The Impossible Fate That Leads To A God Of A New World Volume 2

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Chapter 1.4

I ran and ran and ran and ran.

“Phew… she`s so scary…” I deliberately sighed.

By the time I stopped and cooled down, I noticed that I`m somewhere near to a building that I`m unfamiliar with.

Where am I…?

The moment I went to search for the school map, a ‘Ping’ sound with a message icon appeared in front of my eyes.

…Who is it at a time like this…?

I pressed the message.

’From: Persia Silverlight

Dear Lucifer,

Lefiya will be waiting for you at the location that I tagged on the school map in the next page. After when you are done with her, please wait for me at the school gates 11p.m. sharp.

P.S. I don`t mind if you wear some tasteless clothes~~~’

This Persia… she`s getting on my nerves for some reason.

Whatever, scroll to the next page.

From the school map, I`m currently at the outside of the Second Year`s Female Dorm.


Wow. The security`s tight here.

And Lefiya is right… huh? She`s nearby…?

That… is the centre park of the Second Year`s Teaching Faculty. Of all places, why there...?

The centre park in every teaching faculty is a blind spot for security cameras. Because it was easily seen from any direction from within the building. But it`s holiday today…


Her pointer moved a little. So it moves when she moves…? I had a bad feeling about this… I better check it out.

Following the school map as I ran, I heard some noise from the centre park.


I better be careful. Something feels wrong.

“Someone…… help—”


Right after I heard the frail voice, a slapping sound echoed from the centre park.

“!” There`s a whole gang of people there, wearing the same grey colour jacket.

I involuntarily hid myself just by the corner of a wall. I need to find a better angle here…

Silent step. Leaking not a trace of sound and motion, I approached closer to the group of girls, and hid myself right around the corner.

Dang. I can`t see who are they ganging up on, can one of you move out of the way please…

Oh, one stepped aside. Thank you.

One, two, three… 17 girls…? Isn`t that a bit too exaggerated to bully a… girl?

Wait… are those… fairy wings…? What on earth is she…? I can`t see her face, her grey hair is blocking her face.

“Ha ha ha…! Look how pitiful are you!”

A human female with black hair and only her jacket had a hoodie, she violently landed several kicks on the bullied girl as she laughed.

However, she`s the only one that`s been doing something violent to her.

Is she a second year student…? She`s violent…! What did she do to deserve this...? I need to help her…!

No, stay calm… she might be held hostage if I just rush in and save her. I need to know why they did this. I`m sure sooner or later, the answer will come out.

Let`s just hope… she`s able to endure the pain. And I`m going to need a ‘hostage’ as well.

I opened the spy camera mode on my screen and secretly record the situation, then I simply observe them from the corner after I hid my presence.

But… after a while, the leader took a laser flip knife out from her pocket as she glared at the bullied girl.

“You bitch, if you don`t promise to stay away from Josh, you know what will happen!” She said, glaring at the bullied girl with her fierce eyes.


However, the bullied held her tears and gaze back towards the leader with those unwavering eyes, not letting any sign of backing down.

Why is she provoking her…?

“You bitch! What`s with those eyes…! You took Josh away from me…!”

The leader made an annoyed look, and slice off the bullied girl wing without a hint.

Her beautiful wing…!

However, the bullied girl rubbed off her tears, and glares at the leader with those unwavering eyes once again.

“…You know nothing… that guy is just a beast who wants to have sex…!”


As the leader shouted like crazy, she swings the laser knife on the bullied girl.

The bullied girl raised her arms in a defensive position, trying to block the laser flip knife. But it was utterly useless. The laser knife cuts and burns her arm over and over, leaving lots of burn marks and blood on her arms.

The leader then raised her leg…


…and violently stomped the girl`s ankle.

Did she break her ankle…?


The girl covers her mouth as she curled herself on the ground, trying to endure the pain with all her might. But… her tears can`t hold in.

Even so… she gazed at the leader with those same kind of unwavering eyes.

“…huff… huff… face reality already…”


Violent kicks rained down on her over and over, leaving dirt and bruises all over on the bullied girl.

“Hah… hah…” The leader catches her breathe, but…


She squatted down and grabs the girl on her clothes. Then tears it apart, revealing her undergarments.


Right by the time the leader raised her arm with the laser knife…

She`s going to cut her face and body...

“…that`s enough.” I uttered.

“……!” The bullied girl stared at me, with eyes filled with tears that`s about to burst out again.

“Huh? Who are you?” The leader said, glaring at me with an irritated look.

“Trying to be a hero? I will show you what hero`s will always be.”

The leader gave an eye signal to her underlings, and five of them immediately took out their laser flip knifes.

“Even if you are an S class, there`s no way you are able to defeat 1 S class and 4 A class at the same time!”

As soon as she muttered, five of them charged straight for me. But…


Normally I would`ve evaded at first, but I decided to go straight for the knockout.

“What……? Who are you!?” The leader inadvertently muttered due to shock.

I ignored her questions, and approached to her without leaking a trace of sound and motion.


She tries to stab me with the laser flip knife, but I chopped her hand with strength light enough to knock away her knife.

Then, I drive my fist onto her stomach while holding back.


If it`s too hard, she would definitely puke and made a mess out on my shirt. If it`s too light, it wouldn`t make her kneel down in pain, just like now.

Since it happens to fast, her underlings couldn`t react at all. By the time they could react, I let out an insane amount of killing intent.

It was so much, just by looking at my back is more than enough to make them stunt in fear. However, I`m surprised that the one looking at me directly is still able to talk.

As the leader is still holding in his arms to endure from the pain, I grabbed her on the jacket with my left hand.

“What… what are you trying to do…?” She`s in total confusion.

But I made no motion that I was bothered by it. I yanked her up high enough so that her feet wouldn`t touch the ground.

“Don`t even try to flail or kick me with your legs. Or else I will break it.” I uttered, as I glared at her.

Not even giving her body time to rest, I kept hitting her repeatedly with my right hook punches.

“Gaaaah—” She started gurgling in pain.

The punches were powerful enough to blow away her consciousness for several brief moments. But I made sure not to end it with a single punch. I keep holding back my punches, so I can keep punching her without knocking her unconscious in one hit.

Unable to endure the pain, she tries to fight back with a kick from of her own from below, but I shut her down quickly by returning a precise and intense blow to her face on the top. Her face became bloody and mangled.

“Gaaa— I`m S class…! I have confidence in my fighting skills… I-I have never lost before in a fight…!”

She seemed like she was struggling to get her words out. Perhaps I broke her jaw. She seems to be spitting out blood and vomit with each word she tries to get out.

After seeing her in such a state, I yanked her in front of the bullied girl— and release her.

Despite receiving so many punches from me, the leader still managed to steady herself on her knees without slamming flat on the ground. I`m impressed.

“…Apologize.” I said.

“Grrr……” However, she didn`t listen to my words and glared at that bullied girl.

The bullied girl, who is still in a confused state finally regained her composure back when she realized the leader`s in front of her.

But yet… the girl did not say anything. She doesn`t seemed to want an apology.

The leader noticed that bullied girl`s expression.


I ignored her yelling, then I raised my foot a little...


“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!?” She cried.

…and stomped her right hand while holding back, which she`s trying to slice her with another laser flip knife. Nevertheless, the bones in her hand must`ve cracked. But if I stomped her hand at full strength, her hand would`ve splatter to pieces.

The leader held on her hand as she cried in pain.

I got pissed off, and dragged her then slammed her on the wall right next to the girl.

“You never learn, do you? She`s trying to help you, and this is how you repay her?” I said, as I pressed my hand on her neck with my right hand.

“What!? What do you know about it!? That bitch stole Josh away from me!” She shouted with a furious look.

“Josh, huh? How many ex-girlfriends does he has? You are just his next target, dummy. Do you really wanted to give your virginity to him that much?” I muttered.


“Because you won`t listen, she had no choice but to seduce Josh away from you. I bet after he`s done with you, he would dump you straight away.” I continued.


I punched her on the stomach. It`s no use. She won`t listen anymore…

“Such a stubborn girl…” I murmured.

I rained down my fists on her body repeatedly. But I`m still holding back.


The smacking sounds continued to echo through my ears. I couldn`t get enough. I lost count on how many times I`ve punched her already.

Gurgling sounds of pain continued non-stop. Because I wouldn`t let her faint yet.


I was stopped by the bullied girl, who had a broken ankle— that stood up and grabbed me on the right arm.

She looks at me with eyes exactly like what she said. ‘That`s enough already…’

Since she looks at me with such eyes, I told her to let go… and knocked the leader out with the last blow.

I carried the leader with both of my arms, and walks to one of her underlings.

The underling was stuttered when she saw me walking closer to her. Fear, is the only thing that`s on her face and mind right now.

I squatted down and gently placed the leader on the ground, then gazed upwards to the underling.

“You are her friend, aren`t you?” I said, as I looked on the leader`s face.

The underling said nothing. She soon squatted down too, and nods in response as I looked at her.

I couldn`t offer much. I wiped off the blood on her face with my handkerchief.

“When someone falls onto a quick sand, your job is to pull her up— not sinking down together with her.” I said.

The underling continued her silence out from guilt. And that`s when… I gave her my suggestion.

“You should work with your other friends to deal with Josh, don`t you think so? Make sure she`s there to see it all.” I said.

The underling understood and nods quickly.

After seeing her reply, I gave them a ‘you can go now’ gesture with my hand. All of her underlings soon carries those who fainted and the leader away we care. Leaving the teaching faculty.

After I confirmed that their presence was gone, I retracted my killing intent.


…how… should I face the girl…? If I`d come out sooner and save her… then her wings wouldn`t have…

No… it`s already over. I`m the one responsible, so I should face it like a man…!

“!” My nerves suddenly stuttered.

What the…!? What`s with this…!? Such overwhelming mana…!

It`s coming from… behind me…? That bullied girl!?

She`s hiding her power all along…!?

Shoot…! Is she going to attack…!? Can I dodge this…?

No, wait… I don`t feel any hostility coming from her…

Feeling that`s it safe, I turned to the girl. I knew she`s going to cast magic… but… it was out of my expectations.

“Purifico, Sano, Renovo.” (Cleanse, Heal, Restore.)

After a white light flashes with some sparkles, her wing, body and clothes have been healed and restored completely.


Pointy ears… and that face…! She`s Lefiya Rios Challia…! But… why is her hair dark grey— it turned to cerulean blue…!?

She stood up, looking completely anew. But… those eyes, why is she looking at me with such eyes that`s about to burst into tears at any moment…?

“Lucifer…! I really missed you……!”

As she shouted my name, she charged forth to me and squeeze me tightly.



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