The Impossible Fate That Leads To A God Of A New World Volume 2

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Chapter 1.3

Ah… a dip in the bath tub is so refreshing…

In this era, no matter how much water you used during your bath or washing your clothes, it always gets cleaned, sterilized, and reused by the water works system. It`s 100% guaranteed to be safe to drink.

I stood by the door, and the auto-cleaning system shoved off the tiny droplets of water from my body.

I walked to the cupboard naked, and search for some casual clothes in my bag.

I only brought 1 bag here, because the bag is connected to a dimensional storage, able to load in a capacity of 1000kg.

Because of its weight, many couldn`t carry it around, and accidents easily occurs if you stuff in too much stuffs in it. So this bag isn`t mass produced.

It wouldn`t be a problem for me since I`m able to handle some weight that can go up to… 2 tons? While Nightwalker is able to handle a weight at 6 tons.

Come to think of it, last night I promised Persia`s sudden invitation to go out with her. A date, that is.

So… I should wear something cool instead?

Since this is the first time I`d wear outdoor clothes other than the academy`s uniform, I`m searching for one with a nice style.

What colour should I wear…? Well, let`s go with black.

Normally white reflects heat and black absorbs heat. But in this era, colours doesn`t matter anymore.

No matter what you wear, the clothes built-in cooling system and design is more than enough to cool you down, even if you are standing in the middle of the dessert.

Yup. A full black colour attire… oh right, I need outdoor shoes.

I grabbed one of my black colour shoe, and pulled it out from the bag.

“Hmm…? What`s this?” I mumbled.

There`s something blue— paper? A paper note stuffed into my shoe.

I took it out, and realized there`s something written on it.

It’s the international ‘humish’…? (Human language).

I wonder was written in here… I hope it`s not something strange…

’If you see this Lucifer, please search for the peoples listed in here:

1. Kuroyuki Shiroha

2. Persia Silverlight

3. Lefiya Rios Challia

4. Rumelia Heartlock

5. August Whisperwind

6. Blaze Crimson

7. Kronos Y Chronoclock

8. Remion Thunderblade

All you need to do is to search for them. You won`t fail my expectations.

P.S. All of them are located in this academy.’


After wearing both of my shoes, I walk to my office desk in front of the window at my room, and sat down.

I stayed calm, and read the small paper note again.


Wait, wait calm down Lucifer Nightmare! You are a genius, perhaps you can guess who gave it to you…!

All of this is just weird…! I need to think about the possibilities…!

Damn, I forgot to take the name list from Persia. I better ask her for it later.

Firstly, this sky-blue coloured paper note. It`s paper! On top of that, it`s a paper note— it`s really rare! Where on earth did he get this…? Papers nowadays are illegal except for the purpose for printing books. Because staring all day on the screen would`ve hurt the damage the eye`s vision pretty badly. It could be brought from the black market…

Secondly, how did this get into my bag…?

Could it be… the real me who did this…? That`s the highest possibility. Since I`ve no memories of it, so it might be possible.

It could be the worker who carried my bag all the way to here… but I`m sure I locked my bag`s zip with the special lock, it even requires password to open it.

Thirdly, the handwriting in this paper. Is this… the Lucida Handwriting font…? I don`t know how to write in such a style, but I guess the real me knows how to write this…

Fourthly, the names listed on this paper. I already founded 7 of them by luck… Even Lefiya Rios Challia is included as well. But in this academy, only the executives, Student Council Presidents, and special students had the student`s name list. But… Persia or Kuroyuki doesn`t seem to know anything… because they are listed in here as well.

There`s a small chance that my real self knew these people listed in here, but the chances of it is pretty low. I mean, if my true self knew them, shouldn`t they just come and find me instead…? Unless… are they some sort of peoples under my true self`s investigation…?

Fifthly, why them?

If it`s Kuroyuki, I can understand. Persia, Rumelia, August, Blaze and Kronos are special too since they went through the effort just to conceal their powers.

What about Lefiya…? But… she`s Ranked 9, perhaps I can understand a little… But Remion…? Who is he anyways…? A high chance that it’s a guy… and his rank might be A or lower. He`s a complete mystery to me.

Sixthly, the purpose to search for them. From what I know:

Kuroyuki Shiroha is a super beauty and super genius.

Persia Silverlight is a noble from an exorcist family.

Lefiya Rios Challia is a beauty, and seems to know a lot about magic.

Rumelia Heartlock is an emotionless doll-like girl that controls puppets.

August Whisperwind is annoying, but his sword skills are superb.

Blaze Crimson is weird as a half-dragon, half-phoenix who is polite and loves cooking.

Kronos Y Chronoclock seems like weapon technician, but only melee weapons.

Remion Thunderblade………… who the hell is he?

In the end, when I added up all of them and it concludes to one thing— I have no idea at all.

Seventhly, the order of the list! I realized that the first four are girls, and the rest are guys! But why in such an order…? Is he a pervert or what…?

Lastly! I scanned the paper through my screen.

After several seconds, the results were surprising.

‘No data found in anything regarding to this object.’ Written on my screen.

This means… the paper, the ink, the age of the paper all are unknown. Not even the super scanner is able to find anything from it. I tried some other scans as well, but there`s nothing related to another person. I`m only able to find some fresh fingerprints and skins scalp from me, and the shoe fibre materials.

That`s all. There`s nothing else. This is creepy. This is the first time I found something that`s an evidence but it`s not an evidence.

“...What are you doing?”


I flinched from Kuroyuki`s sudden whisper on my ear.

But I quickly got back my composure, and quickly hid the paper note inside my trousers’ pocket.

When did she came here and even stood behind me…? There`s no sound at all…!

…Wow. It`s nothing more than just a simple black dress, but… it suits her so perfectly.

After looking at my reaction, Kuroyuki gets irritated and glares at me.

“……huh? You are wearing black too?” I said, as I slowly move away from her and the chair.

“…Don`t try to distract me. What is that inside your pocket?”

Whoa. Her tone is so icy cold.

“Err… why are you starting to come closer?”

Every time she steps closer, I saw traces of icicle marks left behind from her foot.

Every time she steps closer, I retreated myself backwards.

“…Why are you avoiding from me?” Kuroyuki uttered with displeasure.

“That`s simple, because your expression doesn`t look good at all. Are you in a bad mood?”

“…Indeed, all because of you.” She replied.

As soon as I turned my head back, I realized that I`m already near the door. Kuroyuki realized that I`m going to escape, she took a leap and reached out her hand.

Since I knew she`s faster than the opening door, I quickly turned back to her and carefully evaded her hand by bending my waist diagonally downwards.

“…you…!” Kuroyuki is surprised.

“I knew you`d do that.” I replied.

I stepped forward pass her, then grabbed her on her left arm with my left hand, and throw her.


But Kuroyuki is able to cancel out my tossing by kicking the ground and doing a backflip, landing in front of me safely.

Since I anticipated her moves, I didn`t let go of her. I did a quick anticlockwise spin, and jerked Kuroyuki for a spin.

Using the momentum from the spin, I tossed her onto my bed.


Since it takes time for her to get back up, I took the chance to flee by the door.

Along the hallway, my footsteps didn`t stop. But… she`s closing our gap.

“…you can`t escape.”

That girl is running like a demon, catching up to my speed.

The lift takes time to open the door, I chose the staircase right at the end of the hallway.

By the time I reached the staircase, I jumped straight down to the ground floor from the gaps in the middle.

I caught a glance before jumping down, she stopped chasing me.

“Phew… I`m safe.”

But even so, I didn`t let my guard down. I continued to ran from the end of the hallway to the exit.


“…there you are.”

Half-way across the hallway, Kuroyuki walks out from the lift, freezing a wall to block my path to the exit.

“Silent Step.”

In an instant, I slipped through the opening of the ice wall without a single sound or visible motion.

Right by the time she noticed me, she quickly turns backward.

“………don`t escape…”

As Kuroyuki muttered, she tries to grab me with her hand, but it only grazed my clothes.

She almost caught me...!

“Better luck next time…!” I said, as I continued to run towards the border line.

“…I warned you…” She uttered.


What`s that sound…!?

Hearing the weird taping sounds, I quickly turned my head to check on it— why are there so many of her!?

After images……? Where is the real her…?

Kuroyuki`s footwork definitely closed our distance. But by the time I realized it, it was too late.

“……Caught you…!”

Through a leap, she grabbed me on the collar. But since she`s still on the flight trajectory, she jerked me along the way and knocked me on a tree.


“…I win.” She murmured, looking tired.

“Yeah… not quite so. Please prepare to defend yourself immediately.” I said.

“……!?” Kuroyuki`s immediate uneasiness means she realized what I meant. Because…

…we are now outside the border line. And do you know what this means…?

“Kuroyuki I—”


Before that guy could even finish his ‘love you’, Kuroyuki mercilessly froze him into an ice block.

But thanks to that poor guy, I escaped.

“Good luck, Kuroyuki!” I shouted, and ran off.

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