The Impossible Fate That Leads To A God Of A New World Volume 2

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Chapter 2.1

Chapter 2.1 - Lefiya Rios Challia

Soft, fluffy hair like grass, but its cerulean blue.

Silver eyes… that glows beautifully under the sunlight.

Pointy ears, but not long.

Soft, pink lips with a beautiful white skin.

A body with nice assets nearly on par with Kuroyuki…

Furthermore, a pair of green colour fairy wings, glittering with green sparkles.

This girl— is Lefiya Rios Challia.

After I saved her from a gang of bullies, she used magic to recover herself. But then… after she looked at me with her tear-filled eyes, her hair colour changed to Cerulean blue.

And immediately after her hair colour changed, she quickly ran towards me, with steps that nearly tripped— she reluctantly pounced to me and squeezed me tight on the waist, saying that she missed me.

I don`t know how should I react. But my right hand is stroking her head already. And that`s the time I realize I shouldn`t make her disappointed.

“Do I know you before…?” I asked.


She immediately stunned from my words.

Afterwards, she gazed upwards— looking at me in the eyes.

“……!” Her eyes widen and her hair turned to dark grey.

Lefiya remembered that her hands are still tied on me, she quickly let go. As she did, she took a few heavy and sluggish steps backwards with a tired look.

‘What happened…?’ I thought.

Lefiya then looked at me once more with unwavering eyes… as if it was determined to find the answer.

And it was that moment, her hair changed its colour to parakeet green, which was the same colour in her profile.

I… sensed mana coming from her.

Without sparring another second, she pointed a finger on me— with the tip on her finger concentrated with some dense mana.

“…Memoriam quaerere.” (Memory search.) She chanted.

A green magic circle with a mind-reading symbol from the middle appeared, followed up by other strengthening and restricting symbols added along in just a second.

After it is done, it slowly rotated in a clockwise direction.

How skilful. But…

“Don`t just suddenly go and pry into my memory…!” I said.

There`s no reaction from her. She even closed her eyes and started concentrating on her magic.

Damn… She`s totally ignoring my words…

If I wanted to, I could easily break her concentration. But since she`s trying so hard… I stood silently on my position and let her do her magic.

I wondered why, Lefiya broke into cold sweat as she continued to grit her teeth.

She already stood there for a few seconds, but… nothing seemed to happen. Her breath is getting heavier.

…Ah. She opened her eyes, at last. But this was also the time that her hair changed to mauve purple.

“I can`t get in at all with this amount of mana…!” She complained to herself.

This amount of mana…? Is she referring to me…?

I thought she`s going to give up. In the end, she still hasn’t— because her hair colour was dyed with parakeet green again.

“Please…! Look at my memory…!” She pleaded, looking at me with those silver unwavering eyes.

I wanted to reject her, but she didn`t give me time to do so. Lefiya walked close to me and placed both of her hands on the sides of my head.

“Lean your head down.” She whispered.

Seeming no choice, I did as what she said. But then, she sticks her forehead onto mine— and started to concentrate her mana on both of her hands.

She then closed her eyes.

“Memoria coniungere.” (Memory connect.)

She wants our memory to connect…? Okay then…

I held in the embarrassment and closed my eyes too. But, even after I waited for her memories to appear in my head for a few seconds…

...nothing happened.


Realizing that nothing has happened, Lefiya concentrated even more mana on her hands.

I can tell that she`s pouring a lot of mana… but she`s still not stopping…?

At this rate, she—

“…ugh…” Lefiya suddenly loses her strength in both of her legs.

She used too much of her mana in a short period of time. It`s draining her physical strength.

“Geez, you pushed too hard.” I mumbled.

I gently grabbed her on the shoulders to hold her steady. Wow, she has a nice body. It`s soft.

“Are you… okay?” I softly asked.

“…yes… I`m fine.” She replied, and tried to stand on her own.

After she manage to take two steps away from me, she looked at me with a firm expression, with her hair shifting to Cherry red colour.

She then took a small breath.

“…please, answer me this one question.” She suddenly requested.

“Okay…?” I unsurely replied.

“...Are you Lucifer Vermillion?” She asked.

My chest suddenly jolted.

……………Wait a minute. Isn`t he… Kuroyuki`s legendary childhood friend?

What`s her connection with him…? Did she and Kuroyuki knew each other? Doesn`t seemed to…

…this is troublesome.

“No, I`m not.” I calmly replied.

Lefiya immediately went depressed the instant she heard my answer. But she then looks at me once again…

…and was in total shock, as if she recalled something— even her hair changed to pineapple yellow. What happened?

“Y-You are the stalker that Persia told me…!” She inadvertently mumbled.

My nerves twitched.

“What did she told you…?” I glared at her.

“Ah…… it`s nothing.” She avoided my eye contact.

Seems like I would`ve to thoroughly punish that girl. I don`t care whether you are a Student Council President or not!

As I`m trying to think up some ways to punish Persia, I noticed that Lefiya`s expression changed. Her hair is now in Raspberry red.

“Why… were you sealed by the Twenty Seals?” She asked, as she looked straight into my eyes.

“Sorry, but I don`t even know myself.” I sighed.

After hearing my reply, Lefiya had a scowling look on her eyes.

It seems serious.

“That seal… was meant to seal anyone with their elemental powers on par with the <First Star-Revolution Generation>.” She said.

What…!? It means I had elemental powers on par with the <First Star-Revolution Generation>!

But… what sort of elemental power do I have…? Among the nine, there`s only 8 possibilities.

No, I shouldn`t get excited yet. After all, my Twenty seals are different from what she knew.

The Twenty Seals was a special seal created by the exorcist family… but it was created 5 years ago. As far as I can remember, I had this seal when I was 8, which was 8 years ago.

From her actions and what she said, I`m sure she`s definitely good in magic. It even surpassed my expectations. Because her magic is even stronger than my little sis…

And so… I hope she`s able to give me an answer.

“My seal… might be different from what you called as the ‘Twenty Seal’.” I said.

“Eh…?” Lefiya inadvertently leaked her voice.

The reason I`m able to distinguish the difference between the Twenty Seal and my seal, it`s because… the Twenty Seals were all daggers imbued with magic. But mine…

“My seal had a large sword mixed within my Twenty Seal, it always come out at the last. It`s function is to switch my personality.” I said.

“E-Eh? That`s such a strange seal…! Is there any other difference?” She asked.

I`m surprised. She immediately understands the difference as well.

“Yes... It always activates when the sun goes down.” I replied.

“You mean… you were sealed frequently…?” She was surprised to hear my answer.

Oh, her hair turned to pineapple yellow.

Her eyes looked sideways, she looked serious. I guess she`s thinking something important.

Before she was going to ask me the next question, her hair turned to Carmine red.

“Is there any restrictions on you when you were sealed?”

“…yes. I`m unable to learn new things.” I said.

“New things…? What do you mean…?” Her head tilted a little.

Gee… her hair reflected in Lemon yellow.

“Let`s say… I learned a new sword technique in one day. By the end of the day after the seal activated, I can`t use that newly learned technique anymore. My memory about that technique would become hazy, and my body can`t remember how to do it.”

And that was the reason why I`m unable to grow stronger like my little sis.

“…!” Lefiya`s eye widens.

“That`s not all, I can`t use magic either.”

“No wonder… I can`t feel any mana flowing out from your body… It`s all stored inside you.” She said.

“You had so many restrictions… but why are you so strong?” She asked.

Without any hesitation, I landed a chop on her head.

“Owie!” She inadvertently shrieked from my chop, and her hair changed to pineapple yellow.

“Hmph. Compared to you, I`m just a small fry.”

“E-Eh? But… you are clearly stronger than me— ah-ow!?”

I landed another blow on her head.

“To possess power and failing to use it, is nothing but a behaviour of a fool.” I uttered.

Lefiya quietly rubs her head with her hands, with some tiny droplets on the corner of her eyes.

“…why didn`t you stop her? You had the power to do so.” I asked.

“I`m scared… that I will end up hurting her…” She replied.

I can tell… that she said these words from the bottom of her heart. She`s a really nice and gentle girl, but…

“Are you insane? Do you really think you are able to handle stress by getting injured like that? Even an upright person would`ve one insane!” I scolded her.

“I`m sure I can handle— Kyaa!?”

I landed another chop.

Lefiya endured the pain and rubs her head quietly.

“Stop retorting my words already. No means no, Lefiya.”

“B-But… but……!” She was flustered.

Geez, she`s stubborn. Somehow I felt that she`s similar to the leader of the delinquent.

“Enough with the ‘buts’ already!”

I swung my hand down for another hit. At the same time, Lefiya noticed and quickly raised both of her hands in a defensive position to protect her head.

“Eeek!? Obice!” (Barrier!)


She blocked my chop with a magic circle barrier. What`s more… it`s only a few millimetres before it touches her hand. As I thought, she`s skilled enough to protect herself.

“Finally, you learned your lesson.” I sighed.

“Ehehe…” She laughed with a relieved look.

But her magic barrier disappeared, and so…



…I landed the chop on her head eventually.


Lefiya rubs her head with tears on the corner of her eyes.

I felt guilty and sorry after chopping her head for 4 times, I stroke her head gently with an apologetic look.

Lefiya thinks she deserves this apology. She leans her head slightly and lets me rub it.


Feeling something`s not right, her hair turned to hot pink.

She followed up her embarrassment by slapping away my hand, and looks away with an embarrassed look.

Oh, even her ears are turning red. Really red.

However, it only lasted for a while as her hair changed to Bumblebee yellow.

“Hey, Lucifer.” Lefiya looks at me.

More or less, I can guess what she`s going to ask already.

“If possible, can I take a look at your seals…?” She asked.

“Ah… about that, no magic is able to touch it and I had something I need to do today. So… if you want to look clearly, I suggest you come to my class around 6p.m.” I said.

“Your class…? Where?”

She looks at me with a vacant expression, and even blinked her eyes for two times.

“Huh? You don`t know? Persia didn`t told you?” I asked.

“No… all she did was sent me an email, saying that you will be waiting for me at here today. We didn`t even met.” She said.

“…?” I had a blank expression.

Come to think of it, she didn`t even told me when or where I will be meeting Lefiya. All I know, is from the email she sent me before.

Everything seems… strange? I better ask Persia later.

Now I need to understand my popularity compared to Kuroyuki…

“It`s me…! Me…! I`m supposed to be as famous as Kuroyuki…!” I said.

“Eh…? Sorry… but I really had no idea.” Lefiya said with a flustered look.

My body petrified the moment I heard those words. I`m really shocked. Be it I`m ranked one. Kuroyuki`s existence makes me feels like thin air whenever I`m around her.

“I`m… from the special class.” I said with a dulled look.

“E-Eh? Y-You mean… the same as Kuroyuki, the <Winter Princess>?” She`s totally surprised.

At the same time, her hair changed to pineapple yellow.

“(I thought those were his terrible delusions… but to think it`s true…!)” She whispered.

I can totally hear her. But… delusions? Is she talking about me…?

“I`m sorry! I didn`t notice that you are the new transfer student!” Lefiya quickly bows with a flustered look when she apologizes.

She really is bowing hard. Perhaps I should tell her to stop… even her fairy wings are—


Shoot…! Why didn`t I realize this sooner…!

“Lefiya, are you a hybrid of an elf and fairy?” I asked as I smiled and looked at her with a glowering look.

“…yes.” She replied.

I placed my hand on her shoulder, and Lefiya went nervous immediately.


Lefiya was stunned by my intimidation and her hair turned to Mauve purple, but it only last for a second. Her hair soon turned back to parakeet green.

“Don`t worry, my mouth is sealed tight~” She replied, with a sweet smile.

“That`s good.” I deliberately sighed.

Do you know why I acted this way? Because part of her she`s a fairy, and I confirmed that she had her fairy race`s unique power the moment I heard she whisper those words back then.


A race with a body similar to humans, ranging from quite tiny to the size of a human child, with a butterfly-like or other insect-like wings on their backs. Despite being small, they are one of the races closest to nature. Working hard to maintain the nature`s balance.

All of them are small except for the fairy king and queen, which they are the same size as humans, and are extremely beautiful.

Fairies are normally invisible to others, only those that they choose to close with, only then they will appear before them.

Why do they have such an odd behaviour? It`s all because of their unique ability— the all-seeing eye, which is still quite unknown to the world.

At the very least, it`s definitely more than just mind reading. They are said to be the one closest to you, and understands you well in and out.

It was said that there are 2 things you should never do in front of a fairy, that is lying, and think too much. Because the fairy will definitely know what your thoughts are, perhaps even much more than just that.

Their existence is nearly unknown to many races.


A race with same appearance to humans, except for their pointy, long, or very long ears compared to human. They are the kindest of all races.

They are a very gifted race in terms of beauty, intelligence and magic. That said, their average magic amount is ten times more than your average magic amount of a human.

Elves are mainly hated by humans mostly because of their jealousy. But I liked elves. Unlike humans, they tend to help out as much as they can, they are those that was called peacemaker. Sometimes their passion to help is a bit… overwhelming.

And this explains why Lefiya, who could easily beat me ten out of ten matches… did not attacked them and rather receive all of those… sufferings.

“Un, un. Correct.” Lefiya nods her head.

“Don`t just go and openly read my mind. And by the way, what do you want to ask?” I said.

I can tell because her hair is in Tangerine orange colour.

“Did Kuroyuki really know him? Lucifer… Vermillion.” She murmured softly.

She couldn`t tell…? Is her ability limited? Oh well, I better answer honestly.

“Yeah. She knew him. If you wanted to know, why don`t you ask her later? She would be there.” I replied.

And if she`s here with me, perhaps I could`ve escaped from death.

“Sorry… even if I go with you, I might not be much of a help.” She said.

“Oi. Stop reading my mind already.”

“Ehehe… I will try…”

No, she definitely wouldn`t do that. Her hair is in Ash grey colour.

“By the way, come with me. Since you are able to read my mind… you know where I will be going.” I said.


Lefiya replied with a sweet voice, then tailed behind me.

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