The Impossible Fate That Leads To A God Of A New World Volume 2

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Chapter 3.5


“Persia, I think this will look good on you.”

“It won`t.”

“Why…? This red coloured rose really matches your ribbon.”

“No. I don`t want anything extra on top of my head.”

“Technically, that`s on top of your ribbon. Stop being stubborn, that ribbon of yours originally had a rose sewed to it isn`t it?”

“I don`t want it!”

“Come on, even though that ribbon`s a gift from him… shouldn`t you at least make it look complete?”

“No! I don`t want it!”

She`s behaving like a spoiled brat now.

“Fine. I won`t force you.” I replied.

But I still kept the red rose in the shopping box, just in case. Persia didn`t notice it.

The shopping box is like a storage to store the items you wanted to buy. The moment you place it into the box, payment will be auto-transferred from your bank account.

Hmm… I need to buy something for Kuroyuki too. There`s nothing much, it`s to distract her from getting her hands on me.

Alright then… payment successful.

“Hey Persia, it`s time for us to leave.” I called to Persia, who was looking on a bracelet.

“Eh~ Already?”

“I need to go back early; I have an appointment.”


It`s 5.04 p.m. Persia looks disappointed because our date ended earlier than she expected. It`s not particularly my fault, though. She could`ve had an extra hour if she`s not late.

We can head directly to the monorail station by going bridge at the west wing of the shopping mall.

Along the way, we brought some snacks and drinks, sharing between each other.

“Wow.” I`m amazed.

“Yup~ Exciting, isn`t it~?” Persia looked at me and grinned.

“If that guy is scared of heights, I`m sure it will.” I muttered.

The bridge in front of me, are the same ones that I saw when I was touring around with Persia.

This bridge is made by pillars with a circular hoop on the top. Hmm… you can say it`s like a racquet without strings, lined perfectly towards the destination. It`s a construction made by engineering and magic, it is what was known as techno-magic.

Because of its design to let others to enjoy the view of the island, it`s mainly made by open space. As you can see, there`s no such things as a ‘visible’ platform or shelter, and it`s not made of glass either.

It`s not like I will fall to death from this height. Even though there`s a 100% guarantee that its safe, but it feels weird to step on air.

The moment I stepped my foot on the thin air just in front of me, a green light glowed beneath my feet. I urged my foot and step on the light, instead feeling like floating on air— it feels like stepping on solid ground.

“W-Whoa.” I inadvertently uttered, as my foot moved forward.

Persia jumped on it without any hesitation, and stood next to me.

“Beautiful, isn`t it~?” Persia smiled brightly.


I was mesmerized and fascinated by the combination of both technology and nature. I walked to the sides, and enjoy the view for a while.

Persia didn`t talk at all. She stood beside me, and silently enjoying the view as well.

Around halfway…

Alright, enough sightseeing.

“Persia, it`s time to repay my debt. I need a student`s information—”

“Okay, here~”

Persia said, and opened a window with a student`s information in a split second. She then moved the screen in front of me.

Did you read my mind…?

I took a quick glance on the name. And soon my head immediately popped a vein.

“Not yours! I want Remion Thunderblade`s info!” I yelled.

“…oh. I thought you want my data so you can stalk me.” She murmured.

“…………So you are interested in guys…”

The statement she added stimulated my nerves cells and made my blood boil.

“I`m not! Just give me the name list already!” I retorted.


I opened the name list and go for Remion Thunderblade`s folder.

A male student with a yellowish, messy hair with unmotivated green eyes.

Hmm… he`s a human. C class and ranked last.

Wha… <Dead Last>? What`s with this nickname?

The last ranking student that always managed to pass his subjects by the borderline without getting expelled.


……his entering exam passing marks and practical fight test are zeros. What the hell…? How is he able to enter this academy with a result like that…?

No duel engaged.

Teacher`s comment: His invisibility is truly terrifying.

It seems the teachers can`t do anything about it as long as he`s not obstructing any school rules.

“Why do you want his info?” Persia asks.

“He seems interesting. Besides, he`s important for my work.” I replied.

“So you are interested in him…”

“Not in a romantic way, okay?” I uttered.

“I will give you a piece of something extra as an apology~” Persia suddenly whispered into my ear.

I quickly looked at her, and she responded with a smug on her face.

“Don`t tell me it`s something related to him…” I said with an annoyed look.

“That`s right~”

More or less, I already knew what was going to happen.

If you noticed, my reputation inside this academy was probably… the most hated guy in the school.

…and the reason for all of this it`s because of Kuroyuki. To teach me a lesson, the best possible way to do so was not to challenge me on a one to one duel, but rather…

“His whole class is going to challenge against my class by having a war?” I uttered.

Duels are one to one or two to two battle between opponents.

As the numbers started to increase… involving more than 50% students in a class, this will be recognised as a war. Of course, it`s a war… and those who lose will have to make their sacrifice. For example, downgrading their facilities or something…

“Nope~ The entire first year students are going to challenge your class~”

I took a deep breath, and look up to the sky and started to doubt my life.

‘What did I do wrong…?’ Those were my thoughts.

“Don`t be sad~ I will always be your ally~” Persia pat my back to comfort me.

…or not. She`s totally trying to laugh here.

“Now tell me, how many classes and students I will be engaging?”

“Hehe~ A total of 16 classes, 6 from Rank C, 6 from Rank B, 3 from Rank A and one from my class, that is Rank S. A total of 880 students including me~”

“The difference in handicap is too much…!” I scratched my head out of frustration.

“Yup~ 1 special student vs 880 students~ That sure is quite a number~” She had a snigger.

She knew Kuroyuki would probably let me deal with it alone, or else it`s 2 vs 880.

“Tch… you really are my enemy after all.” I uttered.

“N-No I will always be your ally…!”

She went flustered from my statement.

Because of her smug and sniggers, I can`t trust her words at all.

“Stop lying. You enjoyed seeing my headache reaction, don`t you?”

“N-No! Not at all…” She`s playing dumb.

“Whatever. So this crap is going to start on Monday?” I asked with a look full of disbelieve.

“That`s right.”

“I`M GONNA CRUSH ALL OF YA FOOLS.” I declared as I clenched my fist.

Somehow Persia had this sweet smile and look on her. Is she not scared by my declaration…?

“We arrived at the station~ Now why don`t act more like a couple~”

Her sudden change of topic is too highly skilled.

“Don`t tell me you booked the couple seat? Darn, I knew it.” I mumbled.

“Hehe~ You can never escape from me~”

Thus, without letting me escape, Persia grabbed on my arm and dragged me towards the couple seat section.

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