The Impossible Fate That Leads To A God Of A New World Volume 2

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Chapter 3.4


Central Imperial City`s agent is a special group created by the administrator of the city. Their job is simple, it`s to protect the safety of the island, and nothing else. Any rules disobeyed by the anyone especially the spectators or contestants from other nations, will be locked up by this group and wait for questioning.

Depending on the law they break, every judgement they give was fair enough. Although there are spectators and contestants from other nations, but only the Central Imperial island had such a privilege to throw anyone into court regardless of their countries— as this privilege was acknowledge by all of the countries worldwide.

Not everyone is able to contact the agents. Only those with specific posts is able to contact them, and the special students and student council presidents from the Imperial Knights Academy are one of them.

By the way, Persia was the one who called them after she pinned them down with her cards. I avoided doing so because I don`t want to stand out.

Besides, both of us left the scene before the agents arrives. To ensure those guys wouldn`t escape, Persia stabbed more cards on their clothes to the ground. Since their clothes are special made, it wouldn`t tear easily while Persia`s cards was fused with some special magic to ensure it wouldn`t get pulled out easily.

To ensure the card removal wouldn`t trouble the agents, Persia reminded them to send her an alert message when they reached.

Currently we are heading to the shopping mall, it`s been a few minutes since then.

After that incident, Persia is sticking closer to me than ever. Don`t try to rub your chest on my arm, it won`t work.


“Oh, they arrived.” Persia murmured, and we stopped our footsteps.

She snapped her fingers, then turned her hand with her palm facing upwards, as if she`s going to grab something.

A pure, white light shines brightly above her palm with a shape of a sphere.

The moment the light disappears, her cards was stacked nicely on her palm, just like that.

Persia`s cards was specially made; she is able to teleport them back to her hands. How convenient, there`s no need for lost and found for this.

She then places her stacks of cards back inside her purse.


As we continued to walk, I called out to her.

“What is it~?” She replied, with a smile but coy look on her face.

“Why are you trying to hide your strength?”

“Aren`t you asking the wrong question?” She replied with a dumbfounded look.

I understand what she means. One would`ve asked something regarding to the incident earlier, but it`s pretty unusual to ask something unrelated to it.

I have been thinking about Lefiya`s words when I was waiting for Persia, over and over again. But still, if it`s to understand what`s going on around me… I`m still trying to get the idea.

“You are fine, I`m sure of it. I understand what their actions meant. If you are asking why— then they are trying to pull us away from the tournament, isn`t it?” I said.

“Eh…?” Persia was shocked. She had this puzzled look as she stared at me.

“Huh? You didn`t know?” I uttered.

“Aren`t they trying to get me because I`m pretty?” She said.

Hmm…… I`m not really sure how to reply her. If possible, I want to slap her on the face to wake her up.

“Seriously, I don`t know who`s the mastermind behind those guys, but I`m sure it`s going to be troublesome.” I said.

“There`s a mastermind behind them?” Persia questioned.

“Ah… I noticed that the guy on the middle had an earphone on his right ear, and it`s switched on. His eyes have been constantly looking sideways all the time— I guess he`s listening to the mastermind`s instructions. Judging from it, the one behind him is a noble, a senior and a student council member at our Imperial Knights Academy.”

“Isn`t that a little to specified…?” Persia muttered with a peering look.

“Not really though. From his speech, it seems he`s following exactly what the mastermind taught him to. His tone and speech is just like a teenager. Normally the word ‘commoner’ would only came out from the mouth of some arrogant nobles. Besides, his actions aren`t befitting to his role as a noble. If I were a noble with underlings, I wouldn`t waste my effort to attack by myself.”

“It does make sense…” Persia murmured.

“Judging from the clothes those guys are wearing, the clothes are designed and available only on the western countries. Judging from their appearance and their action to pull out their guns naturally just like that, I assumed that they are at least second year students from other schools, and they participate the tournament before.”

“So because of the tournament, they became acquaintances?”

“I guess so. But still, it`s only a theory.” I said.

“What about a member in the Student Council…?”

“Aren`t the student council the only club that`s able to access the tournament registration list?”

“…! You are right…! But I haven`t told anyone about my registration yet…”

“I think they are targeting me rather than you. Their guns were mainly pointing at me. Luckily you stopped them fast enough, or else I might`ve already been shot.” I said with an annoyed look.

“……it`s my fault.” Persia had a brooding look.

“It`s not your fault. The bad ones here are them. You were only swayed by them towards the wrong conclusion, there`s nothing you should feel bad about.”

“……” Persia bit her lips.

But afterwards, she looks at me and smile a little, yet with a sombre look.

I scratch my head due to frustration.

Persia`s complex emotions is getting my mind all blurry. What on earth is she thinking? There seems to be something more than just that…!

“Don`t bother too much~” She said, like her usual self.

“I need to. I don`t want those guys to bother my peaceful school life.” I uttered.

“Then I will help~”

“Okay then. Among the senior student council members, be aware which one is the mastermind.” I said.

“Then should I need to check the last two years` records of the tournament too?”

“It`d be troublesome if you do. Why not ask Lefiya for help? She`s able to do so with ease.” I recommended.

“Eh…? What is she able to do???” Persia said with a dumbfounded look.

What`s with that reaction… As if she`s trying to say ‘did you messed up with the wrong person?’ or something.

“She`s an all-seeing race. Isn`t she?” I murmured.

“But I thought she doesn`t have the all-seeing ability because she`s a half-blood…” She softly replied.

“I`m sure she has that ability. After all, I confirmed it myself.”


After hearing what I said, somehow, Persia had a very strained and shocked look.

“…What`s wrong?” I asked.

“It`s nothing~” She replied with an awkward look.

“Mnn… If you say so.”

“But are you sure that she`s able to help?”

“Hah... One look in your eyes and everything will be revealed to her. Is it not scary?” I said.

I can hear a gulping sound from Persia`s throat. I even saw traces of cold sweat dripping down across her face.

“Don`t worry about it. She will definitely help you without a doubt.”

“Why will she…?” She murmured.

“Before that, answer my question.” I said with a serious look, and stopped walking.

Persia stopped too after another step, and quickly turned back and looks at me.

“……!” She was freaked out for some reason.

“Are you Lucifer Vermillion`s childhood friend?” I asked.

Persia`s eyes narrowed, and she looked at me in response. She had an intense gaze I`ve never seen before.

“…why did you know that name?” She uttered with a cold voice.

Persia instantly walks closer and grabbed me on the shirt.

“…HOW DID YOU KNOW…?” She asked once more, implying the importance of it.

Her tone of voice and behaviour wasn`t the Persia I knew.

The stares from the surrounding citizens doesn`t matter anymore.

The Persia now had a scary look that I couldn`t help but to compare to Kuroyuki`s. Anyways… I supposed that I`ve already mentioned that scary looks wouldn`t work on me.

“…you shouldn`t have kept the office door opened.” I said.

“…!” She immediately realized, and she let go her hand.

“…my bad~” She murmured, and played dumb.

This girl… which one of her is the ‘real’ her…

“So… aren`t you curious why I know his name?” I said.

“…I guess… Kuroyuki knew him, and she told you by chance.” Persia softly replied.

“You suspected it for a long time…?”

“Because I`m the only one who knew the reason why she resigned from her Student Council President`s post. And that very reason…”

“…it`s because of me. Isn`t it?”

“Yes. Immediately after she looked at your profile… she barged directly towards the principal`s office.”

I kind of understand Kuroyuki`s awkward behaviour towards me. It`s because I`m similar to that guy… or is it? I think there`s still something more than just that.

And besides…

“So that guy approved just like that?”



The principal accepted her resigning just like that? Or is he just that smart enough to understand all…?

“That again… is Lefiya also his childhood friend?”

“Yup, no doubt she is one. She said so herself. But I`m really curious why you three didn`t knew each other…”

I stared at her with a curious look.

“I will tell you when I think it`s okay to~”

Oh… she`s back to her usual self.

“And… I`m sorry. Please forgive Zuckerberg.” She said.


“Nngh… meanie… Don`t use that to call me…! Then how are you going to forgive Zuckerberg…?”

“That`s simple. Just tell him to give me the same privilege as you are~” I said.

“Okay~” She replied happily.

“Aren`t you supposed to ask ‘that`s it’?” I murmured.

I think I demanded a little too less.

“Aren`t you greedy~ I can give you my body if you want~” She said happily without a shred of embarrassment.

“Not interested.” I uttered.

I can`t remember what I wanted… Perhaps I needed some time to remember. My brain is quite messed up because of the seal.

“Hmm… maybe I will ask you later for it, milady.” I said.

“Stop calling me that...!”

Persia hits me repeatedly with her fist, with her face looking irritated.

“Ow, ow, ow. Alright I`m sorry.” I apologized.

“Call me by my given name, is that clear?” She pouted.

“Yes, miss Persia.”

“Don`t say ‘miss’ either. I will get angry for real.” She uttered with a heavier tone.

“It seems you still have something you want to ask.” I switched the topic to brush things off.

Persia looked straight into my eyes with a serious look.

“Are you really sure that Lefiya is his childhood friend?” She asked.

What`s with that double confirmation…?

“Yup, she said so herself.”

Persia heaved a sigh of relief.

What`s up with that…? Why is she giving out such an expression?

“It`s nothing important, really. Now then, let`s go~”

Without giving me another chance to react, she grabbed my hand and pulled me.

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