The Impossible Fate That Leads To A God Of A New World Volume 2

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Chapter 2.2


A supernatural ability to bend the laws of nature by using mana as the source and keys as the medium to activate it.

There are 3 types of mana.

The first type is your own mana. Every living being possess different amount mana stored inside their bodies. Some has more, some has less. But it is possible to increase the mana you can store through training.

The second type is the nature`s mana. It is possible to obtain a nearly infinite amount of mana from nature, but it requires training to convert the nature`s mana wavelength to the same as yours. If not, you`d get mana poisoned, it would lead to death.

The third type is artificial mana. It can be simply obtained through drinking mana potions or transferred by the others. Although it is easier to obtain mana through this way, but the risk to get mana poisoned is higher compared to the nature`s mana. Training to convert different mana into usable mana is also possible.

Mana can be simply restored through eating, breathing, and drinking in daily life, in other words, your body has an auto-convert function to obtain mana from nature, but it is slower. The time taken differs through the user`s habit. And the time taken are normally ranged between 15 hours to 1.5 days.

Excessive use of mana will not cause death, but rather extreme headache, dizziness and mental depression. Before mana is restored, it will last till there is a suitable amount of mana that is till stable level. Sometimes it may last till a month depending on the user`s mana consumption.

As for the keys to activate magic, there are 3 keys.

The first key, is ‘word’. Normally the magicians called it word magic. And it is known as ‘creation’ key.

It is very simple to activate word magic. Firstly, look at the place you wanted to cast it on, and simply recite the correct word for the required magic.

The longer the keywords used in chanting, the stronger the power of your magic is.

The outcome will be different depending on the language you used too. To draw out its maximum efficiency, the rune language (or magic language) is in the top choice, because it is the most efficient language at performing auto-suggestion. It reshapes a person`s subconscious, thereby intervening in the natural laws of the worlds. But since rune language is hard to read and understand, many choose not to learn it.

For example, by simply casting a lightning type magic, you have different results depending on the length of keywords and language you used.

Comparing ‘Come, lightning.’ (Humish) and ‘Veni, fulgur.’ (Rune/magic language), the magic casted by rune language is 3 times stronger than the human language.

If you wanted to cast a magic spell using human language with the same power as ‘Veni, fulgur.’, you need to increase the keywords, and ‘Spirit of Lightning, with the Jolt of your Purple Flash, strike down my foe’ will do, but the length is longer and it consumes more time.

The second key, is ‘art and symbol’, or rather, art and symbol magic. Known as ‘process’ key.

It is the hardest key, and this is the part where the magician`s skill is measured. Because it requires a ‘blueprint’, or in other words, a magic circle. And the construction of magic circle is called a ‘circuit’.

There are many types of symbols, and numerology symbols are the best among all magic symbols. Because it is the only one that`s possible to bring out all events and phenomena according to the enumeration or formula of their numbers, and they can be reproduced in a number of different combinations using thoughts as a base.

Be it fire, water, lightning, wind, or the solidification of liquids and so on— if you use the correct formula and necessary magic power for it, it can reproduce any event or phenomenon with magic, within reason.

Let`s start with lightning magic again.

From the simplest one, first you draw a circle, then write the lightning symbol on the middle. If you pour mana into it, it will just simply cause a spark of lightning.

But this alone is just like floating leaves on water, it is weak. So that`s why we add more symbols to strengthen it. One to determine the power, one to determine the range, one to determine the duration, and so on.

But, anyone else can use it by simply pouring mana into it. So we add restrictions in order to prevent it from being hijacked. If we don`t make it complicated, it could be easily taken over.

Lastly, the third key, ‘imaginary’. Imaginary magic. Known as ‘control’.

Imaginary magic is the fastest key and it completely depends on talent. Because it does not have a form itself, it is random. That`s why you`d need to visualize it, and the outcome you visualize may damage your own body or may cause death if it`s not careful enough.

There are some who are good at visualizing and there are some who are bad at it. In critical condition, a calm mind is needed to cast imaginary magic. Panic would`ve interfere with the outcome.

Once you mastered it, it will be the easiest key to hijack any magic casted as long as you have the necessary image and mana for it.

That`s all for the three keys.

But if we combine two of the three keys, there are three outcomes.

First combination, ‘word’ and ‘art and symbol’.

It`s simple. The magic casted from a magic circle will be enhanced by the word you chanted. It will result in a stronger outcome.

For example, drawing a magic circle for lightning magic and chanting ‘Veni, Fulgur.’. The result will be much stronger compared to just either one.

Second combination, ‘word’ and ‘imaginary’.

To make a clear vivid image of what you want is the hard part. That`s why they chant the spell and swing their magic wands to make it easier to imagine it. When mastered it, you`d be able to shorten the chant.

But it is also dangerous. If your ‘imaginary’ key was imagined in a wrong way, it would`ve blow off the part where your mana was concentrated on, higher chance and riskier than just ‘imaginary’ itself.

Third combination, ‘art and symbol’ and ‘imaginary’.

The hardest two combinations among all. It takes a freakishly good memory and clear image on how you wanted to draw a magic circle using your imagination.

Kronos and Rumelia is able to do it. Their memorization of their magic circle is so clear that they are able to use their storage magic at ease.

What about combining all three of them?

Not many is able to do that. Those magicians that are achieved the highest degree of magic are even lesser than the elemental users itself. Their current number are even lesser than the elemental users. These magicians are known as the three keys magician.

Aside from my little sis, I just found out that Lefiya is one of the three keys magician too from the magic she casted earlier.

‘Purifico, Sano, Renovo’ (Cleanse, Heal, Restore), uses ‘word’ and ‘imaginary’.

‘Memoriam quaerere’ (Memory search), uses ‘word’, ‘art and symbol’ and ‘imaginary’.

‘Memoria coniungere’ (Memory connect), uses ‘word’, ‘art and symbol’ and ‘imaginary’.

‘Obice’ (Barrier), uses ‘word’, ‘art and symbol’ and ‘imaginary’.

3 among 4 uses all three keys. It`s obviously clear that she`s skilled, and what`s more, she uses rune language and numerology for the ‘word’ and ‘art and symbol’ keys.

Blaze and Persia is able to use magic too, but… I still couldn`t confirm whether they are the three keys magician or not.

If you ask me why do I know so much about magic, it`s because I read several books that teaches magic and Grimoires that teaches advanced magic in order to train my little sis to protect herself.

Alright, after all of that explaining— let`s go back to my current situation.


After I authenticated my school badge, the blurry glass door slides upwards— revealing a vast room, with a man standing in the centre of the room.

We are now currently located at the top floor of Student Council President`s building, inside the principal`s office.

Anyone who wants to meet the principal of the Imperial Knights Academy would need to make an appointment with his secretary or assistant. This applies to everyone except the special students. Unless the principal gives permission to the others, only me and Kuroyuki is able to go directly to his office without needing to make an appointment.

Originally I intended to send him the video I recorded through his email. But I wanted to take a look his office, so I head straight to his office and brought Lefiya with me just in case, if he wanted to ask the details about it.

After stepping inside with Lefiya, the door slides downward and closed.

Whoa… this room is absurdly large. It`s twice the size of my class. The walls are made by glass; I guess it`s even possible to have a nearly 360-degree view at the whole academy.

The floor is made by wood, oak wood. It has a nice smell to it.

On the left, there`s a large office desk placed just right near the window with his office chair.

The centre has a three dimensional field projector, where the principal is standing in the middle on it, controlling the movements with his hands. I had this three dimensional projector too but I never used it before. It seems pretty fun.

And on the right, there`s a long conference desk with matching adjustable chair. I guess it was for him and the executives to hold the meeting.

“You done looking, brat?” The principal said, and took out a file from a folder on his right.

Before he`s going to look at the details, he faced us.

“Hmm…? Wow.” He seemed to be amazed for some reason.

Lefiya gave a light and gentle bow to the principal, and the principal looks at her and nods his head in response.

I ignore that sort of formality and still continued to look around.

“Don`t you know any manners, brat? Rude as ever.” He said, and faced back to the files.

“But I already knew you won`t bother to respond me. You are only nice to girls.” I retorted.

“Unlike you, I`m a gentleman. If you wanted me too, I don`t mind if you want to be a girl.” He replied.

He`s annoying as ever.

“Enough with this weird topic already. I have something give you.” I sighed.

The principal then moves several files to the left side, and hides those that were opened on the screen from us.

But I caught a glance on it. I noticed that those were some data about several students that are injured from sniper shots, no healing magic or potion is able to cure it.

“Yeah, yeah, of course you have. Or else how are you able to come here with no reason? You wanted to look around at my office. So are you satisfied now?” He said with a blithe look.

Dang… he got me. But who cares?

“No. It`s too large.” I answered.

“Whatever. You have something to give me don`t you? Come here and stand on this spot please and activate your screen. Lefiya you can sit on the sofa over there for a while.” He said.

I walked inside the three dimensional field and stood on where he told me to, then I activated my screen.

He then created a file with his hands and did a ‘come here’ gesture with his left hand. The video that I recorded was copied and sent to his newly created folder.

Wait… How did he know it was that video…?

He then named the folder ‘The brat`s stuffs’.

“…Do you hate me or something?” I inadvertently uttered.

“Nope. Because you are still a brat after all.” He replied.

The principal then placed his hand on my shoulder and looks at me with an apologetic look and sighed.

“Go and make some friends or yell like an idiot at the beach. Take some ugly pictures, or something. Your device`s storage is so freakishly empty. All you have is just the video, that`s sad.” He said.

“Oi…! I do have friends!” My nerves snapped.

“Really? Can`t see it.” He smirked.

“She`s just right there!” I pointed.

“…Eh?” Lefiya was startled.

Her hair immediately changed to pineapple yellow when the both of us looked at her.

“Ah… Sad… so sad.” The principal mumbled as he shakes his head.

I`m so annoyed.

“Alright, both of you please seat over the chair on my desk there and give me a moment.” He said.

The principal then raises both of his hands and minimize the field to a small sphere in a size of a fist, then placed it just below the projector.

He then opened his own personal two dimensional screen and select the video. As he walks towards his desk, he watches it but only for a while.

Before sitting on his chair, he minimized the screen and placed both of his hands on the table.

“Hehehe… Lucifer Nightwalker von Nightmare.” He smirked.

Damn I really hate him. What do you mean ‘Hehehe…’? It`s gross.

“First Kuroyuki, then Persia, then Rumelia and now Lefiya. Are you trying to make a harem?” He continues to smirk.

“What are you saying principal?” Lefiya`s hair turns hot pink, looking embarrassed.

“Of course not. I`m not a horrible playboy like you.” I retorted.

“Sorry, but I only love my one and only wife.” He said with a serious look.

“I can`t believe it, you are a man!” I inadvertently muttered.

The principal happily nods his head. Actually, he seems a little overjoyed because he can`t hold his grin.

“But you are still gross, though.” I uttered.

“I will get my hands on you, brat!” His nerves snapped.

He stretched his body as long as possible, trying to grab me on the neck. But I evaded it by pushing my chair backwards.

“Stop acting like a spoiled brat!?” I inadvertently uttered.

The principal realized his childish behaviour and quickly sit back on his chair and fix his collar, tie and sleeves.

“Ehem… Sorry about that, Lefiya. Let`s ignore that brat and continue our business.” He said.

“Ahaha……” Lefiya seemed to be puzzled by the principal`s behaviour.

I dragged the chair back to my original spot.

“Okay… if you are done with your business, why don`t you start with her now?” I asked.

The sound of the chair rattling could be heard. Lefiya backed even further away from the principal and placed her arms on her chest in a defensive position.


““What`s wrong?”” Both of us looked at Lefiya with a puzzled look.

Looking at Lefiya closely, her hair is in mauve purple colour. And soon we immediately understood what happened.

But before I could find an excuse to blame it on the principal, he managed to blame it on me.

“Stop saying strange things and make others confused, stupid brat!” The principal yelled at me.

“What? By business, I meant the video. And you should start with her for the details. Don`t misunderstood it, perverts.” I retorted.

“Nope. She`s the only one who reacted, so she`s the pervert.” He retorted.

“N…! You two…!” She sulked.

Seeing her expression, I realized that I said something that I shouldn`t have.

“I`m sorry for making you recall something bad…!” I quickly apologized to her with a bow on the chair.


Seeing the both of us had such a weird reaction, the principal thinks for a while and later snaps his fingers, as if he got the answer.

“So… when are you two going to held the marriage?” He asked with a smirk.

“It`s not me…! It`s that Josh who almost did something bad to her!” I retorted.

“What!? That rumoured brat that was said to be a playboy? So the bully has a connection too… What on earth happened, Lefiya!?” The principal angrily slams the table.

Seeing the principal`s expression, Lefiya quickly moves herself right back in front of him.

Lefiya then starts to explain why her situation today happened.

It starts from one month ago.

Lefiya just happened to have her eyes met with Josh at the cafeteria when he was dating with a girl, which was the girl that bullied her.

Because of that one glance, Josh`s thoughts, pasts, and secrets were all revealed to Lefiya in that instant.

Josh is a scum that see girls as his playthings. Until he`s bored with the one he has, he will find a new target.

Lefiya knew what would probably happen to the girl, she decided to help out by warning the girl, over and over again.

But that girl wouldn`t listen at all no matter how many times Lefiya tried to warn her. She went for Josh and try to seduce him away from the girl, and she succeeded easily because she was beautiful.

The moment she succeeded, Lefiya has been avoiding Josh since then. Josh soon gives up on Lefiya and went for other girls.

Even though the girl avoided to become the next victim, but she thought Lefiya stole him away and gone mad on her. Thus the bully started, and continued for two weeks. Whenever Lefiya was alone or sometimes she isn`t, the girl would bring a whole gang of her underlings and took Lefiya to somewhere isolated.

And only she herself bullied Lefiya, over and over again.

Because Lefiya is too kind, she didn`t give up and tried to warned her every time. But it bears no fruit.

Until today, I saved her. And I told the principal what did I do to that group.


After finishing our details, the principal violently smacked the metal desk with his fist. It was strong enough to make a hole on it. But soon, the desk auto-repair system repaired the hole.

“Idiot!!! How many times did I warned you not to act on your own!!!” The principal angrily yelled at Lefiya.

“I`m sorry… there won`t be a next time, I swear!” Lefiya quickly apologizes.


Lefiya quickly moves her chair and hides behind me with a flustered look.

“Jeez… Thanks for saving her, brat. I originally thought you are going to just rush in without doing anything smart. To think you even have evidence…” He praised me.

“What will you do to them…?” Lefiya asked, as she peeked from my shoulder.

The principal glared at Lefiya.

“What will I do? Obviously after those girls dealt with Josh, I will throw him to the police. As for those girls, perhaps I would reconsider not to expel them yet if they stop coming for you.” He replied.

“Huh… not a bad way to deal with it. Actually, it`s so perfect that I don`t know what to say.” I said.

“I don`t mess with important things, brat. When it`s time to seriously dealt with things, you need to get serious. When it`s time to relax, then don`t think of anything.” He muttered.

This phrase… it seems… familiar. Where have I heard it before…?

“Thank you…” Lefiya nods to the principal.

“If you dare to do it again, you will definitely get expelled. GOT IT?” He glares at Lefiya.

“Y-Yes!” She hides behind me again.

“With that said… you knew what she is, right?” The principal said to me with a serious look.

…So he knew too. Because he didn`t even bother to order Lefiya to wait outside.

“Yeah… an all-seeing race.” I said.

“Yes, any secrets will be revealed once your eyes met. So… Lefiya, if anything happens, feel free to ask this guy.” He said.

“Eh…? What are you saying…!?” Lefiya inadvertently muttered from shock.

“What am I saying?” He stared at Lefiya.

The principal then looks at me with an inscrutable expression, but yet he says nothing.

“She of all people... yet she`s willing to follow you. Treat her well.” He uttered.

Hmm… His eyes… are warning me.

“What do you mean…?” I asked.

“She`s lonely.” The principal replied with a sad look.

“No…! I have a friend right here…!” Without another word, Lefiya shakes me from behind.

The principal gave me a ‘you see? She likes you’ look.

“Can, you, stop, shaking, me?” I managed to spit out a few words.

“Sorry…” Lefiya apologizes, with her hair changing to Cerulean blue.

“Because of her ability, right? Because she`s able to see everyone`s dark side… She knew that those around her are being superficial…” I said to the principal.

“No. Everyone must`ve a dark side, but why do you choose him?” The principal asks Lefiya.

The principal is right… everyone does have a dark side indeed.

Lefiya`s hair already changed back to Parakeet green.

“Because all I see, is at most till yesterday night. I can`t see anything from him before than that.” Lefiya said.

I don`t understand what she meant. But the principal do.

“Oh??? This is interesting… no wonder, because you wanted to find ‘hope’ in him, don`t you?” The principal said.

I don`t understand what he`s saying either.

“N…” Lefiya nods her head as a reply.

“Alright then, both of you can leave already. I`ve still got work to do.” He said, and gave a ‘go away’ gesture with his right hand.

The door automatically slides up.

After Lefiya gave a light bow to the principal, both of us walked towards the door. I let Lefiya to go first, because I know this guy still have something to say to me, so I stood by the door and turn back to face him.

“…I will be waiting.” The principal smiled to me.

…and the door closed before I could even react.

“???” I was in a total confusion.

What do you mean you will be waiting…?

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