcar entrances me into our deep kiss, while choking the breath out of me with his Warlord’s strong palm and fingers, I practically drown on lust in our moment. I manage to wrap my legs around his hips and press my pussy over his cock head with the help of Lixar lifting my butt and doing it for me. In return, I let Lixar play with my tits, pinching the nipples as he bites into my neck and rubs his cock down through my ass crack, to find the second hole.

I’m not feeling like a lazy fuck tonight, I’m already using my own strength to pull my hips up and down across Zar as he stands tall, feeling his breath get hotter with a flame as I fuck him hard and quick on my own.

Lixar’s cock head finally lines up as I’m moving and wriggling to fuck Zarcar into ash if I can manage – but there is not enough time to continue this play.

“…inferni cadere…”

Speaking of ash… Zarcar and Lixar choke before they mist into their smoke – and they remain as a haze around us. Distorted. Cursed. Inbetween a Dragon and Sorcerer.

I? Fall on my ass.

“OW!” I roll around, holding my tail bone while my nose knocks into a – toe, “EW!”

I roll back the other way and jump to my feet, barely avoiding Torrent’s hand.

As Zarcar and Lixar’s smoke hovers around, lingering, their souls can hear and see but can not interact with us. Torrent has cast a spell to hold them at bay, while I am flaming red in Zarcar’s coat.

I pull it over my chest and glare through Torrent’s arrogant display of ancient power.

“What’s your fucking problem?” I hiss, “You’re in my Venatores! Behave –!”

“You’re in my kingdom, you’ll behave,” Torrent reaches into his pocket and I see him grab that spiced cursed mix – the same spell to make me go blind again.

I quickly meet the thrown spice in the air with fire but I avoid burning him.

See? I’m still nice.

“I demand your attention, Torrent,” I hiss, “Stop fighting me!”

“You have my attention, Viperae!” Torrent waits, calculating. He’s dressed in his silver royal robes, silver locks of hair lie in locks to frame his face… which is tired… and distressed. Poor aging lizard.

I want nothing more than to rule this place, just to spit in that smug screwed up expression of his –

But there is also another answer. It comes to me now.

It’s better than giving away my plan to rule, taunting him of such was too soon.

“Since you are listening, Tor, I have decided that I am returning to Swendula to marry Zarcar, your baby brother – and you’ll do nothing to stop it,” Torrent is truly shocked by this news, especially when he realises how serious I am, “Marriage is what I want – legally binding me to my love. Both mutual decisions. Would you dare defy that law? It’s not to spite you, Torrent, it’s simply my right as a woman.”

I wait in the impending silence, but Torrent soon gulps after considering his words, “…then… you are released to roam… but know two things…” his face hardens as the rage of possession and jealously slowly overtakes, “…you’ll get out of my lands in the hour or you’re returning to my dungeon for at least a full year of imprisonment without release… nor will you receive a warm welcome in Uldaya if you dare ever return,” Torrent is cold and icy now, but he turns into an old tyrant, “Take note, Viperae. Swendula is still my town; Rey simply occupies it as an intruder that I have learnt to tolerate because Zarcar watches the Immortal King’s every move. I suggest you find a permanent residence, Chyronex, outside all my territories, because if you remain in Swendula and you cause trouble to tarnish my name, I will come for you and I will show you no mercy. Zarcar now has the burden of keeping you under lock and key. Or perhaps Lixar will tend to your egotism. You require handling. And exquisite care. Because you are very precious as you are. Chyronex. Has no one told you? Not even my little brother? You are not a Draconess until you’ve lost your first Venatores in a war. You are but a budding flower in this harsh world and barely wise,” I can’t even breathe, “You’re just a little girl, in a big world with sometimes big wars – and you will die if you do not keep quiet. My advice, sweetheart, is know your place as a Draconess in your small turf wars, which you’ll no doubt create, and then be quiet and keep it down when your little games are over, you’ll lose everyone you know from your damn attitude, you have no discipline –”

I’ve. Had. Enough!

I hold my hand up into the moonlight and it bathes my palm in power, “…ambustum rursus mentis verpa…!” as a Moon priestess, I learnt quite a few personalised spells. For lack of a better explanation, the curse was; go mental while you itch with an imaginary burn on your erect penis.

Andoll and I came up with that one together when we were in my Onyx Tower.

Simple curses could be undone or burnt out from other Sorcerers. More complex curses were harder to counter or reverse.

Torrent stills, confused briefly by the bizarre curse.

But then it takes effect.

As Tor leans down in urgency to scratch, before it starts to go full burn and fully erect – I jump forward, smoke away and then reappear upon his shoulders, squeezing his throat with my crossed knees, “That was the weakest speech of your life, dear Torrent – it seems you need to be fucked into a state of compliance yourself. Are you an angry peasant who lost a mere crush to a neighbour or donkey? You sound like a snorting pig, not a mighty King. You never deserved that Ash of Eden; shame I ruined it for you. Now you’re just a shell of what you were. And I am still the same. Better. Faster. Smarter. You are not worthy of my Venatores. Eat shit and burn. When real war comes – don’t expect an ally in me. You are my enemy.”

I smoke off Torrent’s shoulders and I wish I could say goodbye to Zarcar and Lixar – but they are under Rey and Tor’s command for now.

Andoll. I call out to her, but she is already close despite heading off for a camping trip with Varkinya. I watch as Andolls smoking spirit flies up beside mine as we rush for Torrents’ borders together through the sky. Do you have anything with you?

I have nothing, but you have me, Andoll explains, and I can imagine her smiling sadistically, where do we roam?

Well I can’t stay here any longer, it’s driving me crazy. We’re returning to Swendula on our own. I believe we have a house to stay in. Let’s make ourselves comfortable in Zar’s new residence, shall we?

Can we eat all his food?

You think I would dare to respect his supplies? We shall bloody feast.

I feel like chewing on an old leather boot of his. Old polish is intoxicating.

You shall eat whatever you desire, Andoll, I chuckle through our link, glad I have her company, are you happy to leave them all behi –?

HAHAHAHA, Andoll pauses, but then she continues to laugh at the same volume and with the same manic energy, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

I think she was happy about this as much as I was.


I needed the space, some peace and quiet, like the good ole days, before I even know these fucking Mystifyers existed to ruin my days lounging in my Library of Green.

Oh, boy, did I need this.

…and once I had my little break? I already had my back up plan. I would convince Rey to war with Torrent; for Swendula.

Swendula was our home.

And if I was going to be a future Empress? I had to rule something.

Swendula would be my first conquest. The rest would follow, naturally.

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