The Impossible Fate That Leads To A God Of A New World Volume 2

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Chapter 2.3

…Inside the lift.



This is awkward. Both of us didn`t say a word.

Lefiya`s hair has been staying in taffy pink colour for quite some time now. Even before we rode the lift…

…and can you stop gazing downwards with your cheeks in pink colour?

“…………” Lefiya secretly took a glance at me, and her face reddens even more.

Is it me or she`s getting closer to me…?


…yes she is. Our shoulders touched. Her odd behaviour is starting to make me scared.

“…Lucifer.” Lefiya suddenly called out.

Let`s see what she wants……

“What is it?” I replied.

“Can I… hold your hand?” She asks, with her eyes gazing downwards with an embarrassed look.

“Eh? Why so suddenly…” I murmured.

“Just for a while… Please.”

Lefiya gently grabs my pinkie, with her warm, soft fingers.

“……” She inadvertently smiled.

…This is creepy. Even though I`m living with two girls, yet I don`t understand girls at all…?

Since it feels weird to be grabbed on the pinkie, I decided to fulfil her wish.

I hold her hand in return.

“…!” Lefiya flinched from the surprise.

Wow. Her hair sure is red. It`s Scarlet red.

After a few seconds, the door opened. We reached the ground floor.

As I walk out, I`m ready to let go my hand, but Lefiya refuses to release her hand and grabs me tight in return. Since there`s no one around here, I guess I can let her to hold on to it.

Actually, the way she holds my hand felt a little like Restia. That`s why… I got a little clingy too.

“Lucifer, I have a favour to ask…” Lefiya murmured.

A favour…? I don`t feel like doing it. But the principal gave her permission to ask me anything she likes, and he ordered me to treat her well… guess I can`t refuse.

“Then… can you train me how to fight in close combat?” She asked.

“What— Don`t read my mind! And I can`t really teach anything about fighting, I sucked at it!” I replied.

“No, it`s more than enough. Your skills are more than enough to teach me.” She said.

Her words are quite solid. It seems she understood my close combat ability to a certain extend.

“Aren`t you a half-elf? Aren`t you trained in close combat too?” I asked curiously.

“No… I spent most of the time studying magic. My father allowed me not to go for training.” She replied with a petulant look.

“Hmm…? For that long? I want to see the extend of your magic too.”

I looked at Lefiya with a curious expression.

I wanted to measure her magic powers. Her magic power might be even stronger than Restia.

“Eh? Alright then…” Lefiya murmured with a shy look.

The student council president building, is an isolated building that can be accessed by the respective students in charge of the student council, student council presidents, special students, executives of the academy and the principal.

That means, the surrounding is nothing but grass fields up to a radius of 100m. It`s suitable to have a duel here. But…

“Say, why don`t we go to over there? Please stand around 30m away from me. After you are done, you can start to chant your magic.” I said.


Lefiya nods, and starts to walk to her appointed position. But…

…mana starts to glow from her body.

“Ignis, Fulgur…” (Fire, Lightning…)

She starts to chant when she was nearly there.

“…!?” I was shocked.

Because moving would`ve make it harder to imagine the magic correctly, so many mages tend to stand on a single spot and concentrate. Only those with a clear memory on their mind is able to do so with ease.

“Aqua, Terra…” (Water, Earth…)

It`s four elements already…? Such a high level spell… this is bad… should I interrupt? But I really want to see it…

“…Ventus.” (…Wind.)

The moment Lefiya finish her first five keywords, she stood on her spot without moving anymore.

Mana violently exploded out of her. Not only the ground, the entire building seemed to shake before her power. The violent torrent of her mana began clashing against itself, blue lightning began to burst forth with a dragon like roar.

The very space itself… is shaking!?

The moment I realize what was going on, I was stunned. I don`t know when she did it, but she even casted an illusionary barrier for this…!

How many times is she going to surprise me…?

“Apud Vestra Symbolo, Exornate Caelum et Terram.” (With your symbol, decorate the heaven and earth.)

An enormous magic circle large enough to wrap the entire grass field began to expand from Lefiya`s feet. The circle poured out an ultramarine glow of mana and shined brightly. Its brightness was so dazzling that it seemed even more unreal than the illusory world.

High above at the zenith, five massive magic circles appeared with different colours. Each of the colours represents it`s element. Red for fire, Yellow for lightning, Blue for water, Brown for earth, Silver for wind.

“Infestant Irrationalia ad Praesens.” (Infest towards the present irrationality.)

The spell was not made up of a single chant. As each chant was spoken, more phenomena spread out. As each chant brought a new phenomenon into the world, they would form together as a single grand phenomenon. The chanting itself was the embodiment of power.

Golden sparkles rose from the ground and began to whirl up into the sky. The golden lights raced towards the heavens as if to chase the stars. It filled the entire sky and blotted out the clouds. Within the circle, countless smaller magic circles were being formed.

“Et Effundam Vestrum Judicium!” (And pour your judgement!)

From what I know… The giant magic circle above was a complex wide area spell intertwining multiple types of magic. The main attributes were ether and the void. Its symbol origins were from numerology and astrology. It was a modern magic which fused together magic from multiple systems.

I know… there was only one verse left.

Lefiya was worried about me. But… I can`t hold in the excitement. This is the first time that I`ve come in contact with an actual mage…!

“Don`t worry about me, just do it!” I shout to Lefiya.

But Lefiya still worries about the damage she will cause, she casted a protection magic on me. After Lefiya received the ‘okay’ signal from me, she continues to chant her last verse.

“…Secernere Quinque Caelestis!” (…Five Celestial Severance!)

With these words, from the many magic circles dotting the starry sky, pillars of different light rained down. The respective elements mixed with mana and fell to earth, as if tears were falling from the heavens, creating a scene akin to a meteor shower.

If I`m hit by one of it, no matter how thick my protection is, I don`t think I can escape without a serious injury… Damn… I will never do this again…! Remember your training with Restia…!

All sound was drowned out by the thunderous roars, as the pillars crashed into the ground. No spot of ground underneath her magic has been left unscathed, a magnificent spectacle.

Even a giant magical beast would be struck dead in a single hit from one ray of light, yet from the countless magic circles came a never-ending torrential downpour of light.

Finally, the raining pillars had calmed down. All that was left behind, as if the scene of destruction had just been a dream, was the peaceful scenery of the original grass field, and Lefiya, in her pure white robe.

“(Huff)… (huff)… Damn…! I`m still alive…!” I checked on myself.

Lefiya`s protection magic is still active and I`m completely unscathed.

Lefiya`s hair turned to mauve purple, sat on the ground with her lifeless legs and shrugged shoulders.

“You…… evaded that…?” Lefiya muttered from shock.

“Yeah… I managed to…” I replied with an unbelievable look.

All of this was thanks to Kuroyuki`s footwork that I copied earlier when she used it on me. In that short moment, I managed to evade all the light rays from Lefiya magic.

The thing I`m rather surprised is… it`s just some footwork. Yet… it`s unbelievably evasive and easy to move with this.

Kuroyuki is dangerous…

I wonder how many does this pack now…? I learned at least 30 types of footwork in the past but I can`t remember or use any of them…

Oh well… I don`t want to think too hard about it.

Hmm…? Lefiya`s not moving…

“Lefiya…?” I called out.

Lefiya doesn`t seem right. Her face lost its colour and her hair turned to Anchor grey.

I walked closer and check on her.

“Even… after all these years… I still can`t…” She softly murmured with a sad look.

“Are you okay…? You look awful…”

“I`m sorry… I just…” She couldn`t get those remaining words out.

As her hair is turning to Honeybee yellow, Lefiya looks at me and smiled. Yet she looks sombre, as if she… recalled some unpleasant memories.

Somehow she felt a little like Kuroyuki. The first time when we met… Kuroyuki had a similar look too.

I patted her head.

“…Eh?” Lefiya was startled.

“…I don`t why you are upset, but whenever you fill like it, feel free to find me. I will be there to listen.” I said.

“…No. I don`t want you to get involve… Since you aren`t aware of it…” Lefiya quickly looks away.

Aren`t aware…? Of what…?

Not saying another word, Lefiya stood up without needing me to lend a hand. She then took my hand, and placed it on her left cheek.

“Eh…?” I inadvertently uttered.

Lefiya looked into my eyes with her usual, frozen smile. …But from her eyes... I can tell that she`s in pain.

“Lucifer… you are kind.” She said, with a tear flowing down from the corner on her right eye.


My heart jolted. It`s aching with pain.

“…Don`t make that kind of face. I know you are worrying about me.” Lefiya softly murmured with a smile.

Lefiya placed her right hand on my left cheek. Her hand is warm…

“I promise you, by the time you are well aware of what is happening around you… I will tell you everything I know, okay...?”

I bit my lips and nodded my head.

“…Thank you.” She said, and lean her body forth on my chest.

“Huh? Why do you suddenly…” I inadvertently muttered.

“You feel so much like him…” Lefiya softly murmured.

I cooled down when she said those words. Immediately I started to recall back from what she said earlier, and the most possible guy he`s referring to is…

…Lucifer Vermillion…? Is he really Kuroyki`s legendary childhood friend too? I wonder how and Lefiya meet…

“Say, can you describe how is he like?” I asked.

Hearing my words, Lefiya then gently hugs me, with her arms wrapped on my back. Oh crap, I will never let Restia know about this.

“Similar to you, he`s a really nice and sweet…” Lefiya murmured and gazed upwards.

Her cheeks turned slightly pink as she gave out a warm, sincere smile and her hair turns to Tuscan sun yellow.

It`s completely different from what Kuroyuki described him. I remember that she describes that he was a meanie, an—

“…but he`s an idiot…” She continued.

I see, so she`s not finished. Now it`s starting to feel like she`s talking about the same guy. And the last description will be the final confirmation.

“……and a genius.”

Okay, it`s the same guy alright. Did both of them knew each other—?

“So… the <Winter Princess> really knew him…” Lefiya gazes away, with a grave look in her eyes.

…damn. I totally forgotten about her all-seeing ability. For a moment there I she was just your ordinary normal and pretty girl.

“Please don`t read my mind…” I protested and look at her stolidly.

“Hehe, you really are fun to be with.” She chuckles, and her hair turned to Tiger orange.

Looking at her reaction, I deliberately sighed.

…Lefiya`s hair suddenly was dyed in Creamy pink.

“Actually… what`s your relationship with Kuroyuki…?” Lefiya asks with an embarrassed look.

Judging from her looks, I guess she saw us sleeping together through her ability.

“Hmm…? If I were to say… she`s my partner, and nothing else.” I replied, with a doleful face.

I know… On the superficial perspective, Kuroyuki is nothing but an unreasonable and violent girl. But deep down, she`s a really nice girl— she just can`t open herself to me yet.

I`m able to tell because the look she had when she talked about her childhood friend compared to me… was two completely different look.

...All I can do is to let her take her time.

“……I see.” Lefiya murmured, and her hair changed to Parakeet green.

I couldn`t hear the last three words she mumbled. But it seems she doesn`t want me to hear it, so I leave it be.

Hmm… it`s almost time.

I should be getting out of this illusionary world now.

“…Hey Lefiya, can you dispel the illusionary barrier? I need to go.” I said.

“Sorry… before you leave, can you answer me one last question?” Lefiya asks.

I don`t know what question it is, but it seems to be quite important to her.

“What is it…?” I said.

“…My situation with Josh. Why do you looked so confident when you stated out everything to her, as if you were there…? I can`t see anything with my ability…”

Lefiya had this worrisome look when she asked me.

“…I don`t really know. All I did was just gathering anything I heard and saw, and concluded it the most possible thing that happened. You can say that I instinctively knew, there`s nothing to it.” I said.

“……!” Lefiya`s eyes widen; her hair was dyed with pineapple yellow.

“Yeah, even me myself feels it unbelievable.”

“Hehe… you really are special.” Lefiya chuckled. Her hair changed back to Parakeet green.

“Ehem… Lefiya, is your hair colour synchronising with your emotions…?”

“…Fueh!? Y-Yes…!” She answered with an embarrassed look.

She then quickly tries to hide her face behind her hair. But her hair turned to hot pink afterwards.

I wonder why, her actions make my heart skipped a bit.

…Now I understood why Josh changed his target.

“Alright then, then we will be meeting at 6pm, okay?” I said.

“N…!” Lefiya nods her head.

“Oh wait, before I go… open your device.” I said.

After looking at my eyes, Lefiya quickly opens her device`s screen.

“…here.” She murmured.

I send a file to her device.

“…Thank you.”

“Well then, I must be going. Don`t tell anyone about this, okay?” I said.

“N… goodbye.” She said, and dispels the illusionary world.

Both of us parted our ways.

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